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Ruth Madoff's new apartment?


Let's help her redecorate. Suggestions? Go.

Do you guys think she knew what Bernie was up to? I know so little about my man's job, he could be running a drug cartel from his advertising agency job for all I know. So I really can't sort this one out. But she still made off with $2.5m, so no tears for Ruthie. For $2m, you can afford to buy the place and fix it up. Ruth, better go get some books on small-space style, stat.


Anonymous said...

I doubt she knew.

Fund mechanics are fun, but bore everyone else to death. It would be more likely she knew who placed money with the fund - and their financial gossip.

You usually investigate your investors just as much as you investigate your counter-parties.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Your right, no tears for Ruth. My guess is that her own hell will be the result of being cast-off by most of society; likely the ones that fell @ their feet when things were good. I wish that the people that he husband ruined were left with a wee 2.5 mil.

I am sure her cell with look a lot homier than his.


I think she knew
Many people have had to leave NYC due to cost of housing and she should too.
She can find a nice new life through IKEA ...

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm certainly not crying for Ruth that's for sure.

little augury said...

A great apartment-fixer upper. I do think she knew, She did keep the books-right? I read where upon departure from the old digs- she asked the federales for her Fur coat- Wow, the nerve, and so much for her "genuine" sympathy for the Madoff refugees. Poor little old rich lady! LA

jen said...

Part of me says she HAD to know. Except I too am a kept woman about some things. Frankly, I don't want to know the inner workings of my husband's job. I just want to know he has one.

Anyhoo, once she DID know, I can't help but think a decent woman would not have begged for her fur coat. Just sayin.

The Sale Rack said...

great minds! i just did a sarcastic post on her downgrade as well. i saw the story in the post this morning and had no sympathy for her.

you think she'll have her own washer and dryer??!?! oh to own my own washer and dryer!

Iheartfashion said...

I'm entirely clueless too about my husband's job, but I think she had to know enough about his character in 40+ years of marriage for it not to be a total shock. And as his bookkeeper, she SHOULD have known what was going on. I think his sons were certainly in on it too. Just the sheer volume of paperwork needed to keep that charade going would have been too much for one person.

RLG said...

Oh, please. I'm sure this is for show. He might be a prick, but I'm sure he's taken care of her financially. She'll be fine. But those details are not for sharing, right, Ruth? ;)

Decorno's bff, Elaine said...

Sounds weird but I feel sorry for her.

I think it's certainly plausible that she didn't know - lot's of women of her status/age/background have no clue what their husband's actually do.

And yes, Bernie is horrible but you do realize that he got more time than many: murderers, and child rapists

Robin said...

I think she knew but did not want to know, and probably was smart enough to realize that the less she knew, the less she could be implicated, so Let's Look The Other Way.

I'm surprised she is buying a 481 sq foot apt. in NYC. For $465K she could have changed her name and started a new life in a fantastic place in the (non-NYC) 'burbs.

birdy said...

I'm surprised she stayed in NYC. Hard to imagine she has many friends left there after her husband ripped them all off.

If I had 2.5 million to start over with, I think I'd head out of town and start over somewhere new. Plus, in most places, $450k will buy you more than a 400 sf apartment.

Ivy Lane said...

I don't think she knew.... but I think she could afford to hire a designer!

Anonymous said...

I hate to go off topic, but since I don't have a blog of my own, I need to ask here.

We're going to a wine tasting tomorrow night at a friend's house. I asked if I could bring an hors d'oeuvre, and was told no. The husband thinks that bringing wine to a wine tasting might not the Ms. Manners way to go.

So what should I bring for a hostess gift? Boss me around Decorno readers. Price range = a bottle of wine.

Dana said...

Men don't tell their wives that they're thieves and liers.
2.5 million will produce a living of $150,000 a year - that's middle class in Manhattan. If it were me I'd move to Rome, go back to my maiden name and write a book. Staying in New York/Paris/London/Zurick/Palm Beach would be too uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I think she should wallpaper with newspaper articles about her husband.

raine turner said...

I do feel sorry for her- and mentioned that to some of my friends. Really 2.5 is nothing- and I felt sorry she could not take any of her 'things' with her- clothes, shoes, furs, jewellery, art- NADA!
I understand her husband did really bad things- but she was not the 'book-keeper'. He ran a billion dollar company- he had 'his people for that.'
Can you imagine having nothing?
(I know- I know)
Anyway for a wine tasting- your husband is right- bring no food- hostess is taking care of that to match the wine- bring no wine either.
But. MS Manners would say to send flowers ahead of time (so the hostess is not running around to fetch a vase etc) or bring another hostess gift for her to use later.
Pretty little soaps, fancy jams ( these days homemade -or from market-that looks homemade)
What does this hostess like?
Sometimes- just bring yourself and actually send a real thank you card in the mail!


Decorno said...


Well, bottles of wine vary in price, so I am not sure your real price range. The best hostess gifts are the ones I would like to get (naturally), so these would be things I would *love* to have someone bring to me:

Truffle salt (Life-changing on steaks, pasta, etc. About $22 or so)

A bottle of truffle-infused olive oil. (Elena’s brand is great, but any will do)

A nice kitchen candle is good. Williams-Sonoma has one called White Tea, I think, which is super yummy.

Booze. I always stock up on gifts at a really great store here in Seattle called Watson Kennedy, and as he wrapped up my purchases last year, I asked him, “So what kind of host/hostess gifts do YOU give to people?” I figure the man who put together gifts for guests of the Bill and Melinda Gates wedding would know a thing or two about fancy gifts. His answer, “Booze.” That cracked me up. But seriously, it’s expensive to stock the bar, so what host wouldn’t like to have someone show up with a great gin or bourbon to put something new in rotation at the home bar?

A great cookbook: The best one to give or get right now is How to Eat Supper by Lynn Rosetto Kasper. ($23 at Amazon)

The secret thing I always wish people would bring me? Pure white kitchen towels. The best are from Restoration Hardware or Williams-Sonoma. Who couldn’t use more of those? It may be weird to give, suggesting people need to, I dunno, be clean or whatever, but they are useful.

Does that help?

Holly said...

She should blow out of NY like her ass is on fire and go somewhere nice and quiet where she can think long and hard about her role (if any) in this disaster and wear department store clothes and drug store makeup and drink coffee she made herself and clean her own home in relative obscurity, sorta like the rest of us.

lucitebox said...

Why on earth would she stay in NY presuming that most her friends that hubby f'd over are still there? Wouldn't she run into them? I live in Chicago. I run into people I know in NY every time I'm ever there. (Freaks ME out!)

She should change everything about herself right now and go full-tilt Angelina. You know, give some of her *cough* middle class NY income to people who don't have anything.

As for the digs--why not just hire I Suwanee?

Decorina said...

What Holly said.

Anonymous said...

maybe she is staying in NY to be close to family. But otherwise, I would head for a small town out in the boonies where I could be all alone and enjoy the anonymity

tritesprite said...

Wow, jen@9:23, now you have my curiosity up. What exactly does your husband do?!

alissa said...

i feel like she had to know. but thats looking at my marriage and thinking about my husband doing something like that. it could have really depended on the relationship. but i dont know...

vanity fair did a great story on the two sons and whether or not they new - they were working in the office etc

s. said...

Did she know? That her husband made tens of billions just disappear? Perhaps not. But that he was a schmuck & a crook who was ripping people off? Absolutely.

Raine Turner: are you kidding? $2.5 is "nothing"? Maybe on the East 70s of Manhattan, but it's more than most Americans have to retire on, especially in this day & age. Some perspective, please!

And her sons... no one confiscated their money, right? They'll ensure that mommy never has to fly economy or reside in the *gasp* 90s. All this looking at $half-million apartments is to appease the masses: nothing more. Pas de larmes pour Ruthie!

RobtW said...

Does that apartment come with shoulder pads? leg warmers? a "Working Girl" power suit and white tennis shoes to slip on en route to the office?

Maybe she can buy a wok and cook for herself, save up some money and splurge on a piece of Memphis Group furniture, something for the accent wall.

Anonymous said...

Thats only two blocks from my apartment. weird.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the sons have not spoken a word to her since this all came out, so she probably doesn't worry too much about staying close to family.

I agree with others who suggest she should move. Find a little community somewhere a ways away and set up housekeeping. No maids, no fuss. Try to get to know some of the locals and live a quiet life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hostess tips, Decorno!

I said fuck it, and just got them some wine. Because there's no such thing as too much wine, right?

raine turner said...

Hey I know-! I feel guilty that I feel bad for her.
But really, while 2.5 would make most us very happy- this is perspective- I am sure she came from a monied family-- and for her 2.5 is well maybe one of her necklaces.
Losing everything and starting over is hard for anyone- but now she has no friends, no family, no husband, not even her favoritie shoes!
Maybe she was a meanie- if anyone knows if she was a meanie witch let me know- then I won't feel bad for her.
But, what if she was a nice lady, generous, kind- even to the help---
now she has to wear shoes from Target.
Holly, loved your post- I howled! thanks for the giggle

Anonymous said...

who cares? $2.5m is pocket change to her. i don't give a crap where she lives, just wish it was an 8x10like bernie.

Anonymous said...

2.5 might be pocket change to her, but I'd feel a lot better if it were actually in the pockets of a few of the people / groups her husband ripped off. You know... like the 90 year-old who is now working in a grocery store because his life savings disappeared... like the Eli Wiesel Foundation... or, yes, even those who are still rich and might even be assholes but invested a portion of their money in good faith with someone whom they trusted.

And I also don't give a rat's ass if she was kind, even to the help. Since when does being sweet to your chauffeur somehow make it okay to live off stolen goods?

Penelope Bianchi said...

Oh dear Lord! there are too many "anonymice"! tee hee! if you are a mouse...then the plural is mice! will that scare you out?

I , of course, have no idea if she knew. My husband runs my decorating business......and if he were doing some ponzi I would not know. If we could buy yachts and houses all over.......I guess I might suspect....but he has family it would just fly over my head! I would be asking for more money to donate to save animals.......(wonder if she did?)

I think we will find out. thanks to email! Don't ever think you can delete email. And boys; don't think you can cheat on your woman! texting, email, voicemail.cell phones......just don't try it! All women and police are hip to this. Cannot do anymore. Girls too. Cheating in biz...SEC TOO.

So too bad you want to.

My fave is the wallpaper idea! which Anon. I don't know.....wallpaper the powder room with articles about Bernie........adore that idea. then lacquer it.


My husband's father got matchbooks from all his favorite restaurants........(remember when they all had matchbooks with their logos....and sayings and designs) ?

No, of course you don't! You are all way too young!
But they did!! send in support, please, those of you who are still alive! and they had cool artwork on their logos.

Anyway; he took the matchbooks and hired someone......(I wasn't born yet....and he died long ago. I want to know who he found to DO this!)

flattened them out with the restaurant name facing stuff on the backshowing (obviously removed the actual matches) .and wallpapered the powder room with them!!!

In the powder room in Pacific Heights in San Francisco!
These were matchbooks from all the chicest restaurants.....all over the world!!!
Paris, Rome, etc. but especially San Francisco.....where he lived! YIKES!!!!!

a collage of matchbooks on four walls! How fab!!! I think even on the ceiling!

an idea worth repeating? where the heck would we find the matchbooks? ebay?

no one smokes. The modern day equivalent is the anon. suggestion of the newspaper articles collaged on the walls of Ruth's new small condo. Guess she probably wouldn't be amused. She could just restrict it to the powder room. However.....I am sure she could wallpaper the entire 480 sq ft. apartment with it. In case she couldn't sleep ...she could read.

I would never be able to look in the mirror; nor sleep a wink again, if I were her. Not even a wink.

That is pretty much hell on earth. She probably sleeps like a baby!


the newspaper idea on the walls.....what a totally cool thing to do. How can anyone exceed that?


tracey said...

Here's an idea for another post: Which is worse?
Losing gazillions and thereby having to live like the rest of us (a big big fall for someone like Ruth)
never having had much money at all and doing it tough in today's economy?

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