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We now return to our regular programming.

I had a really busy week. Sorry I was gone.

A few things:
1. Kitchen counters AREN'T going in this week. It will be next.

2. I had a HORRIBLE customer service experience with the store from which I bought my faucet and I plan to dedicate an entire post to it. More to come. Seriously, I tried to support a local Seattle merchant, but what a joke. And all this crying about independent stores going out of business? Well, now I know WHY some of them are (and only some of them. Many are GREAT). Because the service in this case was incompetent.

3. What is up with those halogen high-beam lights on cars? You know the ones. When you look in your rear-view mirror and you get blinded. THOSE. It's like looking at the sun! They are like x-rays. What was wrong with regular old headlights?

4. Why did I remove some posts? I needed to bowdlerize the blog a bit so I could show it to someone for a project. Thanks for your understanding. Everything once gone is back up.

5. I bought a birdhouse. I know, you're like, "Wow, Decorno. Thrilling." But seriously, I woke up the next morning and walked my bleary-eyed, coffee-mug-clutching tired-ass self to the kitchen window that faces the backyard and there were like 5 finches just having a party. They found it so fast. And who doesn't want to see Wild Kingdom right in her backyard? Delightful.

6. We have eaten so much take-out and pizza during the remodel that I think I am getting stretch marks on my wrists. Honestly, I bet I have gained 7 pounds. Gross. I can't wait to have the kitchen in order so grilling chicken and chopping up lettuce and tomatoes is, once again, an easy task.

7. Spring is coming. It's been a really long winter in so many ways, hasn't it? The constant bad news, the economy, layoffs. All of it. But spring, man. It's the salve. The answer. Cherry trees seem to burst with joy, those tiny pink pom-poms cheering on every other plant around them - HERE WE GO! they seem to say.

Yes, here we go. We are just a few weeks away from that excellent show.


Shirley said...

I thought you were off so you could put your kitchen back together. Can't wait to see some new pics!

susie q said...

#7 cheered me enormously. Spring is just what we need.

Emily said...

Are those flowers cherry blossoms? This means I have a cherry tree! And also that I keep mis-typing it as cheery, which also seems appropriate. Woop!

Hallie and Joe said...

Ok I know it's a weird detail to glom onto but those HEADLIGHTS! I don't understand why they are legal. They are so hazardous to other drivers. They drive me insane.

tartanscot said...

Yay Spring is coming ! I'm in the mood for some "Excalibur-ian" blossoms and flowers bursting forth. I can almost hear "Carmina Burana" in the distance.

alis said...

I feel your pain on independent stores. I would totally support them if they didn't suck so much.

Anonymous said...

The bird house sounds awesome!

I hear ya on those halogens. There's something so idiotically macho about it. I'm sure people who have them claim it's so they can see the road better for safety reasons. Similar to the way some people buy giant SUVs because they think driving a tank makes them safer - but it actually makes the road less safe for everyone else. (Ever try turning left across a couple of lanes of traffic while an oncoming SUV is trying to turn left in front of you, also across several lanes of oncoming traffic? Can't see a freakin' thing.)

Jenny said...

thank goodness you're back. it's been too long, darl.
well, if I can add my whinge to yours... local councils. do you have them in the States? Good grief. There's no competition (how can there be, you're in one council or another), so they don't give a stuff. And they want you to know that. The incompetence, poor communication, disdain, for ratepayers (yeah, the ones who keep them in a job) is breathtaking. I hate my local council. HATE them. And I've made it a practice not to hate anything. Incompetent morons.
Thanks. I feel better now.

Bring on that kitchen.

Amy said...

Decorno! You have no idea how happy I am that you're back ~ I feared that you too had fallen in the direction of a couple other gorgeous blogs which are taking an extended time out. (Ab Beutiful Things, I'm looking at you...) So, Decorno, thank you for returning with your lovely photos, searing wit and charming observances, a combination I look forward to every time I click! Let the decorunding(?) resume!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do about the faucet??? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ah! I'm so happy you are back! I swear this blog is more addictive than crack.

Lolo said...

I listened to a recent piece on NPR about a family owned, independent hardware/home supply store that's on the verge of going under due to the hard times. The owner was bemoaning the fact that they now have to pay attention to those small little customers who want little nit picky things like oh, having a adjusted to a size that will work for them. It made my jaw go tight because he was so symptomatic of that sort of mindset. "Oh, you're not spending a gajillion enough dollars for us to actually pay attention to your sale? Then fuck off, we're busy."

It was sad because this guy employs a fair amount of people and they're all going to lose their jobs but I was thinking "it's really aggravating that you're only now getting around to the principle of trying to satisfy your paying customers. Or, at the least, acting like you give two shits."

Anyways, yay on the birdhouse. We put a new one up every year plus we have one of those squirrel flingers for the comedy. Love that thing.

my favorite and my best said...


Musette said...

I'm so glad you're back - I only just joined the festivities a few weeks ago but am already addicted! You're all so interesting and fun!

Lolo - I heard that NPR piece and cringed; I own a small machine shop and it's a constant battle to keep everyone's mindset 'correct'. I hear 'well, he's only got a $100 job' all the time; I simply twist their nipples until they scream for mercy and do their job correctly - then they're stunned (each and every effin' time, bless 'em - apparently Pavlov's theory does not apply to machinists) when that same $100 customer either comes back with or refers another customer with a $10,000 job.

Too bad we can't use those horrible headlights to brighten up some people's minds.

Can't wait to see your kitchen, Decorno. So glad you're back!

Anonymous said...


You are one of the few people to whom I would actually say:

"You should have your own blog."

Your comments are always sharp.

Newell said...

#1 Don't let the delay in counters make you feel pressured to move or act more quickly on following details...just to have a working kitchen again. It'll increase the opportunity for mistakes to happen if you rush to finish.
#2 I'm always asking, where did customer service go? I've decided to never enter a certain lumber yard again for the disdain that I've gotten from every sales person in the place..every time I've been in there. I say, let their business go under. There are other places to spend my hard-earned money.
#3 Those halogen headlights make me want to slow down, get behind them and put my normal headlights on high-beam.
#5 The chickadees and blue jays at my birdfeeder have kept me cheered all winter.
#7. Maple tree sap is starting to run in the Catskills: a sure sign spring is near!
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the service at the big box stores is SO much better.

lucitebox said...

You are back and I am glad. Those were the longest two and half days of my life.

Decorno--you're just like the cherry blossoms. Seeing you again makes the world seem so much brighter! (Even when you're being a crank.)

Gypsy Lynne said...

glad you're back! sometimes you don't know how much you love something until it's gone. :)

Kwana said...

So glad you're back! Congrats on the bird house. I'd love to see pics.

*moggit girls said...

Spring. Coming. Amen to that, sister!

Other good news?

We're gearing up for a Domino book giveaway over at 'the mogg blogg'... Decorno and all, please feel free to drag your 'bleary-eyed, coffee-mug-clutching tired-ass self/(ves)' (not that we see any of you as anything but supermodel gorgeous 24/7) on ovah!


PS. From J.: Judging from your kitchen pics-in-progress, I think you may have my kitchen in your house. Or at least the kitchen I WANT. Seriously.
Send it over to MY house and no one will come to any harm-- other than the 'faucet people'. Who clearly deserve it.

Lolo said...

My smartass is inspired by Decorno and other more motivated and creative people on the internets. On my own, I'm a lazy cow.


Vivien said...

Birdhouse good. Bird feeder bad.

Eat,scatter seed, and shit. Eat, scatter seed, and shit. Eat, scatter seed, and shit. Followed weeks and months later by nasty little brown mice and weeds galore.

But a hummingbird feeder is pure joy.

gatherings home said...

I am only commenting because I am an independent retailer (and a big fan of decs). What is happening out there is survival of the fittest. The small family run businesses out there do need our support though. I am in a small historic community just a little south of Seattle. We are all struggling, but I can tell you that many of the retailers here are old family run businesses. Like the hardware store across the street.....a woman runs this shop and has for over 20 years. She took over the business right after her husband passed away, a business that he ran after his father passed away. And now her children and her grandchildren help out. This is the kind of hardware store where you are greeted when you walk in and they will always have what you are looking for....they care about their customers and their community. We also have a little Dutch bakery next to me. Third generation run, with the best pastries you will ever find and a killer lunch to boot! The daughter of the original owner is kinda like the soup Nazi, really is the charm of the place and what has become accepted by the community as part of the overall experience (she really is an old softy)! There is also a second generation ran pharmacy with all of the old fashion candies and some great gifts too! People come to them because they know that they will always se a smiling face behind the counter to assure them in their time of need. Our street is probably just one example of many streets out there across the country that have been the trailblazers for their communities and who genuinely care about their customers. All of these businesses are the backbone of our community and they need our support! What is happening out there is scary and we are holding on by our nails....the retailers that do not care about their communities and their customers are probably not going to make it. Please do not lump us all together though. We need your help.

p.s. Sorry this is so long. Can you tell I'm kinda passionate?

Coastal Nest. said...

Oh, Decorno...
At my small business the sun rises and sets on my customers, no matter the sale..I could kiss the feet of every single shopper that comes through the door EVERY day.Its the bending over backwards, and forwards, and standing on my head that keeps clients coming back for 22 years..Although, since Christmas..well, lets say we are waiting for those CHEERY cherry blossoms you speak of in #7--in hopes of people feeling a little more upbeat, excited and happy about shopping again..even if we have all lost half of our retirement..Awesome small businesses are out there, I promise.Id return that faucet and find you the perfect one, or absolutely ANYTHING to make you happy.
Its been a long long winter..

gatherings home said... I'm not the brightest bulb in the package. I said I was south of Seattle. Duh....I'm North. There....I'm done.


kassy said...

Cherry blossoms! Where? My neighbor still has snow in her yard from yesterday and we're only in Crown Hill.

Hate those headlights too!

Welcome back, blogland was a bit boring while you were out, can't wait for the faucet story.

parisienish said...

*slow clap*

jean said...

Feeding birds is just one of hokiest things--I love it! Instant cheer. When the song birds come back in the spring, I'm happy, even if they do poop all over the car.

Small biz's really do need extra support. I used to work in publishing, and we sold cheaper to the chains. That's partly why so many small bookstores went under in the 80s and 90s. They couldn't offer the discounts that B&N, etc, can. I'd wager this is true in other businesses as well. It's not always about customer service, sometimes it's just plain unfair.

David said...

It really is a shame about some of those small businesses, but then maybe weeding them out strengthens the good ones.

Back in the day we had a lesbian book shop here. Rather than subscribe to the Advocate I stopped in each week and paid the newsstand price to support the girls. Until the day the mean lesbian separatist rang me up, barely able to conceal her seething hatred of me and my penis. I never went back, and they were gone in six months.

Anonymous said...

Love it when you're in a chipper, up-beat mood, Decs.

Thanks for cheering me up (--a bit. Before I popped over to your site, I was reading a very depressing article saying the the depths may not yet have been reached. I think I'm getting recession fatigue.)

Anywho, thanks for the sprightly tone. It helped, and God knows I don't cheer up easily.


Beth said...

Decorno Readers,

Do you spread the word about local businesses when you've received good or bad service at a local business?

If so how?

Money and time are both tight right now. I would love to support local businesses, but how do you know what you're dealing with before hand?

I try to find reviews online at places like Citysearch and City Guides. They are great for restraunts but not much more.

I want to find a good alterations place, a great place to buy vintage clothing, a local kitchen store.

I want the low-down on place up front.

Thoughts? Ideas? Experiences?

Hanako66 said...

I needed this...thanks for the chuckle

Rachel said...

Our bird and squirrel feeder provides so much entertainment to us and our dogs - it's lovely to step outside and hear the birds chirping. Plus, we have a cardinal couple (male and female) who come to visit - they've come around for a couple years now. It's rewarding. And I'm glad spring is blooming up there for you!

thebubbreport said...

Thank you for teaching me a new word. I had to go on over to dictionary dot com to look up bowdlerize. I like it. I cannot believe I was an English major and I'd never heard it before. Sad.

Beth, I want to visit that non-existent site you describe. Maybe you should start it! I would immediately rave about the ACE Hardware on N. Highland Ave in Atlanta. It rules. I have three people helping me find one little nail two seconds after I walk in the door. Also, there is a big fat cat that sleeps on their counter, which is always a good sign.

stephendrucker said...

So glad you're back.

Hate those halogen headlights and everything like them. The fluorescent light was the beginning of the end of Western civilization. Wish the whole world was 25-watt bulbs. On dimmers.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Drucker?

From House Beautiful?

Are you serious?

Get out!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back.

Jules said...

I've been in the market for a birdhouse. We have a birdfeeder, and WOW do birds gossip. The first day there was 1 little guy pecking at some seeds. Two days later our backyard was a scene in a Hitchcock movie. The word on free food spread fast.

atomica said...

those halogen high-beam lights on cars!!!
i hate them too and tempted to call the cop many of times.. pathetically, i couldnt see theyr plate number because their lights were wayy too bright!

Kel said...

Hooray! your're back. Twas a bit dull in Bloggoland without you. :)

Beth, for a start, try, which I heard about through my local talk radio station.

"More than 750,000 consumers use
Angie's List to find high quality contractors, service companies and health care providers."

SH said...

Glad you are back D! Excited about spring...we have had almost a month of new blooms here in Texas. Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen....sorry about your faucet debacle. I am a small retailer, and I have ALWAYS bent over backwards for my customers to keep them happy....even if I have to take a loss to do so. With all of the online discounters and such, great customer service is what allows me to stay in biz. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent doling out free design to people who come in the shop. Some are in the beginning phases of construction or decorating and have no intention of buying anything.....but I always remember that they may need new things down the road to go in that room we have just discussed(for a good hour) painting the "perfect" shade of white. Anyhoo, go back to this store and throw a fit with the owner....I do believe that "the customer is always right"...even when they aren't! Good luck and give 'em hell.

Ivy Lane said...

Glad you are back! You need to get a bird feeder to go with the bird house... then you'll really see some "finch parties"!

kalliope said...

Am waiting in anticipation of your faucet story. I had one of the worst customer service experiences at a furniture/kitchen store in Seattle... ever! Will it be the same place... do tell :)

melissa said...

Amy - I thought the same thing too!

Glad you're back Decorno.

Anonymous said...

When those dreaded headlights, of a too-close halogen bulb car, blind me in my little car I just hold up a cd (with the shiny side backwards). The light reflects back in their eyes and they back off in a serious hurry. Even with an mp3 plug in my car I'm still sure to keep cds around.

Evil? Absolutely!! But it works.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh out loud...stretch marks on your wrists!!! Too funny!

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