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Float on.

Seattle, land of the houseboat, really needs a floating pool. No joke.

Bill Gates, when you want to pursue a real opportunity (not that crazy computer bs), you know who to call.


Nikki said...

I'll take one please. Go ahead and put on Bill's bill. I had his son at sports camp once, so cute. He let him wear a tutu on dress up day which I think is genius (in a Dad sort of way, not computer).

Anonymous said...

I was there!
One of the most beautiful hotels on Lake Como, and maybe the world. Hope you are considering going there during your Italian vacation.

FashionMaven said...

That looks like the pool at Villa d'Este on Lake Como, but I don't think it's the same one. Their pool juts lengthwise into the water. Though, Decorno, if you do go to Lake Como, you have to stay at Villa d'Este - it costs a grip, but it's worth EVERY penny. I went last Spring and it was just amazing. And definitely check out the silk shops 'downtown'. You won't regret it.

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