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Oscar round up.

Anne Hathaway was robbed.

Most of you didn't see her movie (numbers don't lie) but let me say this: she played a jerk. I don't really love the girl when I see her on TV and doing interviews, but when you see her in Rachel Getting Married, you see that she plays this jerk - this crummy, self-involved, addicted mess and she makes you love her despite her un-likable-ness (is that a word?). It's remarkable.

Oh, and god bless Sean Penn and his scoldy speech. God bless him.

Kate Winslet's hair... yikes.. And Sophia Loren looked like an old plastic hooker doll plopped on top of a wedding cake. I know she's 74, but if she's competent enough to read lines from a teleprompter, she's competent enough to hire a stylist, for the love of god.

And what was up with the bad dresses? And let's talk about SJP and her husband. I know that their marriage is their own business and that a lot of couples make it work after an affair, but there is something unseemly about his sloppy portliness and the fact that she's chosen - as many women her age must do - between her ass and her face, and her face has clearly lost the battle. Something about them together there bummed me out. I like the wicked optimism of Brangelina - like they might just pop out triplets while we watch! I do not like the parade of SJP trying somehow to remain relevant and her emasculated and wandering man showing up just to hold her Lieber clutch. And on another note, did Queen Latifah and Reese Witherspoon wear the same navy "Hey-it's-a-present-wrapped-in-a-ribbon-dress!"? I think maybe so.

Did you guys watch? What did you think? Please tell me you all snickered a little when they showed Jennifer Aniston and then Angelina. Those directors are filled with spite. I love it!


Colleen said...

yeah I laughed at the Jennifer and John shot! So very many bad dresses, but I think Sophia's took that prize. I did like the new format though of highlighting each of the nominees for the big awards.
This was a first show in ages where Jack Nicholson wasn't there in the front row...

Brooke said...

You nailed it. Poor Sophia looked awful; Kate's hair was freakish; Anne SO deserved that win but was still fabulous in that opening number; and both the Milk acceptance speeches were great.

Colleen said...

Oh and I too thought Anne Hathaway was robbed. I saw the movie, didn't really like or understand it, definitely didn't like her character, but damn that was a performance!

Penelope Bianchi said...

astonishing.......I agree with every word.........I felt sorry for Sophia......

My husband said......"but she's old!" No kidding! but...she looks like a victim of an accident!

ewww! she is 74...I googled it mid oscars.......she looks like a nightmare!

Here is the one old actress I thought looked FABULOUS!!

Eva Marie Saint! (I bet she is as old......she just looks beautiful and me)

Poor Kate Winslet.......who is responsible for the "helmet head" hair.........I thought that was over!
not one single hair on her head moved one iota the whole time. It was a helmet that surpassed even Nancy Reagan. Lordy!

No telling.

I think your comments are really great.......I LOVED SEAN PENN.....loved every single word...and he so derserved that hard it must be for a straight man to play a gay guy.......with so much subtlety..........amazing...........

and his comments were so good.....bravo.


Melissa said...

where the hell was the jewellery
i am a jeweller for christ sake...

thats what i was looking at
Loved Angelinas earrings.
as far as the ceremony...hugh was good to look at
and the idea of past winners giving kudos to
present was a nice touch.

Where do you suppose Aniston was looking.....
difficult considering brangelina were pretty much
front and centre.

Kara said...

I've taken a five minute break to quit googling Hugh Jackman and check my google reader. Where has he been all my life? Did you watch him give Bwah-bwah-wah-wah a lapdance on her after Oscar special?

BEHAVE.... I love it. What a bad boy. I think I need a lap dance from Hugh Jackman.

Agreed - Anne got robbed, loved Rachel getting married and thought she was bloody brilliant.

1egit said...

Omg, I thought that R.Weetherspoon & Q.Latifah were wearing the same dress too but nobody seemed to agree with me.

And, I giggled when they showed J. Anniston announcing and then showed a clip of A.Jolie watching her. Oh jeez.

Kudos to Sean Penn.

My mormon friend on FB posted on her status, "Shame will follow your life Sean Penn." I'm really not sure why Gay Marriage is so bad.. God. Don't get me started.

But love the post. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I see that purplish pink (a la Natalie Portman) is also making a strong showing.

jabee said...

You_are_wicked. Love it! Didn't watch it all, the bunches of presenters bored me.

What DID Sean Penn say?

the sweet life with olives said...

i didn't watch it, but thanks to you round-up, which is certainly more entertaining and informative than the actual show, I now don't have to!

Anonymous said...

I hated most of the dresses. I thought they looked cheap or old-ladyish. The ones that looked bridal -- ick. I felt horrified for Jennifer Anniston. Having to get up there and be elegant under fire -- Christ, they were sitting front and center! I really don't like Angelina Jolie. I don't think she's a very nice person. It's like she can't be bothered to be pleasant anymore. Get over yourself, girlie!

I fell asleep before the best actor/actress awards, thank God for TiVo. I want to see Kate Winslet "heaving" as my husband puts it. xoxo

kris said...

I totally agree with all your comments. I did not like SJP's dress and I didn't understand all the oohs and ahhs.

And I loved how the cameras panned between J Aniston and Brangelina. Too funny.

Susan said...

Thanks for posting the beautiful photo of Sophia Loren. I agree---I was sad to see how she looked last night. Someone could have helped her look stunning--even at her age.

alissa said...

I'm with you on most of these - although I never saw SJP with her husband, on her own I thought she looked good.
Anyway, sophia freaked me out, she looked like a robot.
Beyonces performance - didnt it look like she was lip syncing?
The only dress I liked was Freido Pintos from Slumdog - loved the color and she looked gorgeous. The rest of them seemed very blah. Jessica Biels might have been the worst thing I've ever seen.
Who knew Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway had such rockin voices?

Anonymous said...

Wow, catty much?

Anonymous said...

ooo...feeling harsh this morning...

hello gorgeous said...

I agree about Anne Hathaway. Her performance was so convincing.

Was Matthew Broderick's hair frosted? Good Jesus, he looked horrendous. How was he the one having the affair?

I loved Penelope Cruz and thought her speech was adorable. And her performance.

Love Sean Penn - it's about time he won. His speech was endearing.

Don't even get me started on Brangelina.

woobycat said...

Hugh Jackman did much better than I expected.

Totally agree about Kate's hair, what was that? Horrid. Wasn't really lovin' the dress either.

Robin Roberts looked AWESOME in the dress viewers chose for her. Nice work J. Crew.

Brangelina - Okay, she's a homewrecker, but she clearly owned the night as Hollywood's ultimate, A-list homewrecker. Stunning beyond words, composed, with Mr. Stunning-beyond-words seated next to her. Brangelina made Anniston and Mayer look like Miley Cirus and her Jonas Brother. Sorry, gotta call it like I sees it.

Anonymous said...

and anne can sing! Christ, give the girl her oscar for singing that crappy opening. Can Winslet do that? Probably not. Weirded out by 5 former winners presenting...seriously we had to have a medley of the songs this year but the five winners dragged on FOREVER. Hugh was cute but hardly out there. And what was that singing/dancing in the middle...again, could have cut that and the show might have come in on time.

pillow mint said...

SJP looked eerily like Glenda The Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.
Love everything about Penelope Cruz!
Yay for Sean Penn. Thank God, because I cannot even stand to look at Mickey Rourke, nevertheless hear him speak. (and the necklace of the deceased chihuahua? - don't get me started!!)
You're so right - Anne Hathaway was robbed.

Anonymous said...

Goldie Hawn...yikes. She and Helen Mirren are the same age, Helen looks fabulous, Goldie looks frightening.

I can't stand her, but I thought Jennifer Anniston did well up there. Loved Angelina's green rocks.

Very happy for Sean Penn,loved the movie and thought he was great, although I wouldn't have minded Mickey Rourke winning.

Didn't see the Reader, but love Kate Winslet and found her acceptance speech touching. Period hairdo, strange, but awesome earrings.

Tina Fey's dress was lovely, but that asymmetrical bun looked as if it was going to come unraveled. I forgot Queen Latifah could sing, she did very well, love the Queen.

Anonymous said...

- SJP looked awful. My jaw dropped when I saw the little girl dress and then I looked at her face. yikes. go back to blonde baby.
- I could see everybody's makeup: anne hathaways'penciled in browns, angies lip liner, etc etc. I found everyone harsh in the close ups. Is this the new HD? Distracting
- Ben Stillar hilarious. EVERYBODY got it.
- Overall - Liked the new format and the intimacy and sincerity of most of the introductions. Shirley McLaine to A.H. especially.
- Heath's Mom and Sister bothered me. I'm okay with them accepting the award, but I thought their gowns too showy, too much about them. Something more subdued would have been more tasteful.
- Love Danny Boyle.
- I wanted Mickey to win, just because. Watch his Independent Spirt award speech on Huff Post. Hilarious. Still love Sean tho. Contrast to SJP == Sean and Robin have worked through it and seem stronger for it. Great legs on Robin, btw.
- Loved Marissa Tomei's dress.

Anonymous said...

did anyone think it strange that Sean didn't mention Robin?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't get this:

"she's chosen - as many women her age must do - between her ass and her face, and her face has clearly lost the battle"

Is there some almighty force that allows women either an ass or a face? And how do we designate our choice?

Amy said...

i loved the pan to angie while jennifer was talking! classic! i agree - the dresses were blah. this is a funny recap

Kwana said...

The directors were filled with spite. So much of it. I thought Sophia was a whole lot of awesome craziness. I loved it.
SJP I could not get with the dress, hair or breast. Now who was Mr. SJP stepping out with? Why did I not hear about all this before?

Finally saw Rachel getting married and Anne rocked it! I think you are so right there Ms. D.

Things That Inspire said...

I watched about an hour as we were at a (non Oscar) party earlier, and I fell asleep during the latter part of the show. Not for lack of interest, but for pure exhaustion.

But - I did love the Jen/Angelina camera shots. I thought SJP did a nice job, but she needs to continue to dress spectacularly as she is getting to a certain age or maybe she is already there. I loved the comment about choosing the ass or the face - I am in my late 30s and mainly interact with women my age through early 50s, and I see this battle going on every day. I am more in the camp of saving your face for your ass, but not to a certain degree.

Speaking of which, how old is Phoebe Cates? She looks amazing. She doesn't look like she is losing the battle with the ass or the face.

Iheartfashion said...

I think Melissa Leo wins the bad dress prize for her matchy-matchy rust-colored Working Girl hair and dress combo, despite being robbed for the best actress Oscar for her superb performance in the little-seen Frozen River. Sophia Loren comes in second.

Louise said...

I find the critique of a 74-year-old woman to be mean-spirited and tasteless, not much different from the critique of another's decorating choices. Try to remember it is all just form and what matters is what's inside each of us.

Anonymous said...

I love your comments. My husband said SJP looked like one of the characters that Senior Wences (think Ed Sullivan in the 60's) did and Sophia, my God! and Goldie(please start dressing like a stylish grandma). My favorite was Natalie Portman in that luscious pink dress.

Anonymous said...

I love your comments. My husband said SJP looked like one of the characters that Senior Wences (think Ed Sullivan in the 60's) did and Sophia, my God! and Goldie(please start dressing like a stylish grandma). My favorite was Natalie Portman in that luscious pink dress.

miss in your business said...

I was so sad about Mickey Rourke - he was unbelievably amazing in The Wrestler and the "story within the story..." I was sure he would win. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Angelina may be hot but she's a bore - Jen, on the other hand, is a girl I'd love to smoke a joint with a go to the beach for the day.

Hanako66 said...

lol about Sophia Loren, horrible...SJP won my dress of the night

kelly said...

The Wrestler was the best movie I have seen in YEARS! Seriously, I loved how provocative and raw it was. Such a fabulous character study. I would have loved to see Mickey Rourke win, he nailed that roll.

If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it! Oh, and Milk was fabulous too, so, I wasn't too sad to see Sean Penn win instead.

Anonymous said...

What's with the SJP hate? The SATC movie made a lot of money, so she isn't some pathetic nobody. I do wish she would choose a different silhouette, because all of her dresses look the same.

I wasn't impressed with that Baz Luhrmann production number. I love musical numbers, but that was dull and couldn't the producers find someone other than Beyonce?

Chanel said...

aghhh- Angie over Jennifer any day!
Sophia- yes poor dear- let's cut her some slack she is getting older.
I just wanna know how much and how many carats those emeralds were that Angie was wearing! WOW

Pieter said...

Kate Winslet is a class act. I liked her hair and she rocked all the strangeness out of that Stefano Pilati/YSL dress. She should have been nominated for Revolutionary Road too, so I guess the Oscar was a pat on the back for both movies. Not a fan of Anne Hathaway, but I'm not American so maybe that's why...

Anonymous said...

"what matters is what's inside each of us."


Anonymous said...

Sophia Loren's dress may be a bit out there, but when she steps out of the dress and washes off the make-up she is still an incredibly beautiful woman with a pretty hot body. This 43-year-old would love to have that body and face when I'm 71. She possesses a grace that any of us would be fortunate to have.

As far as the comments here are concerned, I have never seen so many judgmental, mean-spirited people in one place. Do you think nobody has ever critiqued your choice of clothing, fat ass, bad make-up, etc..?

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I found Matthew and Sarah Jessica depressing, too. Closeted, puffy-faced, badly-highlighted husband looking like he'd rather be anywhere but there. And horse-faced wife in the same-old, same-old frothy-skirted strapless 50s silhouette she's trotted out a million other times.

Freida Pinto wore what looked to me like a cousin of a skating dress, complete with too many sequins and asymmetrical neckline.

Little miss type A Reese has no doubt already torn some poor hack a new a**hole for allowing her to wear the almost-identical dress to queen latifah. And, it seems that royal blue is the new "it" colour?

Sophia not only looked a hot mess but it cracked me up she gave her speech to Meryl Streep with her hand on her cocked hip, as tho' she were a Sicilian fishwife haggling over the price of
scallops at the market.

Oy, I wanted to smack Anne Hathaway with her doe-eyed, neck clasping tearfulness during Shirley Maclean's address.

Loved Hugh Jackman. He's said to be the loveliest, loveliest person in "real life," too. And, isn't it the dream of most closeted Hollywood gays to sing and dance in a tux before millions of viewers? Yay, him!

Sean was one of the few married winners who didn't thank his spouse. Seemed indifferent to her all night, in fact.

Mickey Roarke wearing a pin honoring his dead dog? Perhaps silly but of course I choked up.

Ben Stiller's imitation of Joaquin Phoenix was the highlight of the night.

Natalie Portman, as always, looked flawless. She's had one of the best nose-jobs in the business. That colour was unusual but didn't look prom-y on her.

Yeah, hated Kate's hair but she is just so beautiful and delightful that I can overlook it.

Meryl Streep looked her age and her own stunning version of it. Thank heavens that not everyone in Hollywood is trying to outdo each other with plastic surgery.

red ticking said...

how about nicole kidman and halle berry? gorgeous! i thought meryl should have been front and center with 15 nominations!
brad and angie could have slid over a bit.
and i was sad mickey did not win... strange or not, you have to give him a ton of credit ...he is back..

east side bride said...

Am I the only one who hated Rachel Getting Married? Hated the script, hated the shooting, hated the fake-ass indie life-is-a-melting-pot wedding. Ann doesn't deserve an award just because she played an addict.

p.s. I thought Mickey's outfit was slammin, pinky ring and all.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kate Winslet's win was well deserved. Her performance in both The Reader and Revolutionary Road was spectecular and moving.

Gypmar said...

I found SJP's breasts in that dress to be absolutely terrifying. I couldn't look away.

Love + Marriage said...

I loved SJP's dress, I accept how she looks - did you notice? No more mole! My husband thought her boobs were really well placed. I didn't know one of them had an affair and I know my celeb gossip. What did I miss?
Also Kate Winslet was going for a Grace Kelly look I'm sure but yes, too helmet-y.
I love Brangelina and my sister loves JA so we totally engrossed by that moment! Love it!
My favorite dress of all...Penelope! said...

mickey rourke was absolutely undeniably RoBBEd!

Anon at 6.30 - i don't think you get to decide what is appropriate for Heath Ledger's grieving family to wear - i think that's their call.

dress of the night went to natalie portman's pink gown...loved it.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the fashions were TERRIBLE.

Kate Winslet is a lovely woman, but that dress did nothing for her. Also her hair aged her terribly.

Sophia needs to stop with the plastic surgery/botox.

SJP's dress was a trainwreck, I thought her boobs were going to pop out.

Angie BORING black, although her earrings and ring were STUNNING.

Penelope's gown was too bridal.

Jessica Biel a total mess, hair and gown.

I really liked Anne's gown in theory but I did think it washed her out a bit.

Whoppi a cheap, cheesey mess.

Reese, who usually looks great was also sporting a unflattering mess of a gown.

Amy Adams hated the gown but oddly drawn to the necklace...a big hot mess paired together.

Goldie should stop wearing gowns that her 20-something self would have worn.

I thought Meryl looked lovely although I kind of wished her gown was a different color.

Someone please tell Nicole Kidman to stop wearing pale gowns with feathers...and could that same someone please tell Beyonce enough with the over the top mermaid gowns.

Overall I though Natalie Portman (gorgeous girl), Taraji (liked the gown/necklace combo and Marissa Tomei (the pleating grew on me) were the fashion winners.

I enjoyed Hugh and I really liked how they presented the best actor/actress awards with the former winners.

Lindsay said...

Anonymous is always catty about cattiness, a hypocrisy lost on no one, I'm sure! If anything in the world is just asking for catty mockery it's the Oscars. Why do the dresses always diverge so utterly from so much of the fantastic couture on the runways? The dresses are out of a suburban prom from some forgotten decade. Where is Bjork dressed as a swan when I need her? The conservatism of the whole show, and the banality of most of the speeches, is so discouraging. I can't watch. The critical blog posts the next day, on the other hand, are an exhilarating, vengeful relief. The best thing I ever saw on the Oscars was Pedro Almodovar absolutely refusing to stop talking when given the time signal and upping the ante with feyer and feyer antics, which was great because somehow I just want the whole ceremony to collapse into chaos and break the weird, brittle tension.

Lindsay said...

PS I was talking about Anonymous nos. 3 and 4, not the other most excellent Anonymouses.

Anonymous said...

I reallllly wish the media would get off the Jen/Angie trip. It is sooo tired and embarrassing that people still eat it up years later.

Anon 6:30, I think it's in quite poor taste to criticize the Ledger women - for something so frivolous no less. They are undoubtedly still grieving and are from a different continent and maybe not so in tune with what YOU think is appropriate. Geeze.

Penelope Bianchi said...

It is still my birthday for 45 minutes.......

Now on to Oscar..I am 62 I get to be the oracle........for 45 minutes unless someone finds me wrong!

Most hideous? Sophia to look 90? that's how. She isn't 90...she looks like a bad barbie doll baked in the oven too long...and it is really sad......she was a real beauty.

My fave? Eva!! (Marie Saint)
She lives here in Santa Barbara....and she is "no plastic surgery!) Up close.... I know her , and I can testify..she is beautiful!

I thought many of the other presenters of the "best supporting actress" were great ; too!

Angelica looked great.......all looked good.......

Kate Winslet is a good actress.......but.....ladies......never, never, never wear a hairdo that not one strand moves.

Never. That was a helmet head.........and Grace Kelly spun in her grave when Kate's hair was described in the "Grace Kelley hair"

Are you joking? In my memory........(which may be faulty)...Grace could toss her head.....and something on top of her head would move! Am I wrong?

It doesn't matter....that was the worst hair ever in our age.

(I refuse to blame Grace..even if hers didn't was another era..and she gets an excuse!)

I LOVED SEAN PENN's speech......he so deserved that hard it must be to be a straight guy to play a fabulous hero of a gay guy.....and not miss anything! He missed nothing.....and didn't overdo anything either........he was magnificent.......amazing....and so was his speech!

I am happy he is back with his wife.....why? because he acts like he really loves her!

I didn't see Ann Hathaway in the movie......thought she looked and acted beautifully at the Oscars...

My score:a HOME RUN!!!! best oscars I have ever seen.....and I am OLD!!!


ps my six-year-old grandson said today......."YIKES,Granny! That is OLD!!...but, you don't ACT THAT OLD!!!"

He will be well-provided in the will!

Anonymous said...

Kate Winslet's hair looked like vintage Grace Kelly. I thought she looked beautiful. Anne Hathaway's dress was gorgeous, but did wash her out. Loved Natalie Portman's dress - she looked age appropriate and fresh. SJP - WTF??? Angelina is gorgeous but I think it is cruel to put Jennifer Anniston through this over and over and over. Is her whole life going to be dictated by the one "heartthrob" asshole who cheated on her and then threw her to the wolves? Brad is the jerk. Loved Angelina's earrings, though. However, the most gorgeous and best-dressed person at the Oscars was Robert Pattinson from Twilight!!! Oh to be in my 20's again... Ha ha - love you Decorno.

eileen said...

KATE Rules. 1st movie: Heavenly Creatures. Anne's first movie: Princess Diaries. Kate could've done Anne's role in her sleep. No way Anne could've done Kate's role. If there were a Most Improved award, then maybe Anne wins it. And maybe that is why that role was memorable. But Best Actress, no. I would choose Meryl and Melissa Leo in a heartbeat over Anne if Kate didnt win. I would also argue that Rosemarie DeWitt was just as good as Anne in that movie, maybe even better in a less showy role.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one that thought that angelina's earings looked like they came from a gumball machine. yuck buy i'm not a fan so...

s. said...

For those of you who missed the cheating rumours: Last year, Matthew Broderick was said to have cheated on SJP with another woman. However, many of us sniggered because this "fact" was conveniently revealed at a time when many, many rumours were flying that he had in fact started playing for the other team.

So, Matthew either cheated on his wife with another chick or he's gay but is trying to cover it up and the best way he knows how (= NOT to pretend to be madly in love with his wife -- as we all noted at the Oscars, he seemed not in the least bit interested in her -- but rather by pretending to have schtupped another female).

Who knows what is the truth of the matter? Just relaying all I've heard on the subject, so that you don't feel left out.

Anonymous said...

Chanel: Angies earings were 115 karat and her ring was 65 karat

drollgirl said...

i watched the whole damn thing. my one word review: B-O-R-I-N-G. but i loved your summary!

Jill said...

Hated Reece's dress. Thought it smart Sophia wore sleeves. Where did SJP's humongous boobs come from? Loved the blogger who compared Jennifer Aniston to Cinderella and Angelina Jolie to Snow White's Wicked Witch!

thebubbreport said...

I found that Anne Hathaway movie completely unwatchable. That shaky camera, that annoying contrived and stupid dishwasher loading scene; I thought the thing would never end. You could not pay me to sit through that crap again. This chick has played a Disney princess, an intern, and a jerk. She's got plenty of time to win an Oscar, and not steal one from Kate, who has been robbed five times before. Seriously, try to watch that movie again and tell me you still like it.

I thought Reese's dress was asymmetrical in a really bad way. I didn't notice Kate's hair; thinking back less than a week I can't think of one person who knocked my socks off or even remember who won the supporting awards. If I never hear that Slumdog music again it will be too soon.

thebubbreport said...

OH, and I'm with Chelsea Handler - why does Beyonce perform at every dang awards show? She's ANNOYING!

Sean P. said on Oprah that thanking the kids and Robin, the original Kelly Capwell on my long-lost favorite soap opera, Santa Barbara, was implied and known, and they didn't want him to thank them or something weird like that.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

too late to weigh in?

jessica beil's dress looked like she forgot to take the napkin out of her dress after her lunch...bad..

no other dresses really stood out like my faves of other academy awards: nicole's chartruse embroidered sheath or halle's
maroon taffeta with the carefully placed appliques when she won best actress come to mind

i likes what merrel wore...very age appropriate and i liked the ecru color

sophia can wear what ever garbage she wants...she is a beautiful, graceful queen

penelope's speech was the most articulate of the evening...charming...

i liked the intimacy of the stage and the gorgeous , shiney side curtains and the orchestra being on the stage...very reminiscent of old hollywood...

sjp--i love her i love her i love her...she pushes coteur limits, isn't afraid to do so...from what i can tell, she is a sweet person ...she worked dilligently to aid the obama campaign by making calls righ up to the election which moved her up a few notches in my book...(gooshing over)

i had a great time this year...

Maria said...

i think our entire party screamed and went OHHHHH when the panned the camera from Jen to Angelina. Brilliant. Giving the people what they really want. Tilda Swinton was my pick for best dressed.

Maria said...

oh and p.s. - hugh jackman singing? only second to snow white and rob lowe years and years ago. it was sooo bad.

Angela said...

I'm also confused about the "choosing your face over your ass". Does it have something to do with having more body fat makes you face look better?

Denise Fasanello said...

my god was sophia gorgeous when she was young

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