Friday, September 21, 2012

Here's how to make Lady Money, to put in your Lady Wallet


Here's an email from LearnVest (embarassing name). It's a financial website for lay-days. And today I really had a good laugh over their totally practical and urgently needed story on making money as a model, because clearly, this option is available to so many women.

Go get 'em, LV!


Anonymous said...

I used to model, before I entered the World Of Interior Decorating. My clients included Land's End and Mature Golfer.

Harvey Millstein, CID
Certified Interior Decorator

Nicki said...

This hurts my "Ley-Dy" brain. Is this for real?? Who the hell comes up with this shiz?? Better yet, who actually subscribes to these ass hats?

Anonymous said...

And did you read the NYT article -

Alexa von Tobel " realized there was a dearth of resources for women who wanted to take control of their finance" hun? Because the Vangaurd landing page is not in a color scheme of pink and purple?

Decs said...

Ha! Exactly. It's so silly. I didn't think anything would top that this week until I saw a blogger post about HOW TO MAKE A PINBOARD. Sweet Jesus.

Azaleah Banks said...

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Bethany Parker said...

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Ophelia Coleman said...

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Arvie Wilson said...

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Saskiah Hudson said...

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Callante Craig said...

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Callante Craig said...

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