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OMG, this is so rich:

Hilarious. (He doesn't really look like he feels too guilty about, let's be honest.)



Anonymous said...

Oh dear God!

I know Mario (plunk) I say this when I drop names! long story......good idea...
(when some insufferable person starts dropping names....You start saying "klunk" each time.

I made this up years ago sitting next to the most insufferable human. From Washington DC.

It took him the longest time to even notice I had said only one word for the last hour...."plunk!"

He finally asked......(as dessert arrived) "what is that word you keep saying?" (he was so entranced by way he was saying......)

I said "I beg your pardon? do you mean "plunk"?"

"YES!!!" I said, "Oh , I only say that when you drop a name!" For the first time in the evening......he presented his back to me......and I could escape to my other dinner partner.

Save time; you younger this early!!!

And raise your voice a bit! You will save yourself some "wasted time"!

what say you Decorno about this!?

Name-droppers! EEK!

Anonymous said...

I have another comment on this NYTimes article.

It is quite sad that this creep (not a decorator) who knows what he is or was.......

Casts a very bad light on our profession. It does. I just hope someone comes up with what the hell his "profession" actually is!

I am hoping he is the "butler" (A butler would have no qualms.....nor should he) about saying he bought a bookcase for $250,000.00! And sent it to my neighborhood for rent for the "mistress"!

A "decorator"? now, that is money-laundering. I must say I was captivated by that article!

All those things.........(except the cocaine kings) have been offered to me.......

"all cash" ok with us....we just put your name on the deposit!" (No "bondage rooms); however I am quite proud of my one and only "safe room"! For someone very important in the government.....who needs a "safe room" for herself and her family!" A challenge!

Very interesting article....everyone in my profession should read!

Nice call! Keep it up!!

Crazy Pen

A "decorator" is a whole different story!

Anonymous said...

another comment! I must admit; throughout my very long (feels long 42 years, career); I have had people tell me really nightmare stories about "decorators"

They have paid (up front) for furniture never delivered; etcetera.

Fortunately for me; I wouldn't and couldn't.....and didn't even think about it. It does, however, happen, and it does, indeed "tar" us.

I truly enjoyed reading that article. My favorite line is out of Bunny Williams' mouth......"Who is this guy anyway!!??"

She is a friend and a favorite. This guy is not a decorator.
We are all crawling out of a hole......we need no bad publicity!

Just send John Edwards to jail for 30 years and get on with it! He will have a "standard issue" shower curtain!! He actually should be denied a shower curtain at all!!


Anonymous said...

Remember, Mario was 29 when that picture was taken.

Mario Buatta said...

I have never heard of "penelope bianchi."

Iheartfashion said...

Why didn't I know you were still blogging?!

Bunny Williams said...

Penelope who?

Anonymous said...

that is one stupid mistress. why would you do that?! a man takes a mistress to get away from his day-to-day trudge, not to be reminded of it smack in the middle of la petite mort...

and penelope? hello? focus?

MoreSkinnyDays said...

What's a mistress door? I read that the W Residences in Hollywood has them.

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