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How do you use your iPhone to decorate?

Do you? Do you keep inspiration photos on it? Are you using any crazy color apps? Ordering furniture from it? Taking photos of furniture at stores to build your wish list?

My iPhone has been a wonder (a shitty phone, of course, but a great gadget). What else can I be doing with it to help renovate and decorate a house?


slag said...

Is your phone shitty because your AT&T service is shitty? That's our problem.

As to the question, we use it to carry around measurements. Take pictures of our own space to carry around to stores. And take pictures of products at stores for comparison purposes. Snaptell ( is a good app for getting reviews and price comparisons of a product. We just take a picture of a product and it searches for reviews, prices, and competing products. I've been surprised at how well it works and how many products it knows about. Unfortunately, it can't tell us how much our cats would cost elsewhere or if there are any competing cats out on the market, though. Maybe in the next version.

Lisa said...

I check out my fav blogs. Just got my iPhone last month, so I would love to hear how others use it to enhance design. I haven't found any good apps.

gayhooker said...

I use Grinder to accessorize my bed.

Anonymous said...

(Merry Christmas, baby)

David said...

I take pictures of things to think about for the house quite a bit. I don't have any of the color apps but a designer friend uses one all the time.

I buy things for the house on eBay so that app has come in handy as well.

Gayhooker is in a better market apparently, with rare exception Grinder has never yielded anything here that I'd want to bring home.

court. said...

hahahah the above link is quite amusing.

I use my blackberry's camera to take snapshots of magazine tears so I don't have to tote 4 different mags in my purse. I also use it to take pics of furniture that I'm stalking or of the part of the house I'm decorating. That way I don't have to lug my digital camera around.

The quality of the pics sometimes suck, as well as the color, but it's convienent.

Grant K. Gibson said...

I hear that everyone hates AT&T- but I guess that I am one of the lucky ones. It works at my house and my office and all around San Francisco and when in New York. I don't seem to have issues.

I use the iphone for EVERYTHING!
Taking photos has changed the way I work. I can take a photo of something at a store and email or text it to a client and get an instant reply.
I did it just last week. Was in New York and did a whole grouping of blue and white pottery out on a counter top in the store- I texted the photo to the client and she wrote back in seconds and said- BUY it all!

I also use photos to remind myself of things.
If I see a book that I want to buy- instead of writing down the title and loosing the piece of paper- I just take a photo and know that I will have it for later. A bottle of wine at a dinner party- just snap a photo and then the next time you are out shopping for wine and you think- oh that wine was really great- then you have the photo with you!

I have tried some of the APS for paint and such- but I think that they are really off. So I don't use them at all.

Bloggers Abode said...

I'm not that hip anymore. I "just" got a Blackberry like 6 months ago. But they sick huh?

Anonymous said...

You can also use the level to hang stuff.... I mostly use it to take tons of pics of everything I see...

Tampons and Ramen said...

No iphone, some of us is po folk. Used digital camera to take pics of my light switch plates, so I knew what to buy when I got to the store. (some have 1 hole, some have 2, some have 3.) BF's grandmother is an artist, but won't give her art away. I took a pic of a piece I liked, with the intent of printing it out later. And framing it. And putting it on my wall.

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