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Godspeed, East Coasters...



boops said...

Comment #2: The same thing happened to me I tried to read a list of things to do during a hurricane on the Boston Globe website.

I had to pay to read the list of things to do in an emergency situation such as this. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Oh please, people in NYC and anywhere on the east coast.......don't stand your ground! You are unaware of the power of Mother Nature!
This has not happened since before you were born.....but it did happen!

If they tell you to evacuate......GO!!!

I live in Santa Barbara, California.....we have fires. We don't have hurricanes...but is the same is a force of nature. And only people who don't understand the FORCE of nature think they can"dodge it" You cannot.

Please evacuate.....You get warning. Fire does not get warning..minutes...not days. Don't think you can do it. You and your children and your pets can and will die!
My blood turned cold when I heard that people in the North or South Carolina islands were refusing to evacuate....and the governor sent dozens of "body bags" Well.......there you go!

And for the sake of, your children and your pets..don't think you can make a stand here!

In our county....sometimes 5 minutes we have between "Oh there is some smoke! and "running for our lives" A quote from a close friend......they lost their house in the last fire here!

I hear that the population is discounting the weather forecasters. Don't. They have maps and science that was not available before. This is the worst storm in a century. Please evacuate.
And please , oh please, don't leave your cats and dogs and pets behind. They will not survive!

My heart is with you!

Anonymous said...

i've already reached out to my folks in NC, MD and sending prayers to all my east coasters.

Lady Blue said...

I am in NYC in a "safe zone". I'm all prepared, just waiting right now. The time is just inching by... Transportation is all shut down by now so we are all stuck where we currently are... I wrote about how I felt about this uncertain impending doom yesterday. Please send encouragement. I'm terrified.

Anonymous said...

NYT is now providing free access to the storm coverage.

The Countess of Nassau County said...

Gold friggin star Decorno.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times did not charge for its content related to Hurricane Irene in the days leading up to the storm.

rebecca said...

Comment #49 is my favorite.

I don't understand why the person who doesn't subscribe to the NYT is upset. Other (free) sources were also spreading the same information, no? Hurricane news was all I heard all weekend Illinois. Was this complaint from the same person who whined about the clef palate charity ads?

Anonymous said...

Oh please Decorno can you take the obnoxious 616pg Restoration Catalog with it's self ulogizing introduction to task. Made me want to puke

MoreSkinnyDays said...

Oh please. The whole point of a product is to create a need--is NYT state-run? Subsidized? Maybe Mr. Cheapskate should save once article per month as an emergency measure, or better yet budget for paying for the paper and cut out steak or his World of Warcraft subscription. Not making a profit can make them go away forever. Then where will we be?

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