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I love Margarita(s)!

Oh, Margarita. She cleaned the house. It smells like almond oil and lemons and little kittens and happiness and joy! It's clean here. For the first time.

This is liberation! (White, middle class liberation, but still...) I am already trying to figure out how much to pay her for a Christmas bonus.

If she's going to give me shit for living in squalor and if she's going to make me clean out my own trash can, I get to make her wear the Zoila outfit, right?

(And Sketch42, I didn't know they made little bags to fit my garbage can. I swear! But I am going to go find them right now...)


Lolo said...

Yay for good cleaning ladies, they are worth every dollar and then some.

Sacheverelle said...

Weird, my mom had a lady named Margarita, swear to god. Before that Elvira, then Louisa, then Libya.

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I pay my housekeeper $100 for four hours and I live in Los Angeles.

For holiday pay I give her 2 weeks pay, but I think you can get away with one week pay.

Glad you were satisfied! It is so nice to come home to a clean house.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

~M said...

For a bonus, pay Margarita one day's worth of cleaning (like, if she comes once a week, pay her the weekly fee).

Anonymous said...

I'm in San Diego. I pay my Irene $80 for 3 1/2 hours of cleaning. At Christmas she gets $80 as a gift. She cleans for me every 2 weeks and is SO worth it!

Anonymous said...

I just remember all the cleaning day prep work and how each cleaning somehow included a 45 minute coffee break so we could chat and smoke weed.

That was very long ago and you should not smoke your cleaning lady's stash.

Anonymous said...

Decorno, what's the going rate for a cleaning lady? Just asking because I've always wanted a cleaning lady and I don't know how much it might be.

Decorno said...

I paid her $150 for the initial cleaning. Oh my god, did she earn that money.

$130 every other week for 1500 sq ft house.

I am still discovering things that are clean for the first time. Like, I never wipe down the microwave because that it so far down on the list and I used it today (i am not a big microwaver...) and I was like, "Holy shit! It's spotless!" The floors are so clean our shoes squeak on them.

Seriously, I know times are tight for many people, but if you can afford it, it's like some of the best money you can spend. Coming home to a clean house is pure magic.

Shannon said...

Hilarious. My cleaning lady is also Margarita. At Christmas I give her an extra week's pay. She is amazing, and even though times are tough it's truly money well-spent. I decided that no matter how broke I get, I'm not taking her down with me!

Anonymous said...


Nothing better than when you have friends over for the first time and you have her in the house with you prepping for the meal. Chopping veggies, cleaning pots and setting the table, oh AND CLEANING before your friends come. It makes life a breeze!

Condo Blues said...

My cleaning lady is Roomba. I just pay her in juice. No Christmas bonus, she's usually trapped under a table with a Christmas tree on top of it. At least that what she says...

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