Thursday, July 12, 2012


Look people, I haven't forgotten you. I had to spend time in Ohio (God punishes me), and I have also been trying to figure out the buying-that-cabin situation. Previous owners installed a $50k bulkhead along the shoreline to make sure they could build on it. The geotech report says the property is in a slide area, but I can't tell if that's an imminent-danger problem, or if that's like scaring someone away from buying in California because it's "on a fault line." Know what I mean? So, this will take some time. Which sucks because - in my best Varuca Salt voice - I want a beach house NOW. 

I would like to add that this was my horoscope last week, before I knew about the cabin:

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): There's a term for people who have the ardor
of a nymphomaniac in their efforts to gather useful information:
*infomaniac.* That's exactly what I think you should be in the coming
week. You need data and evidence, and you need them in abundance.
What you don't know would definitely hurt you, so make sure you find out
everything you need to know. Be as thorough as a spy, as relentless as a
muckraking journalist, and as curious as a child. P.S. See if you can set
aside as many of your strong opinions and emotional biases as possible.
Otherwise they might distort your quest for the raw truth. Your word of
power is *empirical.*


Anonymous said...

Regarding your horoscope, the band Cuddle Magic has an album called 'Info Nympho.' I think that's a little more fun than 'infomaniac,' but both are clever terms, fo sho.

eM said...

how high is the bank?
how far from the edge is the house?

we have a medium bank beach house and there already was a slide well away from the house.
we can't build a deck on the waterfront side, but well, whatever.
we loll on the grass.

your geotech person should be able to advise you re: slide danger (if you have one, as opposed to relying on the owner's geotech) , your realtor should be able to tell you something about that too.

Richie Designs said...

I have an acquaintance that - it's all she does is evaluate geo reports i can hook you up with her.

on a non scientific side my dad would say "hillsides are meant to come down"

Quatorze said...

Well dahlin', if'n y'all believe in Fate, you just answered your own question as Veruca Salt went down the chute (painfully similar to a landslide) and she was chasin' a freakin' squirrel that rolled nuts! You do the math...

If you are still not convinced by your unfortunate reference to Willy Wonka, I suggest you quiz the realtor, neighbors and the local insurance agent to see if you would be covered in the event of a slide - that will answer the question pronto. get it all in writin'!

Kevin said...

Speaking of your horoscope, Mercury went retrograde today, so you will want to wait until Aug 9 before making any major decisions like a house purchase.

Anonymous said...

hey mama, yeah, get a specialist to take a look and write a report. you'll either get details that give you the green light, tell you to walk away, or give you cause to adjust the asking price. they should have a report on the work they did, which would be nice to see and compare to the report you pay for yourself. get someone local, local local with lots of experience. look forward to seeing how this unfolds. *former realtor*

katiedid said...

I am a geotech person and heading up your way in a week or so. i could stop by and check it out......not really, but I am heading up your way in a week or so. Looks cold...will we need jackets?

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