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Old good things.

This is great. HERE.

“My father, before he died, told me, ‘I can’t stop these dreams — I keep seeing all the people I missed on the route,’ ” Mr. Backerman said.

...Mr. Beberman does not advertise, and his business is not listed in the telephone directory. The sight of his truck alone brings in more requests than he can handle, he said.

Still, the truck has its limitations. The rattling cases are so precariously perched that he will not risk driving over the Brooklyn Bridge to expand into Manhattan.

Mr. Beberman is choosy about whom he entrusts with his expensive bottles, many of which were hand-blown by Czech and Austrian makers before World War II. Each bottle holds 26 ounces. His customers must be serious about their seltzer and accept his rules. He refuses to carry cases up flights of stairs anymore. There are no half-case options. You order seltzer, you pay for 10 bottles. If you pay late, you do not get seltzer.


susie q said...

I'd love to taste that explosive seltzer! Great story.

Anonymous said...

"Professor Decorno"...LOVE it!

Lana said...

Holy Crap!

I just was on My Favorite & My Best and she has a post about anonymous commentors, so i will come "kinda" clean. I'm anon 4:07 on this post, and I asked the housecleaning question, and the "are you a Mac or PC question", and I just left a snarky comment to the Countess.

I'm sorry.

Why do I feel SO guilty- I'm not even Catholic! I just get paranoid that I'll come across as a bumbling idiot.

(Case in point...THIS comment)

No more annonymous commenting, I promise.

Decorno said...

I am totally down with anonymous commenters, BTW. I mean, what is the difference to me if people give themselves a handle ("Joe") or are just Anons. I don't most of you, anyway.

My solution is to moderate comments, which most of me really hates doing (I mean, I am not a secretary, dammit!), but it keeps super-lame comments off my blog (as a rule...). I still let as much snark and commentary through, but whenever someone says something that exposes their total ignorance, poor diction, idiotic flame-throwing, etc., then I don't let it through. Getting angry may feel good, but on the internet, it's best to ignore. If you post a big dustup (and MFAMB, I love you, but I have to say this), then you call attention to it, and it's possible that your biggest day of web traffic to date will be the one where you are trying to engage in a fight with a ghost. It's awkward. There you are, throwing punches, and the turd has skulked away, leaving you there hanging.

COMMENT MODERATION. Love it. Live it. Remember, it's your blog. You're not a journalist. You don't owe it to the world to play host to pricks.

Anonymous said...

this guy gets so much coverage, and it always makes it sound like half of nyc is slavering for seltzer service. I wonder why some enterprising soul hasn't started up a seltzer route to pick up the extra business.

The Countess of Nassau County said...


Soon I will own your snarky ass..and I mean that in totally loving way.

Fake Name said...

As long as a blogger leaves the "anonymous comment" option open, I figure she is trying to bring in more comments and more traffic. Fine. But when she then denounces anonymous commenters, and still leaves the anonymous option on, well, it doesn't look very principled.

A lot of "names" attached to comments turn out to be fake. You click on the name "Mike" and there is no information, or a message saying "This person does not wish to make his profile public." As far as I'm concerned, that's the same as "anonymous."

Decorno said...

Slavering? I need to look that up.

S. Adler Sobol said...

This was so nostalgic. I grew up in the Catskills (120 miles from NYC) in the '50s and '60s. The milkman delivered dairy products and the soda man delivered soda and seltzer. The soda man did not come as frequently as the milk man. The soda was delivered in large red plastic crates with cubbyholes for the bottles. The seltzer, encased in jewel toned bottles, came in old fashioned wooden crates. As kids we were more partial to the seltzer -- an essential ingredient for making egg creams.

Julie said...

Good post. Love reading your blog.

An exchange link?

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