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Shifting gears:

If you are tired of economy talk, don't go HERE. If you want a continuation of the recent economy post, then definitely go there.

I thought I was the one to host the comment dust-ups around here. Whew. I am glad Jamie is finally doing her fair share of stirring shit up. It's about time, dammit. I can't do everything, you know. Sheesh.


Kel said...

The economy. UGH. I just found out how much my retirement savings has plummeted. Retirement? What retirement? I'll be working till I'm 80 and with a broken hip at this rate.

On the other hand, that red & white bathroom is so cheery and bright, it almost makes me forget what Obama's doing to us. Almost. :P

living large said...

It isn't what Obama is doing to us. It's what needs to be done to correct the Bush/greed/gluttony/war with no end and without raising taxes to pay for his folly.

On the other hand, red and white bathrooms are cheery and bright. And so is having a home with a red and white bathroom in it. Just saw the piece about people living in tents in Sacramento for christ's sake. Those of us in homes—decorated to our pleasing or not—let us unite for a moment of gratitude.

JJ said...

I gave Jamie some smooches.

terese said...
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Christina said...

I don't know- I usually love her blog. But I SO much prefer the way you periodically do "economy check- in" posts and ask your readers how they are doing- as a kind friend would ask, rather than Jamie's "would everyone please stop complaining!! now i'm going to go shop"
I just think that's a rude attitude when people are worried about how to feed their families. There are many times and places for snark-- but I just don't think this is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christina. I like that blog, but that post sounded like it could only be written by someone in her 20s, with no kids or health problems. She sounded sheltered.

Decs said...

I dunno, guys. I think when she wrote this:

"II. if you can’t do everything you ‘want to’ right now (and no that does not include feeding your family, or paying your bills)-- it includes going shopping with eddie ross, or buying junk on ebay (yes, i do)– then your happiness is being dictated by money."

... she was clearly indicating that she understands some people are in a real crunch with real bills and can't cover their basics. But I bet she's responding to some who are complaining about portfolios taking a nosedive, and we need to remember that the top 10% earners own 74% of stocks in the country. I am pretty sure she's pointing the finger at those are are freaked out by paper losses. She's a good egg. I am sure she has sympathy for people who are really in trouble, but like her, I don't have sympathy for people making $100k plus who are now fretting about how to survive. If you make that much and you haven't been setting some aside for a rainy day, then you've been squandering an opportunity to build yourself a little insurance fund AND you've probably built a life for yourself that you can't actually afford.

i suwannee said...

thank you decs. i'm waving my white flag.

and just to confirm:
someone in her 20s - check
with no kids - check
or health problems - check
she sounded sheltered - check. yes i pay a mortgage for a roof over my head.

Anonymous said...

What people objected to wasn't any theory on the stock market, or any philosophy of saving vs. borrowing. It was a general tone of "Can we PLEASE stop all this talk of unpleasant situations? It's all just so...unpleasant!"

She came off as lacking compassion, and, maybe worse, lacking curiosity about her fellow human beings. The reason THIS blog is so popular is that people sense that you are interested in their stories, how they got to where they are today. Jamie's post showed no such curiosity. It was just "Hey, I'M feeling no pain, why should I have to hear about anyone else's?"

i suwannee said...

I'm over this, but in conclusion I am feeling pain. I'm in sales, commission only. I'm down at least 40% already, sinking more by the day. Our mortgage depends on my job our whole lifestyle does and its quickly going down the shitter i'm just saying ENOUGH. What I'm getting at is the reactiveness of it all. It's compounded daily by hysteria - speculative nonsense. Which is what got us into this whole deal. I haven't once said don't complain. I said I'm tired of hearing about the bad shit because I think it's a media whipped up frenzy which is starting to manifest itself as a reality in everyones lives. Anyhoo.

What's everyone's bra size. Let's discuss!

Is that better?

Lolo said...

One of the many nice things about design blogs is the seemingly universal generosity and graciousness that the bloggers extend to one another.

The commenters, not so much.

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