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I am digusted with myself that I get so hot and bothered over closets because all it means is that I am an asshole American with too much... stuff. Too many shoes, too much jewelry, too many black pencil skirts (why in God's name do I keep buying variations on a theme???).

Today my house is in fucking shambles because the "office" I use as part office, part dressing room (read: tiny closet and a dresser with mirror propped up, at which I get ready each morning) is torn up. Everything from the room has been exiled into my dining room and front room. How is it possible that the overflow from one room can take up pretty much the rest of my first floor?) There are piles and piles of stuff everywhere in my house while painter Bill and electrician Steve do some work for me.

What work, you ask?

Someone had the bright idea to apply a dopey layer of plaster over the existing plaster ceiling. The effect is that the ceiling looks like someone frosted a stupid country cake... all waves and wiggles of fucking smoke-stained frosting (thank you previous owners). I also have a disgusting light in there... one I have never bothered switching out because it seemed ridiculous to install something more glamorous just to call attention to the nasty smokey-frosting plaster ceiling.

So, my delightful painter Bill decided to cover it up with drywall. They installed it yesterday. What a dusty enterprise! I came home to filth everywhere. I was also late moving my clothes out of the closet and am now trying probably facing a $600 dry cleaning bill now that all my clothes look like they have been buried under the ash of some volcanic explosion.

Neverthless - I WILL NOT COMPLAIN. I am so excited that I will soon have a lovely new ceiling, a new light (haven't picked on out yet... any recommendations?), new paint, new trim, replastered walls, and some sort of new cabinets or storage for all my lady things (shoes, bags, accessories... not some extensive vibrator collection, you dirty pervs!)

Chaos will come to order in my life, goddamnit.



MadHat said...

You have my sympathies. Plaster and drywall dust gets everywhere! A few years ago I decided to remove an old, unnecessary plaster wall in my bedroom, without vacating first. Even though I hermetically sealed the area, it managed to escape. The savior was the upholstery attachment on the vacuum. A pantyhose held over the hose using a rubber band works pretty well too, as long as the grit isn't too large. Good luck!

AmandaG said...

I think this light is pretty cool. I've also seen the same style, but in an oval shape in a beautiful closet, but I guess I didn't save the link. I'm pretty sure that one was from HD too.

mamacita said...

I love the caption on that photo. You realize that's pretty much fantasy, right?

I have the same cake-icing ceiling. It is heinous. If I ever replaced it, I would celebrate with this ceiling light.

Anonymous said...

Try to avoid ceiling lights, especially in a room in which you're getting dressed: the light that ceiling fixtures give off is unflattering and mostly ugly. Get sconces or just table/floor lamps.

Margaret Russell should do a story in AD on vibrator rooms.

mary said...

What about a petite vintage glass or rock crystal beaded chandelier. You will be so happy when this project is over--until the redo bug strikes anew.

Anonymous said...

I vote no on the Amanda G selection unless you are also planning on converting the room into a cathouse.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. They didn't tell you about drywall dust. They should have. One of the worst things in the world that don't really matter--I exclude war, cancer, insanity, etc. One of the worst "dailyness" things.

Just sending clothes to dry cleaners might not be the answer. Might make things worse. I would start by pinning things to an outdoor line (I don't have one either but would rig it) and blow with a leaf blower. You need to mechanically get the dust out. One of those things that you can't really pay anyone to do for you unless you are, say, Michelle Obama or Princess Diana or Jackie O.

HOBAC said...

ebay - search brovier venini light

sorry don't know how to link this -

Anonymous said...

While I am sure Bill is delightful - I do think an experienced painter should have seen the pending dry-cleaner bill and warned you.

Penelope Bianchi said...

send me a picture of the room......I'll send you a suggestion.
My brother says.."If you ask my sister her opinion, and she says she doesn't have one; Please call the Paramedics!

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