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This month's Elle Decor...

Do you have it yet? I don't, which is killing me a little because (a) you know how I love me some Elle Decorno, but also because a birdy tells me that I am quoted in it.

They did a little round up of design bloggers asking them what trends they are over. You'll need to get the issue to find out.

Which leads me to ask you the same thing, what trends are you totally over?

And...what trend/item do you know you should be totally over, but for which you still harbor a major crush?

I feel like nothing new happened this year, except that people *might* be stowing away their Ikat and have finally donated their red-coral pillows and whatnot to Salvation Army. Or maybe not. You tell me.

What are you over? And what trend are you still shamelessly embracing?


Cassie said...

I can't stand animal skin (shaped) rugs. I don't know if I'd hate them so much if I didn't see them EVERYWHERE. And not just zebras — those little hides too. I just don't like dead animals in decor.

CSS said...

Haven't seen the new issue yet either. I still love mirrored furniture, lucite, greek key, david hicks, gourd lamps and chinese chippendale chairs....I hate to admit it but Imperial Trellis still makes my fanny tingle. If I never see a starburst mirror, cheap zebra covered furniture, flokati rug, or purple anything again it'll be too soon.

Anonymous said...

WHen I first saw that picture, I thought it was a new diaper genie. You seriously think that's a good looking accessory?

Anonymous said...

1. The whole necrophiliac cult for Dead White Decorators. David Hicks, Mark Hampton, Dorothy Draper, Sister Parish, Billy Baldwin, Nancy Lancaster, Rose Cummings, blah blah blah.

2. Tired of Pedigreed-Fabric Repetition Disorder. There are tons of great anonymous fabrics out there, people. You don't need to haul out the same Quadrille, the same David Hicks, over and over and over, world without end amen.

3. Tired of patterned-fabric overuse. Solids need a comeback.

Kim said...

In lots of design blogs and even some magazines, I keep seeing little forest animals--birds and deer especially--on pillows, on notecards, even little figurines. I've never really been on board with that, so I'm not really over it. But I hope everyone else is, soon. Sorry Bambi.

michelle said...

I think we are going to embrace nature and home-made objects, and see 70's mirror ball disco make it's exit. Dare I say that...oops, I just did.

Decorno said...

Anon 7:38 - the post is about trends we want to go away. So no, I don't think it's a great accessory.

Keep up. :)

Anonymous said...

Madeline Weinrib: anything/everything

Anonymous said...

The whole "If rich people do it, it must be good" standard, also known as:

"I once saw a photograph of Babe Paley standing in a tub of horseshit, so I must throw a dinner party based on this theme."

Emily said...

Zebra rugs. And there are some accessories that I feel are overused. I can picture them but can't think of their names.

Also - I'm ready for set decorators to step outside of the box: minimalist, elegant, and refined does not automatically equal mid-century modern. I love saarinen as much as the next person, but it's started to feel expected.

Decorno said...

Oh god, this is getting GOOD.

The horseshit comment made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

(Of course the photograph was by Avedon. You'd have to add that detail.)

Carlene said...

I'm done with:
Wall decals
Deer heads (never really embraced these)
Patterned fabric overuse, like Anon 7:42 up there
The gourd lamp is pushing it's luck

What should I be over, but I'm not, hmm. I'm envisioning Jonathan Adler on a flokati rug, and it doesn't annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Decorno - I'm really hoping you do a "Things that are wrong - Holiday Edition". Pretty please? It's all I want for Christmas ;-).

Anonymous said...

The phrase "pops of color."

Decorno said...

Ah, yes. TTAW Holiday Edition coming up. Give me a ay or two...

Anonymous said...

Tired of the lack of physical violence on "Top Design." Eddie Ross getting into a slapping-and-pinching fight with an impertinent shop clerk--now THAT would put the "reality" in reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Vintage botanical prints are genuinely pretty, but let's face it, it's a lazy choice.

Anonymous said...

a few you've helped me realize tonight after racking my brain:

bamboo frame anything, chinese-inspired anything (maybe just personal distaste, but it seems so outdated now), groups of those damned framed fern fronds, and West Elm's overlapping squares design - that's all I can think of before I might realize I have some of this shit in my own house...

Anonymous said...

Arranging books by color.

If you really just need to fill a wall with beautiful arrangements of color, buy a painting.

And speaking of paintings, ease up on the:

--Cy Twombly

--Elliott Puckette

Anonymous said...

Vessel sinks.

Decorno said...

Oh god, yes. Vessel sinks. The worst. Especially in Seattle where people have those shiteous Chihuly-like blown glass versions. Just makes me want to slit my wrists and give up on the world.

Anonymous said...

You need to do a kitchen edition.

I'd start with those Viking stoves with 14 burners and 22 knobs, none of which align with one another.

Anonymous said...

Granite countertops. Did my kitchen 13 years ago, with granite countertops and people, it's totally over. Yes, I want Decorno's future kitchen!

Decorno said...

Ha. Well, thank you. Although I am pretty sure my future kitchen is exactly what people will be putting on this very "it's over" list in about 5 years. :)

Anonymous said...

Dried floral /fauna crip- crap on the walls. That is simply not decor.

cats said...

oh no! don't say that garden stools are over! that's one that i just can't let go.

i'm afraid the palm beach / palm springs / hollywood regency painted furniture look has about another 5 minutes.

David said...

I'm less over mid-century design, but way over many people who love mid-century design. I go to a lot of auctions, and there are guys out there who would buy a bag of toenails if it were dated 1956. Like every era, that stuff wasn't all good, and some of what turned out to be good wasnt designed by someone famous.

Like CSS I still dig greek key, unlike CSS I still adore starburst mirrors.

Oscurotrophic said...

The Keep Calm and Carry On poster has gone the way of the Chat Noir. But I still have the hots for zebra (purse) and houndstooth (although this hasn't been publicly embraced.)

blogazar said...

flokati rugs.

Sacheverelle said...

I really didn't like that whole Brocade Home look which was thankfully pretty short lived.
I thought everything in that catalog was hideous. Those ugly neo-Baroque oversize pomegranate prints, 1970s Regency-style furniture painted stark white.
Everything was all curlicued & convuluted & some of the headboards looked like you could possibly impale yourself on them if you weren't careful..Sorry, I know some people liked it but I thought everything in that catalog was a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me no one still has those dopy "For/Like/Ever" posters up?

Anonymous said...

I am soooo over red coral, actually all coral in general, and those little chinesse garden/porcelain stools. They make me exclaim "blah" everytiem i see them.

I still love sisal/sea grass rugs and silver trays and nick naks.

Anonymous said...

Charley Harper, the print maker from Cincinnati who is plastered all over the walls of Todd Oldham's house. Enuff already.

I am with David on the fascination with name brand mid century. Why create a room that looks straight out of DWR?

Anonymous said...

Chihuly! He's like the Thomas Kincade of glass.

ArchitectDesign said...

I have a copy of the article which mentions us on my blog -if you want to spoil the surprise and not wait for your magazine (i still haven't received mine yet either!!)

lucitebox said...

I could throw up on the next "before and after" I see that involves this statement: "Look at this cute chair I got on craigslist for $20!"

Said chair frame is then painted white or black or turquoise or bright apple green. A more daring person paints it hot pink! OOOH! Then, this inventive sole covers the chair with Amy Butler (or some other such modern organic looking) fabric. They might even add a pillow with a bird on it for contrast.

I suspect we will see all of those chairs in the thrift store again.

I can't wait to see the things that annoy you year end wrap.

I could live with never again seeing powder blue and chocolate brown together in a room.

I love my flokati, but I wish no one else had one. I console myself with the knowledge that mine is a real 70s rug and therefore somehow better than the ones in the magaznies.

the quarter rat said...

I'm tired of people going to flea markets and painting antiques white or some "cheerful" color instead of polishing the wood. In fact, I'm sick as shit of all-white rooms.

David, I like your comment about the mid-century bag of toenails. Do you know a bunch of architects? Or do people in the midwest obsess over Apt. Therapy?

the quarter rat said...

Oh, and I'm ready for Kelly Wearstler to go back to the nervous hospital where she belongs.

stella said...

- painted furniture
- saarinen everything
- in fact all plastic-looking furniture (including lucite)
- trellis, ikat, suzani
most antler stuff (some i'll excuse)
- the stupid phrase posters
- the whole "deliberate mess" look
- stacks and stacks and stacks of books (that's what bookcases are for, people)
- flokati rugs,
- jonathan adler and kelly w. junk
- gallery walls of $1 paintings and other crap (if it ain't meaningful to you personally, it shouldn't be hanging in your house)
- greek and roman busts
- foo dogs (these really bug me)
- hermes boxes as decoration (it's wrapping, for god's sake! it's meant to be thrown away)
- knoll table lamps & bertoia chairs

i can go on and on and on

stella said...

- simple patterns like stripes and checks (and yes, greek key IS a true classic as long as it is not overused)
- cable-knit anything
- flat-weave rugs
- nailhead and piping on furniture
- framed B&W photography
- simple white china
- anything that has been in your family for generations

and here is one that I know lots of people hate: flatscreen mounted over the fireplace (have it. love it. deal with it.)

lucitebox said...

Quarter rat--you almost made me spit out my coffee. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Trying to get away with crappy wood by staining it black or "chocolate." The crappiness shows through. Just look at the Victoria Hagan pieces at Target. (Sorry Vic, it's garbage.)

k said...

oh my goodness. antlers. i can't help but think they're played out...but i love them!! i can't help it!

truffles said...

Any fabric that can be identified. That is over. Trust me...I'm guilty of putting that Chaing Mai Dragon and Lulu DK Chant in my 7 year old daughter's room...only because I showed it to her and she fell in love with it. I admit I tried to get her to fall in love with some Raoul...but she didn't and I swore that I would never be the psycho decorator mom who forces my tastes on the little ones. Well, not totally.

I have done lots of jobs with Hicks, Robert Kime, Peter Fasano, Groves Bros., Raoul, Rogers & Goffigon, Great Plains, etc...that nobody can immediately identify. Try harder people. There is so much fabricorno out there for you to choose from.

Plus, anything that is GOOD QUALITY will stand the test of time. The knockoffs are the killers.

Anonymous said...

Yes to Stella, on:

"Salon"-type arrangements of cruddy flea-market-caliber oil paintings. Enough with ironic, tongue-in-cheek bad art.

KatinkaPinka said...

ah! i read it last night!

i think i fall into the bohemian- anarchist genre and therefore my "opinions" on interior decorating/design don't really count here. but i do always love reading other people's thoughts. really!

Rachel said...

Wall decals
Keep calm, et al posters
Vaguely creepy prints (kids, animals, ick) from an Etsy shop, which mysteriously appear on 10 design blogs in 48 hours.
Animal figurines: owls, deers, NO.

Melissa H said...

"Keep Calm and Carry On" posters make me barf. I would also nix the all-white "hospital" look, sunburst mirrors, baby deer, zebra rugs, and anything that is supposed to look like a branch/stick derivative (I'm sorry, it NEVER does.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:15 AM:

I would like to be plastered all over the walls of Todd Oldham's house.

Anonymous said...

So so over the Sapien Bookcase (and knockoffs). Still love animal skin rugs.

Anonymous said...

Amen on the powder blue and chocolate.

I'm sooooo over the coral motifs, too.

The Keep Calm and Carry on Poster? I'm replacing it with the newest one.

Get Drunk and Get Fucked. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

I don't like all-white rooms. Nobody can live there. It's stupid.

I'll admit I'm holding on to the wooden-crate phase. I just like wooden crates, okay?


Anonymous said...

Turning decorators into cult figures, whose every project must be venerated. Not just the old dead ones, but the young attractive ones too. Ruthie Sommers sometimes blows it. Just for example.

Nina79 said...

1. books sorted by color: WHY, WHY, WHY?????
If the way your books look is more important than their contents, then why did you buy them in the first place?
2. Zebra rugs: Zebras are beautiful but not as rugs. Fake ones included. Also leopard prints or other animal prints. What I still like is sheep skins, but they have no print.
3. wall stencils: always looks cheap. Like someone would like to wall paper or paint their wall but was to lazy. Hang up a picture instead.
4. IKEA-bashing: very snob. Yes, if I had a million dollars I would probably buy more furniture that is not IKEA. But most people do not have that much money to spend and IKEA makes some good furniture. It might not last generations, but does everything have to?

Decorno: Would be great to have a 'things that are wrong' post.

tracey said...

Oh my goodness, I think Stella (7.09) has been in my home without me knowing. And I thought I was getting it right. Oh well, back to the drawing board....

hanako66 said...

I am still madly in love with all that is Phillippe Starck and ghost. I was over as quickly as Kelly Wearstler began her 70s revival.

Anonymous said...

Stella, what's left? This is the problem w/american decorating. Everything is a trend to you. In England we hold onto things for generations. Would never get rid of something because it is out of style. We hang onto things forever. We like worn furniture, rugs and paintings done by amateurs because they were given to us as gifts. Forget what's out or in and decorate from your heart, you will never go wrong and never have to worry about being "cool" this season!

Lisa said...

Enough of:
Painted white floors -- not practical and what a waste of a nice wood floor
Pattern barf -- especially in "cheerful" brights
Dead animals in any form (rugs, fur, horns, antlers, etc) -- sounds like I'm not alone on this one.
Snobby design-classics a la DWR -- it's a shame because they are design classics for a reason, but I'm tired of seeing them already.
Hollywood Regency Jonathan Adler copycats (related to pattern barf, see above).

Mix of rustic and luxe
Traditional furniture shapes with ultra-modern accents
Mid-century modern elements
Arc lamps (my exception to the snobby design classics rule above -- and mine's not real anyways, thank god)

S. said...

I'm totally over "landing strips."

Pops of color. Huge, boxy plywood with crappy veneer "media centers." Vern Yipping the shit out of walls. Zebra rugs. Owls (I thought that stuff was ugly when I was 3 years old in the 80s and was hanging around the house due to my parents being sentimental). Pottery Barn art. Shabby Chic sold by Target. Orange and spring leaf green accent walls.

Anonymous said...

"I'm tired of people going to flea markets and painting antiques white or some "cheerful" color instead of polishing the wood."

I'm not. People over-venerate wood and "patina." Some wood IS too dark for the shape and scale of the piece, and a coat of white can be an act of mercy.

But I know what you mean. I AM sick of magazine articles making the coat-of-white-paint hat trick seem radically original and super-sassy. It's an old, old, old technique.

I guess that's the thing about women's magazines (including shelter magazines): It's all stuff you've heard a trillion times before.

Iheartfashion said...

Over sisal, flakati, all white everything, granite counters, coral, owls, cube things from West Elm/Pottery Barn/Crate&Barrel

Still loving animal print fabrics, mirrored furniture, antlers, books stacked everywhere, abalone, walls jam-packed with art

CSS said...

Forgive me for my ignorance, but what are "landing strips", S.?

The only landing strip I know of is one I ask my bikini waxer for..Just saying!

Anonymous said...

"In England we hold onto things for generations. Would never get rid of something because it is out of style."

--Anon 2:21 PM

And that is why no great furniture design has come out of England in the last century.

Here's the thing about "trends" and "in style" and "out of style":

It's healthy. It clears the way. It brings eruptions of newness.

You're right of course: Sometimes old IS good and new is bad. But not always. Sometimes designs cling for decades out of inertia. Or lack of anything better coming along. Or cultural insecurity.

If you want a culture that stays open to the possibility of something great appearing, you're going to have to accept trends, things going "in style," "out of style," etc. Because eventually, an otherwise-annoying trend will sweep in something genuinely brilliant.

Try not to close down completely, England.

Anonymous said...

"Plus, anything that is GOOD QUALITY will stand the test of time."

Fabric swatches now carry data on resistance to wear and abrasion. It's given as the number of mechanical "rubs" the fabric stood up to in lab simulations. Look on the back of the swatch.

You don't have to get a fabric with a famous name attached to have some assurance of its resilience. Plenty of no-name fabrics are strong as hell.

Anonymous said...

Trends I am over:
Birds, flourishes, trellis graphics - wallpaper and fabric, hanging lampshades, stuff that passes as art, Kelly Worstler Hollywood tacky, bamboo-ish Chippendale painted dining chairs, white-white-white or taupe-taupe-taupe ‘neutral’ boring, the word ICONIC, junk painted furniture, hairy itchy rugs, too much ‘vintage’ modern not enough fine old furniture even if you did get it from grandma - figure it out.
I still love:
Ikat if it’s real, like, from Uzbekistan where it’s hand woven. Same with suzani.
Real coral branches or clusters, also real. Blanc de Chine, again real. I still get excited by campaign furniture, X benches and even “I Married Adventure” it’s so ubiquitous it’s funny, literally.

Anonymous said...

d. porthault linens. the scalloped edges. the hearts. the clovers. enough already. the emperor has no insanely priced sheeting.

i will forever embrace suzani and ikat. FOREVER. when used in moderation, ethnic prints can make or break a room. I'll also never stop using sheepskin throws.

in with ethnic prints and furry bits of goodness, out with bedding that looks like it belongs in pottery barn teen. also, k-werst can go. see you later, decorator, and your fancy turbans and highly crimped wigs.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I'm not embracing any design trend, but if I see another huge framed mirror leaning against a wall again, instead of being hung on the wall, it will be too damned soon.

Anonymous said...

whats with the starburst mirror thingie! And the all white rooms with 'pops' of colour - with a pup around in house these days - that has the ring of many many nightmares for me. What I love - mixing furniture styles in the same stain, jute/seagrass area rugs, hanging art/photographs by a wooden clothes peg, fairy lights in random places around the house (kitchen is a good option this time of the year).

The House of Beauty and Culture said...

Confusing fads with innovation. They are not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Those leaning mirrors look good, but they make me nervous as hell.

Anonymous said...

I don't love Kelly Wearstler's actual decorating, but I LOVE how she uses Top Design as a her own personal Halloween party.

I think what she's saying with all the costumery is in part a big "Fuck you" to Margaret Russell for taking it all so deadly-seriously and being the Ice Queen of Good Taste.

I think Kelly is saying: "This whole show is dress-up/playtime/make-believe. These rooms aren't real, the 'challenges' aren't real, the whole 'judging' process isn't real." I love her for pointing that out, however goofily.

ChrisToronto said...

Antlers yes, but also horns! Suddenly they're everywhere. Leave the poor buffalos and impalas alone.
I'm over blog posts about RIDICULOUS novelty items (sweaters for chairs, pleated, cabbage leaf chairs), ugh! No one would EVER buy this stuff.
I'm over magazine features about chairs or consoles or anything at all where the cheapest item is $3,000 and it just goes up from there. Who do these editors think their readers are? Get real people.
And I'm sooooooooo over all-white rooms! They're boring, b-o-r-i-n-g!

Cristina said...

White rooms are in and they'll be out in about another 6 months or until the Spring season is over.

And I really cringe every time someone paints white over gorgeous harwood floors!
a. how do you keep that clean?
b. will there be a camera that shrinks chocolate bars and sends them across the room?

I'm over the dead things too.

For the love of god, that pattern eruption, the violent bile-ridden explosion of things most people don't think go together but put together because a vacuous ninny told them it was cool - is ridiculous.

Nina79 said...

I just thought of something else I'm really over.
Small, cheerful drawings of girls or animals ect. which I guess are usually etsy 'art'. Most of them look like they were drawn by a 5 year old.

Also agree on stacks of books and coffee table books: why can't they buy a bookshelf?

I still like the look of (almost) all white rooms, but I know they are not realistic. So turn it down a notch to almost all white and have wood floors and some other none white things.

Jamie said...

I'm over Elle Decor. I always awe over the covers so I ordered a subscription. So disappointing. I'm not renewing after this year.

Anonymous said...

I love Elle Decor, but it can leave you feeling kind of sick, like you just ate an entire pan of fudge and washed it down with a quart of eggnog.

Anonymous said...


Arranging all the books on your bookshelves in horizontal piles.

Anonymous said...

I'm over those dried flower arrangement SPRAYS that people put over (on top of) paintings, mirrors, etc. HaHa...I'm just kidding....those were NEVER in, but I went to this stuffy chick's ornament exchange party the other night (who the hell else HAS ornament exchange parties other than stuffy chicks?)and those damn things were on top of like three paintings in her house! One over the mirror in the foyer, one over a print of a HUGE flower in the "formal" living room, and one over a picture of a DOG lying on a bed in her den!!! I could I make that up? She always acts so damn high and mighty and it gave me pleasure (sadly) to know the truth...she has really shitty taste. Her clothes are pretty cool, tho, so I was kinda surprised!

Hey, one last thing, my daughter, who rocks age 12 and has killer taste, said the other night while riding around looking at Xmas lights, "Mom, why do so many people put those HUGE blow up things in their yards? They are soooo tacky." She made me proud! And then I realized that she's going to be as cynical as me! :o)

PS...I live in North Carolina, incase you're wondering where one might go to find dried flower arrangements and huge blow up santas!

meinkc said...

...if I see one more etsy screen-printed bird-silhouette-perched-on-a-branch thingy (whether pillow, print, or kitchen towel) I will take the nearest pencil and plunge it into one of my eyes... :)

Anonymous said...

After reading this I need the comfort of my "Keep Calm & Carry On" poster more than ever. It's the only thing keeping me from impaling myself on the deer antlers hanging in my powder blue and brown bathroom.

Decorno said...

Anon 6:24 - I love you. I am totally cracking up over here.

Anonymous said...

over elle decor and all the 1stdibs, steven gambrel sycophants that think he is original but deign to acknowledge he just rips off hicks and frank. sheep,tired of the trend of sheep. tired of domino and the sheep they follow.

peasandcarrots said...

OK, I can't say I'm over these things now because I was never "under" them, but:

- all-white rooms (they make me want to go insane) (lots of other people said this)

- zebra-print rugs or animal print anything (lots of other people said this too)

- any room that is so dull, indistinct and uninspired, if I saw it again, I wouldn't even remember that I had previously viewed it

Things I think I will always love:

- enlarged family photos (the older, the better, ha ha) in special frames

- mixing modern with classic

- richly dark stained wood

- choosing your decor based on what you're comfortable with and what you love, instead of being a slave to the design mags

Condo Blues said...

I want to rip out my eyeballs if I have to see...

-starburst mirrors - especially the cheap knockoffs
-shiny metallic wallpaper - let it die in 70's hell where it belongs
-light blue and brown anything

laney jane said...

Ok, I live in Oklahoma, so let me tell you how good you have it elsewhere... Here, it is almost expected that you have a lighted,artificial leaf-vine-floral swag over the outside of your front door! Also, you must arrange your living room on the diagonal (so original!!). And don't forget the faux painting glaze over every wall in the house, all different colors. Decorating Cents is in the house! Excuse me now, I have to go vomit!

Lisa Hunter said...

Toys in adults' rooms.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:00 PM: I know what you mean. Steven Gambrel has done good rooms, but what is with people lining up behind him as if he has formed a religion--a super-powerful religion that gives out cocaine and $1,000 bills to snort it with?

What happened to judging every project on its own? The Stepford-like brand loyalty to decorators today (esp. Gambrel--who looks like a young Nixon, by the way--is depressing and mindless.

Nina79 said...

I agree Lisa, especially those creepy looking stuffed things that seem to be in almost every second house tour on AT. What are those?
One exception: if it's a really old teddy or doll and has been around for ages. But only one. No piles of stuffed animals or the like.

Heidi - what's in a name? said...

nobody is holding back. the only thing I truly can't stand is a flat screen tv over a fireplace. who wants a neck cramp?

Gretchen FFreshink said...

Unfortunately, big lanterns used instead of chandeliers will need to go away this year. The first time I saw it, I liked it, but now they're everywhere.

Stop all attempts to decorate bookshelves - taking the jackets off, arranging by color, turning the books so the spine faces away from you so YOU CAN'T READ THE TITLE. Just don't have any books if you can't let them be books.

Decorators will have to stop saying in print that their secret is relentless "editing." I can throw out crap as well as the next gal, but I also know that tons of moolah can really make a place look great.

"Repurpose" is a pretty pretentious word, too, when it turns out someone put some flowers in a pitcher instead of a vase.

Puddling (as to curtains) is overrated if you have animals or don't vaccuum several times a day.

Agree with the hagiography of dead, old or young and ironic decorators. And would someone please tell me if you can vacuum seagrass rugs?

mcmc said...

That thing with the books turned back to front on the bookshelf--do people actually do that with their actual books? I thought it was just a photo-shoot styling thing. Awful!

I never want to see another animal head, real or wood or cardboard, ever.

I never want to hear or read the phrase "pops of color" again.

Quit showing me stuff I already know the names of, magazines. I hate it when I can identify every piece of furniture in the room. I am not that knowledgeable.

And I hate wallpaper.

That is all. Thank you for providing this opportunity to vent.

Gretchen FFreshink said...

Forgot to say the Celerie Kemble's book has a picture of her kitty litter box under her piano in the living room. I found this wildly endearing and hope it becomes a trend. I have the litter box, just need to get the Steinway.

Anonymous said...

note to self: "Give Celerie another chance."

Mike and McGee said...

We aren't designers, but we're interested in good design.

Things we're over:
- The blue/brown combo.
- Chocolate brown everything. A little bit of dark stained furniture is okay, but all brown rooms are just depressing.
- All white rooms. We have a two year old. Nothing in our home will ever be all white. It's just massively impractical.
- Ikat. Sorry, it doesn't appeal to us.
- Framed posters with cutesy sayings as "art."
- Painted hardwood floors. We love wood floors, and the idea of painting over them just makes us sad.
- Granite countertops
- Enormous entertainment centers that take up a whole wall in the room.
- Animal prints
- Overly "beachy" rooms
- Faux finishes on the walls

Things we still like:
- A large mirror leaning against the wall. Nothing wrong with hanging it, but leaning doesn't bother us either.
- Real coral
- Mirrored tables, although we'll never have any because it would constantly be covered in tiny fingerprints.

Anonymous said...


(at least that sort of grim, rich-people turquoise in Gambrel's townhouse in the Jan./Feb. Elle Decor)

S. said...

The "landing strip" is what apartment therapy and other design blogs call that little table/shelf/cute surface with a hook over it for your handbag that you dump stuff on when you come in the door. Yeah, the first time I heard the word I thought of pubic hair, too... or that people who read design blogs are going hundred of miles per hour and need to do something akin to a Boeing 747 every time they come home from work.

Anonymous said...

Making household items out of the hair you've been removing from your brush (etc etc)


Woodland creatures

I don't know if it's a trend yet, but Elle is really trying to make it happen. Using OSB board for flooring, cabinets, walls. It's fucking ugly and stupid.

Keep Calm posters make me livid.

White. Always have, always will. It's a good thing I live in Sweden!

I'm still in love with beautifully done cement floors.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Avoid Sweden.

s. said...

-Oof, right there with you on Steve Gambrel and his fusty powder blue/brown combos that have so many bloggers frothing like rabid sheep
-DwellStudio, Dwell for Target, and the loft of Dwell's co-founder, as featured in Domino. Take away the fortune spent on PR and you just have derivative faux-modern crap that's kind of ugly and more-than-kind-of itches. Hope it soon collapses under the weight of this recession.
- Cheap wood being stained brownish black in an attempt to look sleek and modern and expensive.
- Acid green
- Brits who write things like "This is the problem with American decorating. Everything's a trend to you." I'm not -- nor shall I ever be -- American, but even I feel like telling someone to stop being so fucking condescending. Brits have more than their fair share of fleeting, disposable ugliness, not to mention mediocre cuisine.
- Flouncy french antiques (sorry, Joni)
- Drum shade chandeliers. I don't mind them in principal but they need to disappear for a few years so I can like them again.

Not over:
- Georgian furniture. Those clean lines will always make my heart race.
- Landing strips: pubic or otherwise. I need a place to set down my keys and gloves when I arrive home.
- Menswear-inspired decor. I still like me some herringbone, pinstripe or glen plaid fabric here and there
- Anything that is held on to and proudly used, regardless of aesthetics, because of deep sentimental attachment. Too rare and utterly wonderful.

Oh... and on another note... did anyone here watch the movie Ghost Town? I loved loved loved Tea Leoni's sofa in it - so deep and comfy-looking.

Anonymous said...

s., will you marry me?

Gambrel's house is one of the most neurotic things Elle Decor has ever published. It looks like he went from room to room outlining every single item with a black Sharpie.

Dude: Medication!

Also over: Almost every Target "high-design/cheap price-point" line. Have you ever seen the "faux shagreen" on the Victoria Hagan lamps? You can peel it off with your thumbnail, like cheap shelf liner. And the "equestrian statue"? It's plastic! It looks like something Barbie and Ken would ride, at the Barbie Equestrian Center.

s. said...

Much to my dismay, I see that there is now an S. posting and it's sending me into an existential tail-spin. Who am I, and where do I belong in this crazy old world?

So, yes, darlingest Anon. If your question was indeed meant was for me, lower case s., I will gladly marry you as long as you agree to a pre-nup and no more than 3 children.

If, however, the question was meant for upper case S., well, *sniff* well... sod off (as those tasteful Brits would say).

peanut and planet said...

Please do not whisper the words "organic modern" into my ears. They are still ringing from the chorus of "pops of colour."

People being snide about Ikea. I'm not rich. I need bookcases.

Decorno said...

"I'm not rich. I need bookcases."

Ha! So true.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't people going to Ikea. The problem is the loss of the local carpenter or furniture maker/repairer who could put together bookcases made of decent (if not luxe) real wood. Even plywood is wholly superior to anything Ikea offers in bookcases.

Plus their customer service is SHIT.

Anonymous said...

Sick of:

the Frances Elkins loop chair

Anonymous said...

-apple green walls
-"loft-style" apartments in suburban settings
-eames chairs of all ilk
-flat screen TVs as decor
-IKEA snobs
-"espresso" stained wood (ahem Crate and Barrel and West Elm)
-Faux Bois
-Le Creuset Pots
-Carpet Tiles
-Media Consoles

not over
-sheepskin throws
-Marimekko wall hangings
-affordable art
-vintage cathrineholme
-Cole and Sons wallpaper "The Woods," even though I should be tired of it
-noguchi lamps
-Josef Frank fabrics

Tired and True said...

Greetings to you, Ms. Decorno-
Sorry to arrive to this party so late.
Things I am over:
1) The word "glamour" in any decor context. When West Elm is using it on the cover of their catalogue, there is no such thing as glamour anymore.
2) And while we are talking about words, let's please cut down on "green", "organic", and "sustainable". I felt bullied this year.
If everyone and their brother wants to be green so badly, let them go to thrift stores and consignment shops, and nothing new will ever need to be made.
3) Domino.
4) Target. They manage to knock things off cheaply, we see them everywhere, we hate them.
5) Faux anything. Except bois.
6) Kelly Wearstler-bashing. She is a true artist, synthesizing the past in provocative ways. Just like the best fashion designers do.
7) Stainless steel in the kitchen. What were we all thinking?

J said...

Well, what a great read! Just found you, Decorno, after checking out the brouhaha at AT's Homies contest. Overreaction, I think.

I'm interested in the whole fashion in design thing. Is it sustainable? I don't mean to go all green and organic, but who can afford to keep buying, redecorating, throwing out, buying again? My parents were married 50 years ago and still have the dining suite and sideboard they bought when first married. All the pieces work just fine. Heck, the 1960 table and chairs have come back in fashion a few times since then! Where was I? Yeah, well, sustainability - can the world keep producing all this stuff for us to consume and cast off?
THe other side of the coin is that I love seeing the full fashion cycle in decor. What shows up in Architectural Digest and World of Interiors progressively makes its way through the hipper mags, then to Target and Kmart, before it ends up in opportunity shops (or thrift shops, I think you call them).

No conclusions, no inspiration, just some mental doodling.

Love your blog. Think it's going to become a fave!

kpaige13 said...

i'm so over:
-the bird trend
-screenprint "art" depicting big headed, big eyed childlike creatures that look like the hipster cousins of bratz
-carpet tiles
-fake ikat
-the phrase "bought on the cheap" when describing a passe, overdone DWR sale item that's still $300
-pillows shaped like animals
-faux and/or high gloss lacquered
-chocolate brown and hot pink together (ok for a little girl's room though, just not an adult)
-that god damned noguchi coffee table
-people on CL advertising something as "vintage" when it is from 1989
-the snuggie (woops, thats not a design trend)

i'm so not over:
-real ikat from uzbekistan
-certain lucite things
-jonathan adler animal ceramics
-faux fur throw blankets
-solid wood or stone buddha statues and/or busts
-hacking ikea furniture to make it more purposeful and personal for it's intended user

m said...

Very over mini Eiffel towers being included in every 'eclectic' grouping on every mantle, bedside table or floating shelf.

Also tired of the mix'n'match dining room chair trend, especially when they're all painted white and paired with a cheap chandelier.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love blue, am so over the blue/brown look. that seems to be all designers use any more. also, never been fond of anything plastic. loved the padded headboard, but it is now overused.

Anonymous said...

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