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Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Thank you.

katiedid said...


Anonymous said...

OK. Now you are scaring me. I clicked on your big blog (I know I am some backward retarded blogger who is 3 years behind, or something)..but I am trying!

I could find no reference.....why is that girl throwing up in the laundry room sink? (I guess it is the laundry room, it looks like the laundry room to me!!)

I totally don't get it. Maybe you want to rid yourself of old ladies subscribing to your blog!?!

ps this is really me.....not the imposter! Who could tell? One of your readers cracked me up....she loved the "selling lamps in the Safeway Parking lot" which I did not write!

You and your blog..and your commenters are the funniest!
And your blog is the most entertaining! Please do not take another hiatus....unless you need to! To survive!!! We cannot do without you!!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't get it. But I went back.. I kinda get the legs in the grass.....and I am working on the rest.

Nice that you are her friend and support her art! I have been doing that my entire life!

(and I know you do get it!) No negatives meant!

peneleopebianchi said...

I did not write that!! I do get the art.

The identity thief has struck and is making me look like a "Philistine"!!

Anonymous said...

my ass is running late but i couldn't stop looking. i say 'yes'. and i'm buying.

MoreSkinnyDays said...

I totally do not care about Penny getting into the cooking sherry and forgetting what she writes. Manage it, please!

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah. Love it.

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