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I give up.

Seriously? You just walk around looking this amazing.
I'm doomed.



Henrietta the Terrible said...

Yeah, she's gorgeous and the Sartorialist is the shit.

Just enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Henrietta! we love to look at beauty! Enjoy.......never compete.....nor compare! That is one gorgeous creature!

How nice for her! But what does her dog think of her? Or her cat? or her husband?
I am way lucky!

My husband says......"Wow! You look gorgeous" when I come out the front door to the car...(and I do not look like that)!!

the important thing is who loves you....and whom you love!
don't you dare "give up"!!!!!

peneleopebianchi said...

(What does Henrietta mean by "the Sartorialist is the s***"?)

It sounds like an insult!!

Is it?

Is it a rap music saying?

Everything is so modern now!

Henrietta the Terrible said...

"Is it a rap music saying?"

That's adorable. Don't worry!

ohnomyboots said...

I have officially fallen in love with Crazy Pen and I want her to know that based on the eyes he's been giving me,I'm pretty sure my cat thinks I'm hot. I don't have a husband, so that'll have to suffice.

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