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Pink Lamps, Red Ticking.

Stopped by Red Ticking here in Seattle yesterday. It's only about 4 minutes from my house so it's kind of dangerously close. Way too tempting. Like these pink lamps, for example. Yum.

These lights are little vintage zinc pots that Pam, the owner, wired as little hanging lights.

And based on comments from a previous post, perhaps this is the sofa I should get.

If you're in Seattle, Pam's shop is in Madison Valley and worth the trek. Go on a Saturday when the shops are open, and you can also stop by Apogee for random antique finds, Veritables, which has an amazing selection of lamps, and City People garden shop.


Anonymous said...

this one (sofa) is MUCH better!

That first one looked like something you'd find on the sidewalk with a "FREE" sign on it.

I want to go to NYC and ABC!

Anonymous said...

Those pink lamps are INSANE! Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS SOFA. Style amped way, way, up!

AB said...

Those vintage zinc bulb pots are brilliant. I have a bunch of them somewhere in a cabinet, but now I want them to be lights.

Can't wait to see all your treasures!

Anonymous said...

"Slipcovers rock"?

The use of "rock" as a verb is now officially dead.

Kwana said...

Oh those pink lamps. I think you have officially messed me up for the week. So beautiful. I won't be able to get them out of my mind.

Anonymous said...

First, Mad Valley is great, glad you shared with the rest of your blog community in case they visit.

Second - MUCH improved couch over the previous post. But here's the thing...if you've got dogs you need leather. You'll never find a slipcover that doesn't look too slouchy IMHO.

Third - LOVE those little zinc lights. I hope someone with really great taste snatches them up and gives them a good home.

Jules said...

It's very pretty, but does this sofa have a slipcover? I recall reading about or seeing slipcovers so form fitting you couldn't even tell they are slipcovers. Or, are you planning on washing only the seat?

I also want to voice a different opinion on comfort. I recently replaced my rolled arm sofa for one with a tight back and low, square arms. Since I am short, I find it very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. The square arms are also perfect for laptop resting.

red ticking said...

i always love visiting with you... you need to visit more often... did not know you were couch shopping...come back and sit in this... completely comfortable.. and so well made. cisco brothers makes for john derian.
it is upholstered in 100% belgian linen and a slipcover can be custom made if you want to order that way...
and well tailored, custom. like a couture gown!

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE that sofa. Love.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Love the red-ticking!

My advice.....before buying a sofa with high arms like that.......sit in one for two hours.......really.

2 hours........some find those high arms really uncomfortable.....and it is sort of like a takes more than looks.......and .I believe a sofa is for life! (mine are now 3rd generation..the sofas.)........the husband is 31 years!! and is damn attractive also!!

and they (husbands and sofas) have to be comfortable!

I cannot sit in a sofa with high arms for long.. Cannot.

Try it out first....even if you have to use cardboard on your present sofa.......or a friends! Be sure to try! Good upholstered furniture should last my opinion!

My opinion!


ps I cannot imagine anyone who reads your blog says..the dreaded word......."couch"! There.....I said it....I gagged.....but I said it! do they say "drapes"?


Couch is used correctly in one way....... "couch potato"..."drapes" are what go on a coffin. Sofa is what we sit on...and "curtains" hang on windows! Now that should get some action going!

Anonymous said...

Love the sofa...however, beware of loose back/pillow back types. After awhile, the pillows get smooshy and uncomfortable and start lookin sloppy. :P

Anonymous said...

What's....wrong....with...."sofa".... and...."drapes"?


Herman...Bianchi said...

I...... INSIST..... that one should be able to say:

"couch"...... and "drape".....

because they are "known as".... "synonyms."


"words" that mean the same...... "thing."

Diane said...

I LOVE Red Ticking. I loved her home in Cottage Living. And I agree that this second sofa is much better than the first.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful chandelier, I love it. Couple of days ago i came across online a very beautiful store that sells some amazing light fixtures, check it out:



Jennifer said...

love that sofa. but I lean on arms, so I'm not sure about that. obviously, you'll sit on a sofa before you buy it so you'll figure it out.

those little lights made from zinc pots are adorable. seriously. that Pam, she's a smart one.

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