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Country Living

I am still a little heartbroken about the loss of Cottage Living. But I wonder if the April 7 debut of the new & improved Country Living will reflect a little more bungalow style and a little less rooster chic? Hopefully.

Two features I will be checking out when the issue hits:

Interior designer Annie Kelly's fearless attitude towards pairing fine antiques with discount-store finds will inspire readers to create their own mix of high and low.

The Instant Garden – How fabric designer Michael Devine turned his tiny yard into a thriving kitchen garden in three months flat. Plus, the ultimate outdoor retreat for under $1,000.


*moggit girls said...

Yes, enough with the roosters already!


Lauren said...

Hmmm... can't wait to see it. Love the idea of fixing it up a bit. I really do miss Cottage Licing and it's one I'm NOT going to get over. :(

Jason said...

Country Living has some great (rooster-free) house tours on their website, so if the revamped print edition follows that lead, I'm on board. And by "on board" I mean I'll read it at Barnes & Noble, not that I'll pay money for it.

Ruth P. said...

I've been reading Country Living for years, have to say I never noticed the roosters.... Also, if you subscribe, it's very reasonable.

My Favorite and My Best said...

ha! rooster chic. speak it sister!

puck said...

My fixes, since Cottage Living is gone...

Cottages & Bungalows (although a little too arts & crafts, but good DIY info)

Country Living
Country Living British Edition
Homes & Gardens British Edition
Country Homes & Interiors British

Anonymous said...

ugh. Annie Kelly is a nightmare. Utter nightmare. That name will keep me away.

rerun said...

hi girlie, loving your blog as always. you post the most magnificent images. i come here to decompress.

real estate's been shitty lately so i'm catching up:

-on awnings: never had one, love them, and here's why it will cost a tiday bundle: the quality of the material. you don't want something that will fade in the sun/weather/elements/whatever y'all got goin in the northwest. you want the color to look sharp, snappy, and true for years to come. you won't regret it.

-rooster chic...good one

-i would post pics but naw, i keep my shame to myself. plus my color choices, which i love, will be questionable to many

-gravel always seems like a great idea til you have to pick up stray leaves and crap to keep it looking really like it does in the catalog/mags. i have a small pathway of stones and gravel and it works my last nerve. maybe that's just me.

-$40k on a bath? yeesh. but by now, i'm sure you know that you'll just need to prioritize and figure out what you must do and will be happy with.

and with that, i'm off to bed.

Jenny said...

I can't take seriously any magazine with the word "fearlessly" linked to decor. I know it's important, that's why we're here at decorno. Goes without saying.
But fearlessly? Teaming old and new? Where have these people been?

Still, I hope the pics are pretty.

check out NZ House and Garden. Nice, classy, and NZ has a great art/design scene going on. And I'm from Australia, so there.

Annie said...

I think they called me "fearless" because I, too am from Australia...

Decs said...

You get 'em, Annie.

Anon 6:25... why is she a "nightmare"? You sound like she came to your house and wallpapered it with tighty whities or something really bizarre like that.

Jenny said...

Annie, I'm sorry, the "so there" wasn't about you. It was about me saying NZ stuff is good, but recognising the rivalry and appropriation Australia practices in relation to good stuff from NZ.

I didn't mean to cause any offence. I just find the breathtaking language in relation to decor, particularly in the current climate, hyperbolic and overdone.

Best wishes

Rachel said...

I hope it is changed for the better too... I desperately miss my Cottage Living, and I have yet to really find something that truly can replace it.
I'll have to check it out.

lsaspacey said...

I wrote about the new issue too. I'm definitely intrigued because the new editor was the founder of Budget Living, Sarah Gray Miller.

As I said on my blog, please buy on the newsstand (not subscribe) if we want this magazine to stick around. We need to support the mags that we have left and as Cottage Living showed, it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have, the advertisers plain don't respect the people who get the magazine on the cheap. They want the ones who are willing to fork over the cover price.

Ok, rant over. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the Country Living website.
Visually it is really, really busy. I think for the average viewer it's an overload and not very fresh looking.
I don't want to sound elitist, but the fact that the editor is the founder of Budget Living does not excite me.
But I'm hopeful. It is a very bad time to reconfigure a magazine; it's either brave or foolish.

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