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Book lust.

It's crazy to think people "style" their books, but sometimes the execution is quite clever.

More HERE.


julie said...

I just realized it's a flag! clever

mydesignchic said...

Oh how I love the gorgoues brown leather bound books!!

mary said...

I like books that I want to read; so I guess that staging wouldn't fit. I want a library or shelves show the evolution of the owner. But these two stagers are super talented.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I think it is very chic when books are lined in vellum......and arranged in such a way!
However; it strikes me as "fake"!! (unless you are the third generation.....and you inherited them like that!)

We will have time to do that (wrap them) , perhaps, in the "retirement village" or whateveritis we are allowed to call the "nursing home"! I would rather play Monopoly......or Bingo! Who has time to wrap books? Why?

Until then; my motto is to have books I can; or want to, read...... or ones I have inherited that someone in my family read.or wanted to........and."secret",hollow books to hide jewelry and letters in........(adore those!!!!.......will drive my daughters crazy when I die!!! "Where the hell are all those diamonds"????).

All the rest are "falsies"! "Books by the yard" however attractive; are just "falsie's!

Just my opinion! Controversial subject!
so glad you are back!

We missed you so!

Penelope Bianchi said...

the guy who did the elephant sketch on the book-bindings is totally exempt from my opinion. I would love to hire him. He could come and do giraffes; rhinos, elephants.......leopards and thousands of animals on my books.......and I would just be an artist's "Patron" nothing would make me happier! I hope he finds one......or many.....and I think he will! Bravo!

pve design said...

Deserves a salute!
Happy 2011.

peg said...

I know. I've never been in a home where someone has actually done this, I've just seen it in editorial. The closest I've come is stacking them pyramid style, biggest to smallest. Not quite the same dramatic effect.

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