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Google reader roundup:

Oh, Google Reader, how I love thee. Here's a roundup of some of my morning reading:

1. SHE'S moving and looking at fancy houses in Atlanta. I recently had dinner with people from Atlanta. This chick told me that she lives in an apartment and not one, but TWO people in her building have Bentleys. Self-righteous conversations about investing your money wisely and maybe buying a home before leasing a car ensued. Was also told that studded jeans were happening there in a big way. I enjoy thinking that the whole town is full of Real Housewives. Anyway, Atlanta seems like a crazy place. We also heard stories of people buying homes so big and letting them sit empty because they can't afford to furnish them. Atlanta just sounds like another country to me. Fancy with a capital F. Not in a bad way. Just different. But look at this kitchen from a house she's eyeing. Sweet Jesus! It's bigger than my living room. Oh, Atlanta, you know how to roll.

2. THESE ladies have a new home for their blog. The photos seem bigger, which I like. Yay them.

3. Did you see the cover of last month's Canadian House and Home magazine? If so, you saw photos of this basement makeover. Click HERE to see their video about the transformation. It gives me hope for our basement. Someday it won't be full of empty boxes, bikes, and piles of forgotten laundry. Someday we might actually make some rooms down there. Dare to dream. I think THIS is the before of her basement.

Watching this video before I've had coffee in the morning reminds me why I don't watch any HGTV. The forced cheerfulness and the completely awful opening sequence are super irritating. (Found the link to the show courtesty of My Notting Hill.)

Enjoy your Wed.

(Photo at top from HERE.)


Arched Brows said...

At the risk of seeming terribly out of touch, what is Google Reader, and how do I get me one?

susie q said...

Whoa there. Atlanta's getting a bad rap. Don’t know who you had dinner with but, most of us don’t live in McMansions and we don't drive Bentleys. And we're not the hair-pulling, trash-talking kind of housewives you see on tv. { Well... maybe a tiny bit of trash-talk. } It’s pretty normalsville around these parts. I will concede that the South in general has a conservative shell and a weird, eccentric nougat. As a left-leaner, the conservative outer appearance can be pretty awful, but our inner eccentric is fun.

Decorno said...

I bet Atlanta is great, actually. If Brilliant Asylum lives there, then I like it already.

Google reader:

Get a gmail email account if you don't already. Once you have that, when you log into google or your gmail, look at the top for a link or drop-down option for "Reader." The reader let's you basically build a list of your favorite blogs so that when you log into your reader, you get this big list on the left-hand side that shows all the blogs you read. If that link is in bold, it means there is new content. So, it's a great way to follow a ton of blogs and not miss any new content because you forgot the name of that one awesome blog you saw, etc etc. The page you look at also shows you each blog in a kind of preview pane so that you can either skim the content on your reader (pictures and all), or you can choose to click through to the blog itself. It's magic. (Or, as E would say, "It's amasian.")


We didn't set out looking for fancy. But for the price of our house in Seattle, we can get something twice the size with twice as much land. Unbelievable. Thanks for the shout out.

Andrea V.@ said...

Thank you for the link to the basement video! We have a basement, which is quite the anomaly in South Louisiana. I think that we are one of three in our region, and ours is the largest, the others are like small cellars, not big rooms. We Cajun basement owners are real confused over what one does with a basement remodel. But it's 1200sf of partly unused space and we'd LOVE to add that to the sf of our house!

Example: Toilets. We would like to create more bedrooms down there and a bathroom, but how does the plumbing work in a basement? All of the waste has to go up towards the main sewer? Vs. down like a traditional line? We are really confused over this one.

And how do they get so much light in there?? Ours is very dreary. We have clerestory/basement windows, but they don't give so much light.

I am very interested in this! Please, friends in the north, show me your ways!


my favorite and my best said...

what susie q said. but i also have to say the homes that ally is looking at are very expensive. like millions expensive. unless i am missing some inner sanctum of homes here in atlanta that look like that that are affordable. last time i checked homes like that all over the country (LA and NY excluded) were in the millions. esp in the city. not sure what my point is really but i can tell you this, i do NOT wear studded jeans. nor have i seen them.

Ivy Lane said...

mmmm.. my cousin was relocated from her beloved Atlanta due to her hubby's job... we saw her recently here in humble Cleveland (where you can get a giagundous kitchen for a good buck)...her lips full o'botox....she had a mcmansion..and I dunno what kind of car(s)..maybe there are just parts of town where the "housewives" live and breed!
All in good fun friends...all in good fun!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years and I've never met anyone who was born here. This city is more diverse than most people realize. The home of Outkast and the Black Lips.

GL said...

photo at top. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Oh my!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I live in Atlanta and those are NOT the "real" housewives. Those ladies live in the suburbs of Atlanta. Not a one of them actually lives IN Atlanta. As Susie Q. said, Atlanta is conservative and Atlanta is eccentric. We're both. I don't wear studded jeans, nor do any of my friends.

If you want real housewives, look in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. Those ladies have the real money, but are too classy to put their families on a show like RHOA.

Fashion Maven said...

No, that second kitchen looks like it came out of my cousin's house in Atlanta - and her home is not in the millions... It's on over an acre and at around 3700 sq. ft., but it's not in the millions... more like half a million.

Now, for a house like that on Paces Ferry, maybe it'd run a couple million... but huge houses in the ATL are kinda common.

But Atlanta is fun - it's not crazyland and those Atlanta Housewives mostly live in Alpharetta anyway - and that's NOT Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know who these freaks are. I was born here, have moved in various circles, and it's really weird to see Atlanta distorted, but it wouldn't be tv worth watching if they didn't tart it up a bit. Southerners are traditionally pretty conservative, but can surprise you when you least expect it-they're more open on closer inspection. I've also met some of the Wives, and folks, just remember that television is for *entertainment*, take it as such, and keep it moving. Alas, I can't explain Dwight.

I'm more amused than miffed over people's take on Atlanta based on this stuff. All PR is good PR eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh that first kitchen is bee-you-ti-full!

Anonymous said...

Right there in that basement kitchenette is another example of nice-looking Formica/laminate.

Anonymous said...

"Alas, I can't explain Dwight."

You live in the south and you've never seen a gay black man?

Anonymous said...

Well if there are no studded jeans, I'm not going.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16
No dear, you miss my point. The gay black men I know and have loved for years bear no resemblance to Dwight.

Dwight is running with his 15 minutes, god love him, and I don't blame him.

But the man is a hot mess. Not in a good way, more in a "let's avert our eyes and hope this passes soon" way. He has no clue, no style, no taste. Like Bizarro to Superman, he imitates and never originates. I've watched the faces of those around him as they try to stomach his antics.

And I don't just 'live in the south'. I'm what we call a Grady baby.

Anonymous said...

"The gay black men I know and have loved for years bear no resemblance to Dwight."

Yours do sound like a MUCH finer breed of gay black men.

Toronto home stagers said...

Even I don't know too much about gay black men in south, but one thing I know...I really love that first kitchen...but the second one is also not bad, I see a lot of potential in it...just working on it!

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