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Donald Judd for California Closets

Not really, but you get the idea.

Rock it.

This is The Pierre. Kundig. Learn all about it HERE.

This comment made me happy, so I thought I would call it out:

In response to THIS post.

Jennie Ottinger

Ambulances, amputees, scenes from books like The Loved One, Infinite Jest, and Rabbit Run. Juries, oil men, business men, soul singers, and planes snapped in two. What's not to love?


Matthew Porter

Big fan. HERE.

Please note presence of previously debated lamps on that console back there.

Discussed HERE, image from Lonny.

Have minds been changed or no?

I give up.

Seriously? You just walk around looking this amazing.
I'm doomed.


Everything about this is pure magic.

Num num num num!

YUM. This is probably an old trick for foodies, but new for spray-cheese types like me. Fried capers. $2 for an appetizer-y amount at Spinasse's new sister, Artusi, and tasty while you down some wine. Easy to do at home. Yummy on pasta.

Thought you might like to know. Use the big capers. Small will work, but as in dicks and bank accounts, bigger is better.

Is it just me, or is Canadian House and Home anemic?

Love the cover, was so excited to buy the issue, and then it seemed like there were only 12 pages of homes. Underwhelming, to say the least.

Sad face.

Comments, please.


You should probably take a look at THIS house.

Love this color.


More shoe lust.

On order. I can't wait. HERE.

And a short version of Alexander Wang's "Stella" sandal. Who knew? HERE.

And I don't even know what to say about THIS, except that I could never pull it off, and that makes me very, very sad.

Pretty much amazing.


See the light.

Seriously... JUST as I was readying myself to covertly spend about $2 - $4k on a Serge Mouille light, I thought I would go see if there was (finally) a new Lonny (God answered yes, and then went back to his latch-hook project). And wouldn't you know it, there I see this dreamy apartment with a few goodies, including: that ridiculously amazing chandelier thing, those tall lamps over there, and then... it. The lamp I want. Well, one just like it and only $395. ONLY $395, for the love of god! My head is exploding all over the place right about now.

New Lonny HERE.

Also - can we talk about this sofa? $599? And from HSN or something? Who knew? Timing couldn't be better. I had this old Ikea sofa in our office/my dressing area and it had been abused by my dogs over the years (not to mention it was like 9 years old) and I paid a guy to haul it away. No replacement planned... I just couldn't look at it anymore. This little sofa should do, don't you think?

Now you see it, now you don't.

HERE. So clever. I am just 5 - 10 years away from owning a tiny slab of SJI property myself, so Tom Kundig better start designing MY shoebox cabin, stat.


Back from vacation. Many favorite moments, but maybe the best was when the kid ordered pasta as both the first and second course. The hipster Roman server at Maccheroni said, "TWO pasta? Ok." And it was total approval... like, OF COURSE you would need to order the foglie with black truffle to start and the fat noodles with red sauce as your second. Why didn't we think of that already? Why do we even bother with a meat course??

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