Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I kinda dig THIS place.

But good luck selling it with these shit-shacks going in next door. (God bless google street view...)


sweetbittertart said...

Please come back to stay.

Feral said...

So great to see you back in action on your blog!

My cats would LOVE those stairs--fun! xoxoxo,

David said...

Proof that sometimes luxury isn't the big house, its the big yard.

Susan said...

I'd live there. I'm surprised it isn't a lot more $$.

Susan said...

I'd live there. I'm surprised it isn't more $$.

Anonymous said...



I love you, but, when have you become a snooty snob?

Seriously, "shit shack"?

Little people like me would be *thrilled* to live in such a shit shack.

Just saying.

Jane K. Schott said...

Brilliant! I have always been drawn to industrial buildings, schools, power plants, etc. This looks like a place I would love to live in.

And "shit shacks" is exactly what they are building right next door and all across the country! YIKES!

Kathy said...

Love the pediment under the stairs.

Jill said...

I wonder why I thought you had stopped blogging? Glad to be wrong. I must be on the verge of senility.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh my God, Decorno's back...
All things good be praised.


Decorno said...

Anon - sorry. I know it sounds awful, but living in a plywood townhouse would make me cry. I would rather live in a really old tenament with my bathtub in the kitchen than live in one of those new construction townhouses. It's just a matter of taste. Some people like garages and new walls, some people like rickety old places. You say tomato, I say vintage with hardwoods....

mamacita said...

That dining table is all kinds of ugly.

Anne said...

For how gorgeous the building is they sure divided the space BADLY. Every room looks painful and uncomfortable.

Jonathan A. said...

Put on your glasses Decorno and take a closer look. You'll see this place is terrific except for EVERYTHING the builder added:

$20 Home Depot slab panel hollow core doors
Horrible brushed nickel door hardware
Cheap ass veneer cabinetry
Weird soffits everywhere
Egregious halogen-on-wire light fixtures
Lame "contemporary" staircase

I'm all for repurposing old structures and pairing modern with the old, but the modern here looks like they had a shared parts bin with the shit sacks going up next door and almost every other recent condo project in Seattle.

doug @ tracery interiors said...

whatever, uncomfortable schumcomfortable...looks fine to me. that's some serious architecture...hello, pilaster! and yes, the place next door is a piece of shit.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Please come back to stay.
There is a God.
I am so sorry: a "shit shack is a shit shack". (And you do not exaggerate).
...do we just become a dart-board if we have a blog??

(some actually hateful and ugly people post for the fun of it!)
I also LOVE the dining room table....!!.

We have to think of something that will keep you feeding us!

re: "Churched".......Hedges. tall ones.........fast growing and thick ones!
But hedges!! Major hedges.....could save that divine place.
there is much power in hedges........I can tour you around Santa Barbara and Pasadena California to prove the truth.......of that!!!!!!!


ps. don't think anyone missed you at all! HA!!!!!!!
pps I suggest "a new leaf"

pps.....no anonymous........comments. Just say no. Please.

And carefully screen the wacko "rudities".

(not the healthy snacks at parties!......the trolls...... They thrive under the bridge......sickos oh please Just screen them.)
NYTImes yesterday.......whole article.

Welcome back!!!

"Crazy Pen"

Dianna said...

Beautiful building! This would be a dream to live in. I love buildings like this converted into homes. And yes those are shit shacks next door.

So very glad you are back!!