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Last week I hosted a giveaway of THIS book. I traded your decorating dilemma war stories for the book.

The winners are:
Erin T
Sarah Gib.
Jenny H.

You'll all be getting your book soon.

I've posted the about Michelle and Carmen already. Erin, Sarah, and Jenny to come.

Thanks everyone!


Michelle said...

Thanks so much Decorno! Since we're going to be painting every room in the new house, the book will be a huge help:-) I can't wait to see it.
My name is Michelle, not Melissa, though. Funny, I've had several people call me Melissa recently.... maybe I should think about changing my name?

Erin said...

Thanks, Decorno! I'm super excited about this book as well - and hopefully getting some great advice from everyone about my sad little room. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Decorno,

You didn't hear it from me, but somebody whispered in my ear that at least one of the winners is legally color-blind.

Also, she says things like, 'Kettle me!', 'Sammich', 'Evoo' and 'LOL' all the time.

-not bitter at all, by the way

Decorno said...

Ack! Sorry, Michelle. I just fixed the post. :)

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