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Easy, right?

New windows, landscaping... make a landscaping situation happen in the front yard. Some paint.... BAM. Awesome rental property.

I can't get my own house together, but I could TOTALLY make this happen.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Easy? Only if you have a "vision" and you can "visualize"

that is "not at all easy for the average ; or even really smart person"

I am sure that the person who "could visualize" did profit......and she should....(or he)!

What a difference! Fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say.....the ability to "visualize" is something one is born with.....(like brown eyes). I learned that 2% of the population is born with that gift. God or my grandfather....gave it to me. I thought everyone had it when I was a child.

I owe my career to the fact.......most others do not have it!

I am sure there are more recent studies.....My experience in 40 years makes me believe 2% is correct!

In any case...."It looks easy" is a brilliant post.


Anonymous said...

And then you get a call a 7 a.m. from your renters, telling you that the dishwasher broke, the kitchen and dining room are flooded, the water has dripped down into the basement...

So, now what? said...

Decorno, I have just happened upon your blog for the first time today. I find that you post a lot of things that I think myself. I do not read many blogs but shall certainly be adding yours to my list of things to do when I am bored.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Were there any additional pics? Could use a bit of inspiration for a 70's box I'd like to redo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Penelope,

You missed the point. This is not decorating. This is leaving a 1,650-square-foot bungalow's structure intact, and just slapping on a coat of neutral paint, installing cheap flooring or carpeting, putting in Home Depot-grade kitchen cabinets and bathroom stuff, and advertising it for rent on Craigslist. That's it.

This is not World of Interiors.

I'm sure you're very, very, very special in some other way that puts you in the Top 2 Percent.

Anonymous said...

wow. Is that the same snarky anonymous?(3:58 pm)

It is getting scary out there in blogland.

Hey Decorno.....did I ever claim to be in the "top 2per cent?" Of anything? I don't talk in percentages. Not me. I cannot do math.

I flunked all math classes.....picked a University which had no math requirement. I did well there!.

I am pretty sure if anyone said he/she was me and quote was the imposter again. How annoying.

I agree with you ; by the way.....In your post about a great rental.........there is far more imagination involved than what "Anonymous 3:58 pm" suggests.....

My question to ""anonymous(as above)" is.."if it is that easy; why aren't You doing it and making money on vacation rentals?? Wherever you are????

Those vacation rentals do very well in Santa Barbara.......but only the ones that are "well done"!

I am wondering about these really "snarkey" anonymous people. Or person!?????

(And; no I did not miss the point. I did not confuse this wonderful rental with "World of Interiors".)

Just a great taste feat for a modest house.....making an unappealing house into an attractive and appealing house with simple finish changes... Something everyone can do.

Bravo Decorno for showing us how so well. Small changes can make HUGE differences. Most of all thank Decorno for showing us what a difference paint can make! Cosmetics! Love this post!!!!
Bravo!!! Again!!!

Anonymous said...

I would be quite interested in your analysis of why you can do the other guy's house but not your own.

What is it about the personal that inhibits you?


Anonymous said...

This is addressed to the "Anonymous" comment about renters calling with breakdowns.

I have been a landlady since 1963 and own rental units in 3 different states. The renter calls with a breakdown, I call the repairman of it's not fixable I call Lowe's and they deliver the new appliance and take away the old one. My apartments have touch pad locks and I give the code to the repair man. No one needs to be home.

For this inconvenience my tenants pay my mortgages, taxes and insurance. I deduct the interest on the mortgage and depreciate the property on my income tax. My tenants deposit their rent in my checking account giving me immediate accounting and access to the funds. I keep the rents low reducing cleaning and repainting from turnover. My rentals are in good repair and I am on a friendly basis with my tenants. In California I have three tenants that have been there over 20 years each. I'm not saying this is for everyone but it sure has made me a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

It's hard being Penelope.

Anonymous said...

"2% of the population is born with that gift."

--9/4, 11:59 pm

"I don't talk in percentages. Not me."

--9/5, 10:31 pm

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous; Sept 7, 10;55 AM,

Now that IS funny!
It is so easy being Penelope! I have so much fun!
However, being serious.....for a moment......
I have a question.....did you see a listing of this house on Craig's List?
Do you know about the "cheap flooring and carpet and 'Home Depot grade' kitchen cabinets and bathroom stuff" and...did you see it on Craig's list??

I really like having all the information before I give a compliment......and all I saw were Decorno's pics.....

Which I think showed the making of a "silk purse" out of a "sow's ear"!!!
(One of my favorite transformations to watch!!!)

Oh; share all your insider information; Please!!!!
I want to learn!!!!

ps congratulations to the lovely landlady anonymous.......Sept 6 1:01 pm.

Congratulations and Bravo! You make both sense .....and profits. Long may you succeed. With your philosophy you will always have happy and appreciative tenants. And a well-deserved steady income. Wonderful. So positive and so great!!!

Anonymous said...

I would give you the inside information, Pen, but only 2% of the population can understand it.

Lavender said...

Anon and Pen. Hilarious!!!

Lavender said...

Anon & Pen. Hilarious!!!

Lavender said...

Are there supposed to be an inside photos link? Where did I miss it?

Cassandra said...

i hate how this happens. you see a curbside makeover and you're all like "i could so do THAT". meanwhile my house looks like a clusterfuck.

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