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The new Elle Decor is heavy.

Which means ad sales must be up. Yay for the magazine-addicted (like me).

Read HERE about Margaret Russell's new Architectural Digest.

Favorite part so far:

Like the wardrobe of a successful movie mogul of a certain age, it telegraphed money, but not always taste.

As one decorator observed, “Everything looked like a hotel lobby.”

Not that it mattered. Ms. Noland once told a reporter, “People are much too concerned with having good taste. I mean, it’s not a character flaw if you don’t have good taste.”


Anonymous said...

"I like to think of our readers as the real deal. They have nothing to prove."

--Dara Caponigro, editor of Veranda, the magazine for fake-French nouveau riche hedge-fund-manager wives who be keepin' it real, yo.

Karena said...

It is very nice to have it though, and one can certainly aquire good taste!

Come and join my gorgeous Giveaway from Splenderosa!

Art by Karena said...

it’s not a character flaw if you don’t have good taste

Well, it's some kind of flaw.

Bloggers Abode said...

That's very interesting. All but House Beautiful down in sales. My husband and I just had a convo about this very thing. He was going through the bills and asked me if I wanted him to renew;
In Style- Nope
Elle Decor- Nope
House Beautiful - Yes please
Phoenix Home and Garden-Yes please
Coastal Living- Nope
Better Homes & Gardens - Nope
Real Simple - Nope

I honestly only enjoy House Beautiful. It's always fresh, unique, lifestyle appropriate and most important, feels attainable.
I get PHX H&G mostly for the local event info. Their decor is always mostly Southwestern or Tuscan shit.
All the other mags? AD, ED, Veranda, Lonny, Rue? Always feel like decor for either the trust fund/retired set or the 20/30 something eco/mid century modern hipsters. Real Simple has such a great website, who needs the bulky mag. It felt good to let some subscriptions go.

Anonymous said...

"Come and join my gorgeous Giveaway from Splenderosa!"

This must be what Anon was talking about in the "what we're over" post. People leaving lame-ass giveaways in the comments. Why do people assume someone else's blog is free advertisement space?

Anonymous said...

Bloggers Abode:

"All but House Beautiful down in sales" is not what the article says.

Both Elle Decor and House Beautiful "finished last year with ad pages close to their 2007, pre-recession highs."

What that translates into in actual revenue is not revealed in the article.

As for circulation, it's generally steady for all the shelter magazines. House Beautiful had a 3.7 percent increase.

Magazines make most of their money through ad sales, not circulation.

Bloggers Abode said...

K... Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, the most fascinating part of the article is the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for lunch! WTF? What does she have for dinner....plain hot dogs? Does she secretly only eat kid food?

Moggie said...

"I mean, it’s not a character flaw if you don’t have good taste.”

It's not?

Stacy said...

Yes, anon 12:37--it's all about ads. When Domino folded I was amazed at how many people thought that if just more people subscribed or paid $20 per subscription that it would have made a difference. It's exceedingly expensive to produce a print mag and it's the advertisers that hold the pocketbooks. There are lots of lovely, creative people on the edit and art side of magazines, but their positions only exist when ad dollars are there.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about ad dollars? Pull-eeeese...It's the content we care about. Margaret Russle has the personality of a wart. I'm sure she'll make AD even more boring and lackluster.

Lynn said...

If memory serves, didn't House Beautiful benefit from another magazine closing its doors? I don't think I ever actively subscribed to HB, I think it just appeared in my mail box when another mag disappeared.

MoreSkinnyDays said...

My peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are magical--I take them to work too! I make the whole wheat and molasses quick bread from NYT recipes, then I spread creamy organic peanut butter on both sides. I put slice bananas on one side and frozen blueberries (they thaw and get juicy) on the other. Finally, I top with a little honey. Magical I am telling you! Wash it down with some almond milk and you've got yourself a party. Sandwiches are the most underrated food.

Anonymous said...

More Skinny Days:

I'd hate to hear your version of sex.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

Diana Vreeland's daily lunch at Vogue, eaten at her desk, consisted of a peanut-butter-and-marmalade sandwich on whole-wheat bread. Accompanied by a paper cup filled with Scotch, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:27:

Nail. Head.

Anonymous said...


That was an urban legend. In fact, Diana Vreeland drank Dr. Pepper and rubbing alcohol.

Topaz said...

My fave part of the new Elle Decor is the feature on the Bunny Williams-designed penthouse. No, not for the eccentric smogasbord of furniture she brought to it, but for the statement that the clients also owned the apartment below the penthouse, and had bought the penthouse in order to combine the two. The poor dears had to wait 10 years to realize their dream, though, as the penthouse's original "elderly" owners refused to die on cue.

Anonymous said...

Brills, I'v e been pestering my corner shop for weeks, I'm in Scotland and they only get two in, it's my favourite treat.

Anonymous said...

Is the LOL verboten for real, oh dear it's really making me giggle!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Thank god we all don't have good taste. Then we'd have no one to compare ourselves to and tell ourselves how fab we are.

Anonymous said...

No, not for the eccentric smogasbord of furniture she brought to it...

You're being charitable. Bunny can't do eclectic. She stinks at it.

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear more from Anon 2/6/11, 7:23pm; thanks for a good laugh!

Penelope Bianchi said...

These comments have had me ROFL! (Maybe you will post it once......I just learned it yesterday!) (you may also delete!)

I even laughed at a couple of "Anonymice"; who usually totally annoy me.

I love your blog!
My fave is House Beautiful;

anonymous 5:27 ;
the description of Veranda is another riot.

why so many anonymice?

My mother would have been totally horrified that anyone would say,"It's not a chracter flaw if you don't have good taste" She is spinning in her grave right now.
I have to sent a thought wave with the contents of the introduction to"An Aesthete's Lament" blog. It will comfort her!!!

My Sodding Hut said...

I have wondered if the letters to the editor at AD were the original form of the mutual stroking/cupcake party that most blog comments are now. Am I the only one who thought they were fake? Like the stories in Penthouse Forum? They were ALWAYS the most nauseating, fawning, nose up the backside little tales.

hello gorgeous said...

I actually bought the last two ADs. I haven't done that since the 80s.

That said, "Margaret Russell has the personality of a wart" made me burst out laughing.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I must agree. During a really difficult day in a hospital waiting room.........I read.....the comment about the "personality of a wart" and I laughed so loud.....that I made a scene in the "family waiting room" Everyone looked at me. I did it twice. (Sorry to say.....but I was there for 9 hours..the other time I was reading a book!) Good thing my daughters weren't there......embarrassed again!

Everything turned out well.....just so you waiting rooms are not usually where anyone bursts out in loud guffaws!

Your comments are totally hilarious.....
and it turns out....some comic relief was helpful. Several people came up to me and asked me what was "so funny"?

I wrote down Decorno's blog address....and said...."be sure to read the comments too!"

I hope you win an award! watch for people from Los Angeles......

Also funny is, of course, your blog. Maybe the commenters are being so funny to make sure you don't say again.....

"That's all folks!" It makes me shiver.

Just as it did in the 50's at the end of the wonderful cartoon....from Disney that I had just watched.I was little....but I was so sad it was over.

Let's all make sure we keep sending really funny comments to Decorno!

That will keep her around! OKAY???

Do I hear a HOORAY???? A WAVE???

Don't think of saying good-bye again. You don't want leaving nice funny people of all ages in you?

Of course not!

Ms. said...

You rock! Everyone is entitled to an opinion; and I love yours because they're honest and spot on. Keep up the good work. I don't seek woman hating anywhere, just basic, reasonable, common sense. Kudos! Penelope

Ms. said...

I left a previous one, but it didn't take. I don't see any woman hating with your comments; just common sense opinions that are spot on. Don't let people who obviously want to look like a tasteless fop scream their discontent. Kudos.

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