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Nick Olsen for hire.

This just in:

As of today I am no longer in the employ of one Mr. Miles Redd, my boss and mentor and friend of 5+ years now. This was no easy decision, first of all because I adore Miles and owe him, uh, everything ... and there's that unfortunate Great Recession/record unemployment situation. But I'd be a traitor to my ME generation if I didn't feel entitled to leave a perfectly stable job and pursue true BLISS. Whatever that is. But I gotta be me!

So I'm officially hanging out my own shingle. Open for business. In 2010 I resolve to update this blog on the regular and get back to what brought me here in the first place -- high style decorating for folks who don't have a Mugatu-client-size budget.

You can read more on Nick's blog (HERE).


Designerbee said...

I sort of gasped when I read that he quit a perfectly good (and RARE) design job in this economy but good for him. Best of luck!

If only Miles were in LA. I'd love to take Nick's place!

boops said...

my ears perked up at the zoolander reference!

Ivy Lane said...
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Penelope Bianchi said...

who said who quit who? I didn't get that part.

Hi! I am Penny. I have been a decorator for 40 years! I met Miles when he was in his teens(?) and working at John Rosselli.......I persuaded him to make me a catalogue! He did!

He is the nicest guy....and I am glad he was your boss.....I suspect he is very supportive to the people around him. He was surrounded by many people who supported him......and he gave back big time!

(I have actually been offered a thousand dollars for my catalogue he made for me......circa 1990) or something like that! I refuse to sell! I think it cost me $200.00! since I am in California......and there wren't even faxes......let alone digital pics and emails then.......I had the total edge on the west coast!!

Good luck! 40 years now.....on my own as a decorator.

Referral only......only had to fire 3 clients in 40 years.

thinking about writing a book!

Still have some recession-proof clients. Things in general are the way worst I have ever seen in 40 years! Great showrooms slamming shut. Scary.

Good luck! Happy New Year!


maison21 said...

i wish him all the best.

Nick said...

Thanks Decs! Thanks everyone!! Penny, hold on to that catalogue and you're right, Miles pays it forward BIG TIME. For instance if it weren't for his brutal honesty I'd still be sporting a Prince Valiant haircut ;-)

red ticking said...

we all know miles is a HUGE talent... and i am sure nick is as well... change is always good... makes us become better people.. wishing you much success in 2010... x pam

Anonymous said...

Nick, you rock my world. Anytime you appear in print or online, I just want to lick the page or screen.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Hey Nick! so glad to hear that.

Paying it forward is a wonderful way to live!

Say hi to Miles.......I wonder if he remembers me.......we are talking 20 years ago......or so!

I walked out of there knowing he would "go far!"

Next I saw him at Treillage a couple of years later!

Next I see him in House and Garden......and he is on the yellow brick road with his talent and charm!!

LOVE those stories!

ps You probably looked cute.....but he knew better!
There will always be work for the best!
You sound like one!


Anonymous said...

Those chairs are dynamite. Any information on them?

Lisa said...

It's amazing that someone so talented is willing to consult on small projects. I'm going to start saving up right now.

Richie Designs said...

I loved his room in Domino it's one that really sticks in my head.

Nick said...

Decorno I promise to stop bogarting your blog ... but thanks again!!

Anon 9:37, I hope to give you many more pages and screens to lick in the next decade or so.

Penelope, you know I love any reference to the Wizard of Oz. Thanks for the shot in the arm!

Anon 6:09, thanks -- I bought those chairs at the Annex flea market and recovered them myself. Sold both when I moved for NOTHING only to see them again on eBay for quadruple the price! Lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

wondering if nick is the other kind of available...

Suzanne in Mtl said...

I just bought my first lotto ticket in decades. It's fate, I tell ya. That's Nick in the b&w pic? Crap, I'll hire him just to sit in my living room looking like that - instant decor beautification.

gayhooker said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment; debating whether or not I'd hit that.

The answer is yes. It's the Vans.

Anonymous said...

Tell us about the fabric on the wonderful chairs. I am dreaming of these chairs.

Jason said...

Good Christ, he's adorable.

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