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Resolutions aren't all that..

My friends, if you are like most Americans and you look back upon 2007 regretting that you didn't tackle all the resolutions you made for yourself one year ago today (like losing 20 pounds and doing 200 sit ups a day)... let's just remember that even if you had, you still wouldn't be perfect. Those achievements wouldn't have made a dent in your other issues like your waning comedy career or your abuse of lip collagen and eyeliner.

Just sayin'.

Nevertheless, 2007 for me was ok. I did some cool things (went to Argentina and Uruguay), watched my job morph into something I like even more, and started a blog that totally amuses me (if not you).

But honestly, 2007 was not what it could have been. It would good, but not great.

BUT...2008 is going to be BIG. I can feel it. Magnificent shit with happen.

If you need a little inspiration on this topic, you will love this essay by Buster McLeod that I posted a while ago...

Oh, and if you want a fun way to keep track of the things you want to do in life (and connect with other people who have the same things on their list) check out

I am a little embarassed that I am so late to the party....

It's so not hard to know what the new new thing is. ALWAYS. Everything that's even minor gets big fast and I think everyone gets exhausted by all the hype.

Feist, though, is so worth the hype, don't you think? The hand-clapping happiness of "1,2,3,4," the totally fucking amazing voice showcase that is "Brandy Alexander," the weird disco-y hotness of "My Moon and My Man," and the tasty pop of "Past in Present." The Reminder by Feist is one hell of an album.

I don't review much music here on Decorno (I only have once before), actually, so take my word. If you haven't heard her CD yet buy or download it tonight. It will make you happy.

"Fake Empire" by The National on Beachbungalow8.

New life for old chairs...

So, my new friend Seth at Queen Anne Upholstery gave me estimates today on a few possible projects:

For a wingback chair, he estimated:
$400 - $500 for labor
Any fixing of springs or re-tying would add about $150
This doesn't include fabric

For a big ol' old school sofa like this one, he estimates:
$700 - $900 labor
not including fabric.

Are these estimates pretty standard? Not having done this, I just want to be sure.

This decor business ain't cheap, huh?

Lovely mess.

More white-hot rooms...

Living vicariously through you, dear reader...

I absolutely cannot spend any more money. I feel like I spent the last month hemorrhaging cash. And that's where you come in.

There are some sweet-ass items on Ebay that just need good homes, and I would like you to buy them so that I may live vicariously through your purchases.

The photo above is a necklace that I lost out on a few weeks ago and yet magically another one appeared on Ebay a week ago. I bid. I scored. It arrived today in all its Jax/60s-palm-beach-esque over-the-top costume-y glory.

I am telling you, it's all about really major costume-y Trifari shiz. You should get this necklace and wear big gold cuffs to go with it:

This fab Hermes bracelet:

Flair magazines.So chic.

This Estee Lauder snake compact. I mean - kill me now. I can't even stand to look at this, it is so awesome and over the top... so "you-better-just-stand-there-and-wait-while-I-reapply-my-lipstick-in-my-SNAKE-FREAKING-FAB-COMPACT." God, I am so close to bidding on this. SO. CLOSE.

Who the hell needs calling cards?

No one. But I *want* them, and that's all that matters.

Do we like any of these?

Ebonized floors and high-gloss trim...

I am hoping to soon rip out bad carpet upstairs and having the wood floors refinished. I am planning to have them ebonized (and then plan to have the same done downstairs as soon as my other half will tolerate this since we just had them done 3 years ago).

Kara Mann gets the ebonized floor look right, I think. I like her clean design and the seriousness of it. It's sexy but not overt and there isn't anything here that reminds me of Kelly Wearstler. Such a refreshing change for once. I also super love the dark, dark trim color in the 2nd photo.

Who wouldn't want to come home to this?

Here are other links re: ebonized floors:
Apartment Therapy 1
Apartment Therapy 2
Studio Annetta featuring great floors in a Jean-Pierre Heurteau designed home.

I love this blog so much it hurts.

There. I said it.

M.A. Belle

Chair project.

I am working on a little project and these are just images I am posting to keep handy for reference. Enjoy. Or skip. No matter.

Bathroom inspiration

If you read past posts, you'll know that I am trying to use the old blog as a corkboard for ideas, hardware, etc etc for some home projects.

This link is handy since the poster on Flickr is a Seattle girl, which means the stores she calls out are just a few miles from my place...

I am trying to find a photo online of Ashley Edward's excellent Texas house... you know the one, in Domino. This chick:

She had a cool mix of modern in the front room and then that excellent bathroom with the high-gloss black door. THAT is what I want. (I am too lazy to go find the mag and scan and upload...) I got the green light from my better half to ebonize the floors. This house will be like a little black dress with big-ass diamond earrings soon. Black and white and chic all over.

Spring is just a few short months away...

And I would like to lose a few lbs so that I don't look as wide as a barn in this, my perfect summer outfit (meaning the boatneck shirt and the cuffed-up jeans... not the white pants or the dull flats). I spent all winter rocking a grey wool beret and looking ridiculously faux-French and I totally plan to carry the theme into spring. Jackie O big-ass glasses and all.

Maybe the striped top has been inspired by the stripe-rific rooms we have seen in the last year...

Retail love (specifically, Anthro love).

I hate to admit it, but I do get a little warm and fuzzy feeling when an Anthro catalog shows up, or when I walk into the store. I think I actually sighed and uttered "Oh, the promised land..." when I walked in there the other day with my better half. He just laughed.

"'One of our core philosophies,' explains Anthropologie president Glen Senk, 'is that we spend the money that other companies spend on marketing to create a store experience that exceeds people's expectations. We don't spend money on messages--we invest in execution".

Glen Senk is a genius.

There are very few stores that so completely nail the execution of a very well-defined sensibility. Even if you think they have a pretty cloying, romantic, fussy aesthetic, they are really good at what they do.

Every photo swiped from the super-charming blog Craving Anthropologie
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