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Confidential to Newell T:

Are you still digging on How to Make It In America?

I am not sure sure. I am through episode 3. Not sure if I will watch #4. What do you think?


muranogirl said...

I am still diggin' it!
Some episodes are better than others but I think it's well done. Having been in the garment industry for years I have had a good laugh or two with these guys.

Newell Turner said...

Still liking it. Can't get Birthday Sex out of my head. And Don't Look Any Further...I've been feeling that song for days. Have to say that most of the HBO series usually nail their music.

And, HBO shows usually take their time to connect with the audience. That's part of what I like about HBO, that confidence to tell a story on their on terms and time. But, then maybe I'm too patient and easily entertained? Maegan said...

we made it through ep. 1 ...and haven't returned. I liked it though. We're still recording it ...just not watching ...hmmm

Anonymous said...

I like it. My hipster Husband HATES it. Can't decide if it is worth fighting for. Most likely I will record it and watch it when he is not around to yell at the TV.

Decorno said...

They DO, huh? The music is really good.

Re: "That's part of what I like about HBO, that confidence to tell a story on their on terms and time." Very fair. Although my patience was burned by Hung. However, I think you're right. I may need to give it more time still.

Shauna said...

Blech. It's weak, yo. Just admit it - you're there for the Greenburg and Lake Bell. They deserve better.

The show blows. It's the "Accent Wall" of TV.

Dying for season 3 of True Blood and Mad Men, both with their own delish combo of hot bodies and good storytelling. OK, True Blood isn't exactly high minded, but still. said...


Anna said...

rachel wears the cutest outfit in episode 4, you must watch it!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I tuned in because of you.
That said, the first and second weren't bad.
Third was, "We don't have an idea this week, so let's just show a night out"
No subject, stupid.
I'm giving it another shot, then I'll bail.
It has a good premise, but it's filmed like it should have a narrator, internal dialogue. So far, it's missing something.

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