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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This movie is so, so good. Do whatever you can to see it. Trust.


katiedid said...

I have heard about this movie! A friend is going to study with him this summer. Gotta see it.

Siren London said...

Thanks so much, I cried just watching the trailer. You must love what you do. That is the word of the day.

Sara said...

Thanks for the rec. I just saw Jeff, Who lives at home. You must see it!
Also saw a few other indie's at the theater in the past year (I'm part of a club) and I loved "The Way" and also "The Descendants" (the latter went to big box office but started out small)

Kim said...

I have heard SO much about this movie. I'm going to "check my listings" today and see if I can track it down. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Missing your posts, hearing about your summer holiday plans...Italy perhaps?? Come out from under and give us some decorno for crying OUT LOUD.

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