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Who doesn't want a classic six?

Fishs Eddy is this great NY store full of well-priced dishes and flatware. I popped in to find that they now stock their own pattern called "Floorplan." Kind of a perfect gift for the decornophile in your life (namely, you).

The tiny bread plates (not shown) are the floorplan of a studio apartment. Adorable.

Incidentally, someone asked where to get the knives featured a few posts ago. I am not really sure, but these seem like a very good option.

You can see more good stuff at


Kel said...

WHY OH WHY do they never have fun/interesting/lustworthy stores like this in Dallas? Why, I ask you.

LURVE the Floorplan plates. And they're square, making them even groovier.

Renate said...

wow, what a fabulous store. The floorplan stuff is really cute, but after a quick click around the store I have fallen for the pressed glass jade green cake stands and butter tubs... definitely getting those if I'm in NY anytime soon... (Guess I'll have to learn to live without them)

lucitebox said...

Oooh! One of my favorite stores. I've only been twice and was too overwhelmed to get anything. Fishes Eddy is very affordable. (There's a similar type store here in Chicago and it is mostly outside of my budget.) Thank you for reminding me to bookmark their site.

It looks as if your work trip included a lot of fun. I used to work in the gift industry. My trips to NY were exhausting due to trade shows, but I miss visiting. I'm the one you can probably hear all the way from Chicago shouting, "AAAaa-Beee-Cee! I love you!"

Welcome back and thanks for these updates along the way. Nothing like a vicarious NYC trip!

Iheartfashion said...

The fisheseddy dishes are fantastic.
I adore that store.

Megan said...

Oh wow those plates are fabulous! I am thinking that I might need to get some for myself.

tula said...

Those floor plan plates are fab. However, after consuming a full meal, I'm left facing the fact that my home is way too small to justify a plateful of floor plan.

perhaps mine would be the dessert plate or saucer -- or coaster.

Anonymous said...

I won a batch of those plates at a school auction, and love them. I use the studio apartment square dish as a catch-all on my desk.

I'm pretty sure you can call them to place an order. I was there with my sister recently, who is from Chicago. She bought a ton of stuff from their sale room in the back, and the saleswoman told her that if she wanted more of the plates, she just needed to call the store. Cheaper than buying a ticket to NYC!

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