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Wrong. On many levels.



Nick Klaus said...

You know that expression "there's no accounting for good taste"? Case in point. I swear, this belongs in skymall.

DecorVoyeur said...

I want to be wrong...that lamp makes me giggle...the decor police are coming aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I for one am sick of the Monkey Community always being depicted as servants, happy to hold up everyone's lamps.

RobtW said...

It's the entry hall that sets the tone for a house...

livingston said...

That is a blast from the hideous past.

mary said...

After checking out the MONKEY, I then visited the Cavalier Lamp............I think that "tacky" is an apt description. What intrigues me the most about the vignettes is that darn crown..

Anonymous said...

Animal abuse! Monkeys and leopards at the same time!
And, actually, on another level, racist!

A monkey turned into one of those guys holding the ring for the horse! A black "boy" ewwwwww!

And the leopard shade..........ahhhhhhhhhhh. Lordy!

Ick. Insulting on many levels. Your short and sweet sentence. perfect.

Anonymous said...

Of course Iris Apfel's apartment is FULL of this crap--anthropomorphized monkeys in fezes, doing all sorts of cutesy crap with parasols and unicycles and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

there's a deep pool of crazy out there.

The Practical Aesthete said...

Oh there it is! We are plum out of Monkey Bellboy lamps here in LA. Thanks for the Heads Up!

Anonymous said...

that anonymous is hilarious! the one at 5:26 AM

Anonymous said...

Barbara Bush weighs in: "Everyone here is overwhelmed of Shades of Light's hospitality. Many of the monkeys were, you know, underprivileged anyway, so this is working out very well for them."

Anonymous said...

Michele Bachmann:

"The monkey is a tortured soul, imprisoned in the foul underworld of Monkey Love. My husband Marcus and I are doing everything in our power to free the Monkey from his enslavement to these fetid, grunting pleasures. Also the economy needs fixing."

Anonymous said...

The description for the monkey lamp says it can go from whimsical to classy with a change of lampshades. No and no.

@ Mary: I clicked on the Cavalier lamp, too. Comes in right- and left-facing, so they can stare each other down from either side of the sofa. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I bet Charlotte Moss sold these in her store.

Anonymous said...

Please, oh Please,Decorno.

(Please publish a blog......or a book for that matter!)

Of your blogs with these comments! Have you ever looked at them all together? (that is an honest question!)

(I am just so bad at is totally frightening)

(No correcting my grammar or punctuation you lurking anonymi!!!)

No one is blogland has funnier comments. NO ONE! (yes, anonymi; I meant to SHOUT!!!)

I just revisited this post.......(slogging through oceans of email..)..what a lovely find! This is just too funny not to be compiled! I am totally serious. There is no blog that can touch yours with the "comments"!

The rest of them (and I am guilty!) "Oh how gorgeous, oh how lovely, oh I love the floor, the sofa, the pillows! Beautiful!!" blah blah. The antique beams are so gorgeous! It is all true; and it is much the same! (except when the beams are hideous!)

No one has the hilarious, sarcastic, wise and wry comments....that you get. A few do get a few. But not as many!
Even the kerfuffle! (I was in the middle of!)

YIKES! That whole argument!
Entertaining! (you can even include the "imposter" who claimed to be me.....selling those lamps in the "Safeway parking lot!" HILARIOUS!

I actually received a few letters that were disappointed that that wasn't really me! That was hilarious on its own!

Whatever it is (my opinion is: it is your genius; and approach) you get the funniest comments I have ever seen!

this is a serious suggestion!

(another reason....your preface. about the "LOL" See today's NY Times on that one! You were years ahead!!!

(At least no one I get blogs from; and since I would have to add 8 hours to a day and stay up all day and night to read them....I might know if anyone gets funnier or even as funny comments as you do!! Hence, my publish them along with your posts!

I actually laugh extremely loud!! (I know the rule) and often wake up my husband even though I try to cover my mouth!!!

Want to make a billion dollars? Invent a way we can listen to these blogs while driving the car! Picking up kids; going to the gas station, whatever. Radio gets worse and worse. ( I do not want to "read" a novel; or any other book on tape on short rides in the car)! That is crazy-making!

How can we "hear" all these fascinating blogs on our car radio? I will subscribe tomorrow! Your voice would be particularly valuable! Just a suggestion!

Since it was just my idea........I am going to send it to a few "techies"! If you know quick....if you don't I will say you get to be the "first"!

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