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If you quit your job tomorrow, what would you do? Like... if you could do anything?

And... tell me a story about quitting. When have you quit something? What was it? Were you glad? Did you regret it?

[Photo by Juli Bulla... like Alex Prager but still affordable. You can buy her stuff HERE.]

Backyard dreams.

Julianne Moore's backyard is my dream.


I have dogs for whom, if they were human, I would have already secured restraining orders. They follow me constantly which I love about 80% of the time, and the rest of the time I have to sneak around to avoid them and hide. Sometimes I have my morning coffee in the bathroom. I sit on the toilet (seat down... I'm not a monster), cross my legs, and hook one against the shitty 70s cabinet, phone in hand to check stocks and news and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram. I can hear the dogs clicking nervously outside. I read on, trying to have a little peace. It's a thing.

Last year I went into the attic and realized: WOW. This is like... a room I am not using. The attic stairs are too steep for the dogs, so that works to my advantage. In fact, they're almost too steep and dangerous for me. But, bit by bit discarded old furniture has made its way up here. Last year after I quit my job (I since returned, but I had a nice 7 month fake retirement), I realized that one thing that made me completely insane was that I never did anything with my hands except type. I never made anything. I had spent 18 years working in a way that I often described as "bending spoons with my mind," doing a lot of things that were not visible to me. Everything happened sort of... theoretically. So I started making really bad paintings and bad carvings and bad prints. Now I am on to bad pottery. (It's liberating to do things badly. Also a late life lesson.) So the attic, like the bathroom, is my new hideout.

What's your hideout?

"No politics"

"No politics," is what she emailed to me when I asked what we should talk about. I respect the request (especially since I asked what we should talk about) but it's hard not to think politics when we've had our deadliest shooting since the last deadliest mass shooting 16 months ago. White male American terrorism is an issue we have to tackle in this country. Guns, too. I'll ease back into politics over time. I've become even more of a leftist in the last few years. I even joined DSA. Read their platform. There is literally nothing to disagree with there. 

In the meantime, here's a photo of a painted screen that I recently bought. It was so amazing I had to have it. This is (a) a terrible photo and (b) not the final resting place for this screen. Now that it's in my house I am like, "Who do I think I am? How is this screen going to live in a basic craftsman home?" I am no Rothschild. Oh, well. I'll figure it out. What have you bought for your home that never really found a place? Everyone says "buy what you love and it will work," but is this really true?

I'm back. What should we talk about?

It's chilly here... fall for sure, though we are getting a little sun today and probably next week, which is good.

How is everyone doing? How are you holding up under this fascist regime?

(Here is a photo from summer vacation. No reason to post this except that I am tired of looking at the last post. If you wanna go here, stay HERE. Highly recommend it and you're a 3 minute walk from this exact spot.)

What comes after this?

What comes after this look?
Are we there yet?
How many more years of brass, and naked-bulbed lights, and bent wood, and cheerful stools?

I'm fighting the urge to post again.

Cuz I bought a wreck of a house and just want to talk to people about paint colors and contractors who never seem to finish.

John Derian.

‘‘I wish I had spray dust or spray dirt in a can,’’ he confesses. ‘‘I don’t want to lose the look of the place — I want that patina.’’

Slide show HERE.

Country kitchen before & after.

I've been itching to buy a place out of the city, and in my search (for both the property itself and inspiration), I have been discovering blogs I hadn't seen before. One is A Country Farmhouse, and she has really great before & after posts of various projects around her Oregon home. The kitchen is simple perfection, in my mind. 

My rural/coastal obsession continues.

I am still shopping for a cabin on the water. FYI. 
And now I really want alpacas. 
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