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Fake plastic trees.

I posted in December about DEBORAH SILVER and her landscaping. Some of you hate the uptight boxwoods, but I love them.

I particularly liked these crazy ball boxwoods:

Anyway, Deborah emailed me today saying that she's seen the post. She also sent a few more photos my way.

She wrote, "Attached are more photographs of the boxwood ball garden property-including a grass amphitheatre/sculpture I did. I also sent a picture of my client with her daughter-she has great style in addition to a great garden. I have been very lucky to have her as a client all these years. She has pushed me to be the best I can be."

This ampitheater. Seriously, can you even stand it? Amazing.

In her email to me, Deborah also gave me a good ribbing about my stubborn stance against fake flowers.

"I think fakes can be fine foolishness. Even beautiful. At any rate, they are evidence of my hand-which is very real." Fair enough. And given the look of things she creates, I would take her fakes any day.

Deborah Silver & Co.

Her store, Detroit Garden Works


Anonymous said...

In the last season of Top Design, the lollipop-shaped Margaret Russell said to one of the contestants something like: "I could tell those flowers were fake from across the room. As soon as I came in, I knew."

At that moment, I became the world's staunchest advocate of fake flowers.

hello gorgeous said...

I love boxwood but it's fussy.

I have a design in the front yard done by previous owners with a cultivar of box that I can no longer find.

So, last spring when I tore out the 4 dead ones I couldn't find replacements.

The design currently looks like somebody knocked out some of its teeth.

Monica Kelly said...

Dear Decorno-

If you like those boxwoods check out this South Carolina garden created by one man over 20 years. Apparently, a movie has recently been made about Mr. Fryar and his garden.

Really love your writing and design sense - and let's not forget your sense of humor.

Monica (

puck said...

I'm terrified of fake flowers. Every time I go into Michaels or Hobby Lobby, I see all those tacky arrangements and can't imagine fakes ever looking "right."

I do adore dried flowers and the wreaths they show in the Williams Sonoma catalog.

I'd have to see some pretty special fakes to erase the Hobby Lobby images.

americasfinest said...

These are FABULOUS fakes!! I love them and I love fake flowers, too, which I know offend many of my design colleagues. Fakes are so versatile and we think nothing of using fake leather, fake fur, fake cashmere-we even pride ourselves on our resourcefulness in using them, but somehow the line gets drawn when it comes to greenery and flora. Really? This is a beautiful example & unless you live in Versailles, you'd never be able to put together something like this. Gorgeous and fun!

kate salenfriend said...

I hate hate hate fake flowers and LERVE these!
I just want to know where do I get them or how do I make them myself??
What a whimsical, unexpected and irreverent way to jazz up outdoor space!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Call me a nature-freak!

Those silly balls......that look great! if the birds can nest in them.....I LOVE them!

If the birds with their heads!

bushes should be havens for wildlife.......we have wiped out all the havens.......all the ponds.....wetlands......hedgerows........

all the habitat!

My mission is to restore the habitat!

Maybe some birds like those balls..........but ; native birds? I think not.......

We are losing wildlife willy-nily!


Iheartfashion said...

I can't get over my aversion to fake flowers.

Kwana said...

I really like her style and the fact that she can dish it out as well as take it. Her fakes are fabulous.

RobtW said...

I love (real) boxwood. Crazy, uptight, ball, or sprawling, it's lush and green and ordered, the stuff of real gardens.

The second image in the post, of a seemingly sunken garden with ranks of ball-form boxwood is terrific.

Xeriscaped gardens of dead brown leggy weeds all in a tangle and dry "stream beds" of river rocks and landscape cloth poking up everywhere -- those I can do without. Better to turn your garden into a giant, untended cat litter box.

ChrisToronto said...

Fake Plastic Trees -- one of my all-time favorite Radiohead songs!

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