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I know that Louis CK wouldn't approve, but I now make a regular habit of calling ATT every night to ask for a "rush hour" credit to my account. ATT's weak network renders my iPhone useless from 4 - 7pm every day. I recommend you also make it hurt for ATT if you are experiencing the same problem.

Here's Louis CK scolding me about it, I am sure:


Anonymous said...

we have At&T for internet provider. We've been on the phone with them over the course of 3 weeks, probably 20 hours altogether. Between the hours of 7pm and 1am our connectivity would slow to something reminiscent of dial-up and no one could figure out why. After much rigmarole, they deemed their internal router was bad and switched us to a new one. We received 2 months free service for our troubles and now it seems the problem has been resolved. It pays to call in and complain.

The Countess of Nassau County said...

Oh yeah, this has been sitting on my favorites list for some time.

i suwannee said...

That was funny. I like to see people do sarcastic WTF comedy who aren't Lewis Black.

Lolo said...

I am a forever fan of his, just for his routines on parenthood. So very wrong. So entirely true.

Kwana said...

I've seen this and still it makes me laugh. It's so true. We need some scolding sometimes.

Love + Marriage said...

My contract was up so I just buckled and ordered iPhones online for my husband and I. AT&T service is awful. They can't put us on a family plan because he has a NY number and I have a Seattle number (this is no problem with either Verizon or Sprint). Then, deciding I would get a NY number we order. The yesterday I get an email that the phones are backordered. I kinda think I could have gone to the Apple store and scooped them up on the spot.

So after all this I the iPhone really neccessary?

Up Mama's Wall said...

AT&T is why I don't have an iphone.
But I do love this clip--so funny!

Maura said...

We just canceled our internet service with them today. The AT&T representative asked my boyfriend why he was choosing to cancel the account, his reply?
"This is by far the worst, WORST, internet i have ever had. It's slow and most of the time doesn't work AT ALL. I don't want to give another cent to a company as abysmal as this one."
she just said okay and canceled it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could get a rush hour refund. Good to know.

Just got my iPhone two days ago. I love it. LOVE. My first Apple product, and I'm pretty pleased.

Christina said...

Love+Marriage: Yes. The iPhone is so awesome, so fun, so beautiful...I make phone love to it as much as possible.

But, yeah, the coverage does sometimes suck.

Funny clip! Thanks!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Hi! I have no idea how anyone is ALIVE and still breathing without an iphone!

(I am an apple freak) actually a decorator!

This is the funniest thing....and is totally true! I have no idea who this guy is. however....I am a geezer and we had only one rotary phone at our house at the lake (how nice for us! we had a house at the Lake!)

and it is really amazing we can fly across the country in a chair!


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to use my iPhone during the hours of 4-6pm for weeks. Then this week I started having the problem in the middle of the day. service. Called to complain and they almost automatically gave me a $45 credit! I told them great...but I really just want the service that they promise, sell and I buy. That's the real issue with AT&T. Don't say you have a service when it doesn't work. All you reading this: think about what would happen in your jobs if you didn't do what you were hired to do....then hold AT&T accountable.

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