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Nick Olsen is an opium-addicted Chinese hooker.

Not really, but it's fun to say!

Looky HERE, Nick's place is featured in the new Lonny mag.

If you don't read Nick's BLOG, you should. Seriously.


Paul Anater said...


Anonymous said...

Really great. So much personality in this room. I love that he changed his style so completely and is playing with new ideas.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Anyone can move into a pretty apartment and make it look pretty. You have to have true vision and talent to do what Nick has done. And for the second time. A design star to watch for sure! I love how he took risks and isn't afraid to push things to the limit. You can just see how creative he is. It is art. What will he do next? I will be waiting in the front row as a huge fan.

Anonymous said...


Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

I LOVE Nick, and I loved his space. I know some people won't, but I have a feeling that will not bother him too much.
Things I loved about the spread:
The font, Lonny, you're not messing around.
The red laquered walls. If one more person suggests that spaces need to be more "spa like" I am going to spit on them. Spa-like is a look, and it's nice, but someone out there has to have the cajones to push design boundaries or we might as well just go live in a West Elm showroom.
His bedroom/bed/hirst replica above the bed. I love that Nick isn't snobby in his design. He is like, hell yes I copied Damian Hirst, what's your probs?
Nothing, Nick. I have zero probs. Follow your bliss Mister Sister. I heart you. Even if you are an opium-addicted Chinese hooker.

Anonymous said...

"Horrible," screamed the blogland zombies who want their Weinrib fabrics and their inspiration boards.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I adore the place and adore the man, who will be highly amused by the title of this post, I'm quite sure.

Anonymous said...

I almost died laughing at the inset labeled "Maximize Your Space Without Going Overboard".

The place looks like an apartment for one of Santa Claus' Chinese elves.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Truman Capote, that's not decorating, that's shopping.

Which is why it fits so well with Lonny.

Anonymous said...

The bedroom is one of the most beautiful I've seen in years.

Anonymous said...

"that's not decorating, that's shopping."

Most of the shopping looks like it was for vintage stuff.

As for the decorating:

All the upholstery and slipcovers, including the sofa:

All the fabric wallcovering:

All the floor stenciling and painting:

Constructing the folding screen:

All the furniture painting and refinishing:

All the wall painting (including the striping in the bathroom):

Amy @ ShelterPop said...

Nick's apartment is so fab I just painted my nails opium-addicted-Chinese-hooker-RED to celebrate it.

little augury said...

I think it's pretty great looking. New with all the right references to classic design. Any decorator worth it will push the envelope in his or her own spaces, or they should. pgt

HOBAC said...

Very reminiscent, and worthy of, early WoI. The kind of place, and person, Min Hogg would have championed. Kudos.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Am I the only one who thinks Lonny actually has gotten harder to read now? Something about the fonts, I was able to read the first couple of issues without clicking to zoom on every little thing but not any more. Doubt I'll read it all. I might have to go look for Nick's article though.

Anonymous said...


..."You kids get off my lawn!" screeches the old man in the bathrobe, shaking his fist.

Anonymous said...

You've got to hand it to that Patrick cofounder/director of photographry...he can make a chandelier out of water bottles sing. (and good for the dyi-er, but i def don't want a water bottle chandy.) It's great to find the beauty in so many things, to find the light! but sometimes it makes me wonder, flipping through these pics, how much of this is real? (real good?)

home before dark said...

I like that Nick Olsen follows his own vision and makes it happen. He lives with limits but doesn't let it limit his creativity. Anyone who chooses to live in a red cocoon is fine by me, opium-addicted Chinese hooker or not.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Check out the before- even MORE reason to love it.
Tell me how many people would walk into a place like that and say they would take it. Not many.
It's basically what my apartment looked like when I moved in too.

Anonymous said...

LOVE. A point of view and something I've never seen before. Bravo.

Amanda said...

Genius and gutsy! Follow your little red hooker heart, Nikita!

rüya tabirleri said...

Really great. So much personality in this room. I love that he changed his style so completely and is playing with new ideas.

Anonymous said...

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