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Later, skaters.

Lots to do between now and Saturday. Goodbye for now. See you in a few weeks. (I turned on comment moderation while I am gone. I can't trust leaving you kids at home with my weed and that liquor cabinet, after all.)

While I am gone, I encourage you to visit:

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THIS poem.
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THIS hilarious advice column.
And my favorite blogger-who-doesn't-blog-enough-dammit, Brown Turtleneck Sweater.


Anonymous said...

Will I even recognize you when you get back?

Will you go for that asymmetrical 80s look with Danskin, pantyhose, ponytail up high on your head, and open-toed jellies?

Beware: those tights make every woman's thighs 'zing' no matter how toned they are.

Enjoy your trip.

Blogpimpster P said...

Awfully complacent aren't you? Well don't be too smug, miss, there are hundreds of dewy young would-be Decornos rolling into town every hour, stepping out of Greyhound buses from little Decornovilles all across America, their eyes feverish with visions of snarky fame...

Decorno said...

Perfect! I think I am ready to retire soon. My old ass can't keep up with these young whipper snappers.

terre said...

safe travels dear! we'll miss you and look forward to your recap. mwah!

the quarter rat said...

Buon viaggio! Have a Bellini at Harry's for me.

Julia said...

I am unbelievably jealous.

Have fun! Take lots ofpics! Don't worry about the weed, we'll take good care of it!

SGM said...

Thanks Decorno!

Get your Euro on and have the very best time EVER. See you soon.


mary said...

Have a wonderful holiday.... make use of all of those shoes!

Susan said...

Have a fabulous trip! BTW, when I was in Paris last summer, saw lots of French women wearing jeans. I think the no-jeans rule is out of date.

laure said...

awww, you're trip looks amazing so far. I've been in work hell so basically I hate you right now. Nevertheless, thanks for the shout out and maybe I'll go put a post up.

Wheelchair said...

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