Thursday, June 28, 2012

ADVICE: What to do with the wall across the bed?

Next up, M Foley asks:

I recently moved into a house with a small "master" bedroom, and I've been struggling with what to do with the wall directly across from the bed. There's only about 40'' between the end of the bed and the wall, and this space serves as the walkway between both sides of the room/bed. Floating shelves? A narrow console table? Fun art? (Changing the layout of the room is not an option because of drafty windows and our current furniture.) Any help would be fantastic!

OMG, easy! Install a flatscreen TV!! Is there anything better than watching Real Housewives in bed... while drinking. While eating dark chocolate. While also casually flipping through the latest copy of OK magazine? No. 

I say this as someone who currently doesn't have a TV in my room. But man I wish I did. (Instead, I have my computer across the room, and I tilt it toward the bed while I watch Hulu or Amazon or Netflix.) 

Upgrade all the bedding. Upgrade the lamps. The key is to make the TV-in-the-bedroom installation situation as luxurious as possible. You don't want to feel like an unemployed sweatpants-wearing Judge-Judy watching loser. You want to trick out the space so it feels like you're at the Ritz. Watching RHONY. 

I will add this: If you put art up, you need to go big, and you need something under it to anchor it. I don't like paintings or photography hung without something (console, bench, etc) placed underneath to anchor it. Otherwise, I think it looks too gallery-like and unfinished.* And if not art, what about wallpapering that wall with something crazy. Like THIS. (Which I think is amazing.)

I realize my "I love TV in the bedroom" position is controversial, so I invite other suggestions from the rest of you.

*Says the person with every unfinished decor project you can imagine.

Image from House Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

These are fun. Please keep this shit up. Thank you.

M. Foley said...

Oh man, my fiance is going to love this post. If I let him read it. Our house is small so we have a huge TV about 20 feet away in our living room, but I do like the idea of the TV with upgrading the bedding and lamps and making it all hotel fabulous. And boozing in bed does sound tempting. But I freaking love the wallpaper idea and will look into it. The advice is fabulous. Don't stop!


angie said...

Good LORD, what is up with people who don't have a tv in the bedroom?? What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep??? No, the computer will not do - does your computer have a REMOTE??? Oh dear...