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Angie's lamps.

Dizzy with love for these lamps. Where does she find them?

You can see Angie Hranowsky's work HERE.

Not in love with any of these chairs.

I am still shopping for dining room chairs to love forever, but no such luck yet. Elle Decor featured a top 10 dining chairs list, but I am not in love with any of them. You?

What do you want to talk about today?

Seattle Municipal Archives (item number 63990).


I love the commenters who think we shouldn't have removed the tree. Guess what? There's another giant fucking tree right behind it! Lucky me. I live a block from an arboretum. Those trees can clean my air for me.

This yard needed a haircut. Much better.

Goodbye tree.

Thanks for breaking our sewer pipe and dumping little swimmers in our basement. Thanks for dropping a branch on our car last year. The time has come for you to go. (Ugly bushes... you're on notice, too.)


Does anyone check to see if the links you print in your magazine actually land your reader anywhere? Just wondering. Page 6 of the January issue is a disaster.

The Allure website is a mess. (I know this is probably not your world to manage, but it should be.) Let me know if you want some help over there. I love NYC and I will work for Juvederm.

In more general terms, why can't Cande Nast figure anything out? THE INTERNET IS NOT NEW ANYMORE. And why do the websites of otherwise nicely-designed magazines look like a web version of Better Homes and Gardens?

In related news, in her recent letter, Margaret Russell promises us a new an improved Elle Decor website. (You can read the letter HERE.) I really like Elle Decor (though it's always the same formula... a Carlos Mota-ified clean-lined leggy room, with white walls, Serious Art, Important Furniture and some fucshia flowers strategically placed, but hey, I go for that..) so I am hoping the website will evolve as promised. A magazine-specific name might be a good start. (Point Click What??) But let's hope it gets better soon. It's not very inspiring today.

Frederic Mechiche

Pure LOVE.

TV over mantel: yes or no?

Or this, yes or no?

HERE's more on the topic over at AT.

How do you use your iPhone to decorate?

Do you? Do you keep inspiration photos on it? Are you using any crazy color apps? Ordering furniture from it? Taking photos of furniture at stores to build your wish list?

My iPhone has been a wonder (a shitty phone, of course, but a great gadget). What else can I be doing with it to help renovate and decorate a house?

Rehab, decorated.

Welcome to Mr. Hathaway’s “boutique three-quarter house,” as one friend described the facility that Mr. Hathaway, once a fixture of Manhattan’s social scene, has made of his home here. It’s a six-bed, men-only, “step down” retreat — that is, a residential treatment environment for those who have already completed a 28-day rehab program but, vulnerable to relapse, are encouraged to follow some sort of “stepped down” care.

Read it all HERE. Audio slideshow HERE.

Is good design good medicine? Can your home heal you?

I really recommend watching and listening to the audio slideshow. It’s such a good reminder that homes aren’t show houses, and that this isn’t just set design. It’s about having a space that makes your life better.

The right white.

In the last post, someone asked me to name the perfect shade of white. Too bad I am totally unqualified to answer this.

I am TERRIBLE with color. I know what I like when I see it, but sending me into the store to pick a color is like sending me to Trader Joe's when I am hungry. At TJs, suddenly every sugar-laden crap-ass carb-loaded treat seems like a good idea. At the paint store, I think I am going to find some cool on-trend shade of fabulousness, but then I come out of the store with some totally un-subtle blinding primary-color bullshit. This poor internal color compass is what led me to paint my front room a shade of yellow that my step-kid named "cat-lady yellow".

So, I can't really be responsible for telling all of you what the "right" white is. But I know a number of you out there have your strong opinions about this.

So, let's hear it. What's a great white? And please also tell us where you live. (The right white for Seattle may not be the right white for Phoenix. Or maybe that's a myth? You tell me.)

I am having a Michael Bargo moment.

The upstairs floors are sanded and Seattle floor guru Tommy Tran's team will stain them dark tomorrow. Yay. Today I am painting. Good-bye crappy beige, hello totally uninspired white. I realize I should shoot for color, but I am having a Michael Bargo moment with a touch of Fawn-Galli-esque love of chrome. I found two chrome chairs this weekend and really want to get one and have it reupholstered in orange leather, just to give the room a shot of heroin, you know?

We'll see.

The first chair I found is just like these white chairs above.

Loving these chairs, too.

World's laziest color scheme.

I was just at Lowe's and snapped this photo. Do you see that??? Some guy matched his paint to his ugly Band-Aid-colored outlet cover!

In this situation, am I allowed to make a citizen's arrest?

Renovating a rental.

From the article... (read it all HERE):

In the summer of 2007, they were living in a cramped studio in the West Village when they received notice that their landlord was planning to raise their rent from $2,000 to $2,500 a month. Around the same time, a much larger apartment directly above the one Mr. Capron’s brother was renting in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, became available — a two-bedroom 700-square-foot space for $1,900 a month.

They liked the size of the space and the location near Prospect Park, so they made a somewhat unconventional proposal: rather than asking the landlord to make repairs, they offered to do what they estimated would be about $19,000 worth of work themselves (a figure that included materials and labor costs), in return for a four-year lease with a $400 monthly discount, so they could recoup their investment over the life of the agreement.

Good touch, bad touch.

What feels good in your place? I mean - really good?

Design blogs obsess over the look of things, but we don't talk much about what feels great.

What feels great in your house? Sheets? Fabrics? Your faucet?

What's the "good touch" in your house?

Stacks of books as end tables?

Nick Olsen's old place.

From the official Decorno mail bag:

Hi Decorno,

My husband and I just moved into a 50 square meter apartment. Our living/dining room is 3.85 x 3.95 meters (12.6 x 12.9 ft). Quite small for us. We have a love for books and have many books. But there is no wall space for storage, unless we use the one piece of wall for a book shelf, which I'd rather use for pictures. I had seen, some time ago, people using books as decoration or as end tables. Like THIS, only using real books and stacked neatly.

I'm wondering a couple people actually do this or is it just in magazines? If people actually do this, what do they do to keep the books from getting tipped over? We have a dog and I can just see having company over and they set down a nice glass of red wine and the dog tips the books over...books everywhere, wine everywhere, broken glass!

I should probably also say that we want to be able to access these books, so I am not down with gluing or drilling them together.

I'd send a pic of our place, but it looks like a box explosion right now.

Comments and ideas from your readers would be good too, I think.



Decorno says:

Hi Lisa - some people do this. Like Nick Olsen or kids on The Selby. But like you, I have dogs. And I am clumsy. I think a stack of books as a coffee table a fine idea for stylists and single, pet-less designers, but for you and me, the idea of setting our wine down on a giant Jenga is probably a bad idea.

That Amazon find is also a bad idea. Just for the record. As with things like Darfur, and gay marriage, it's necessary for me to take a stand on important issues, and on that particular table, I am saying no.

Now, here's the lame part of my advice giving. (I am no Ann Landers.) I don't really know how to solve your problem. But I bet readers of this blog will have a bunch of good ideas. We may need you to send in a photo, though. That's the best way for us to help. (We're such givers!)


Lisa sent in this photo:


Lonny's second issue is on your virtual newsstand. Are you picking it up? Have you read it?


Definition of insanity.

Things I decided would be appropriate to tackle in December:

-Have dining room, hallway, and entry walls replastered by crazy Irish man
-Move all furniture from upstairs to the downstairs
-Have my house invaded by guys who put up a plastic “kill room” and then remove popcorn ceiling from upstairs
-Have hardwood floors refinished upstairs
-Live with beds, dressers, clothes, etc downstairs in one fantastic mess for 2 weeks while this happens
-Paint upstairs
-Paint dining room, hallway, and entry
-Install new lights in bedroom
-Adopt another dog. One with separation anxiety and the need to constantly hump our old dog.
-Have gigantic atlas cedar removed from front yard, a 2-day, $4200 job. (Seriously. That’s how big it is.)

This is what happens, I guess, when you are a compulsive list-maker, and you keep a list of goals in your wallet, and you get to the end of the year and realize about 7 big projects were never completed. Why not cross them all off in December, right? Insane.

Why my family hasn’t murdered me yet is beyond me, but I am grateful to them for not acting on impulses.

Dressing up the shelves and the mantle.

Shelly wrote this weekend asking, "What do you think? Too many 'things' on the shelves? Too cluttered?" to which I responded, "Maybe. But not too cluttered if you take the things off the mantle and put up a mirror or art? I think you need one big "thing" over the mantle to balance out the smaller accessories. Maybe?"

But what do I know?

Help Shelley. Please post your brilliant decorating advice below.

And here's more from the designer...

...who blew out the budget for the couple in the last post.

(Kwinter Design.)

$5,175 makeover.


I love it. Simple and happy. You? Discuss.



A very Barneys Christmas.

ANOTHER REASON to love Michelle O.


It's clear to me that Alessandra Colombo totally stole her look from acclaimed 80s art-house feature film, Just One of the Guys. And I dig it.

Sand Point Antique and Design Market Dec. 6th

Seattle, mark your calendars. The next Sand Point Antique & Design Market Holiday Show will be held Sunday, December 6th 2009, from 8 AM ($10 early buyers admission) or 10 AM ($6 regular admission) to 4 PM at Magnussun Park in Seattle.

This is generally a very good market. Antiques, paintings, furniture, and good junk. See you there.

Plaster, finally.

Not my house, clearly.

Long ago I mentioned my plaster problem. My walls are plaster, but not the good kind. The have little plaster zits (placne?) thanks to the plaster guy way back when pulling up on the trowell thingy and leaving little peaks and valleys all over the walls. It's like really expensive popcorn ceiling.

I've finally hired a plaster guy to come fix the walls. He's totally crazy. Like, maybe certifiable. He's Irish. He kept telling me, in his charming accent, that the job will cost $2500, but, "It will probabaly come in at half that." Okaaaaay. Well, then, let's pick a number? Can we do that? His total insanity finally proved victorious and I did what I never do. I was like, "Ok, fine. Show up on Monday," without settling on a final price. So, who knows what this will cost, but I am pretty sure it will be worth every penny, because I recently framed a bunch of maps and prints and I am dying to get them up on the walls, but taking that step to finally have things framed just made it worse. They look great but they make the walls look even worse.

Every project in my house is like dominos. I start thinking I want new floors, but then I realize I should fix the ceilings first before all that shit comes crashing down on newly stained wood, for example. And then I am like, well, before the floors, we should probably paint. Everything is like pulling a thread on a sweater.

I think this is why I am like, Whatever Crazy Irish Dude, just come fix the walls. Because I have to start somewhere.

Do you have a project you're eager to start, but it's held up by some other contingent task? I am eager to hear about this. I feel like I have made the slowest progress on my house and it's kind of turning me into a crazy person. And crazy likes company, so spill the beans.

(Oh, and after next week's plaster adventure, we ARE finally getting the popcorn off the ceiling upstairs, and then we are pulling up the carpet to see if we can re-finish, or if we need to do something drastic, like paint the floors white. Either way, we are finally making progress on that front. No word yet, though, in getting the toilet out of the tub. I thought that would be next, but that's going to be a spring project now. My birthday gift to my better half. Those contractors scared me off with their $40k bid.)

Paint the ceilings white?

My friend Mara is doing a major remodel and it’s time to start painting. She and her designer want to paint the ceilings colors similar to the wall color of each room. Maybe just a lighter shade. Her husband thinks the ceilings should be white.

Who’s right? Discuss. Let’s settle this dispute before it leads to divorce.

I want this grey.


Unusually good food and wine pairing:

Kraft Mac & Cheese and Columbia Crest Two Vines Merlot.

Just FYI
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