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Red Ticking

I am a little obsessed with Red Ticking, probably because what Pam (owner) and I like are virtually the same: Vintage things, antique things, belgian linen, flowers, books, weathered old furniture, ridiculously expensive chandeliers, etc etc.

Here's a pic from her store, although the store isn't always so fussy (though this is a kick-ass execution of "fussy," I must say). It's in Madison Park and NOT open Sundays, so plan your trip accordingly. ALWAYS worth a visit. And Apogee, across the street, is also a great place to find something vintage or antique. Not quite the same atmosphere and the aloof owner isn't much help, but you can often uncover a gem there.

Sweet Jesus, price your stuff right, kids!

Is it me, or is this just a crazy-low price for a Panton chair? So sweet in cherry red, and she's only selling for $30. Snap this up, kids.

The post cracks me up, too.... remind me never to hire her to run my store. She's no profit manager, that's for sure.

Verner Panton crimson chair - $30

This is a Verner Panton chair, two to three years old. I bought it new, on Capitol Hill in Seattle, for $200. The color in the photo looks tomato red. The chair is actually more of a dark, candy-apple red, and the coating has a metallic sheen to it.

That sheen is marred in some places by little scratches and dents in the finish. So I am going to sell this chair for $30. I have seen these chairs in white and orange, but never in metallic red. Dimensions are: 33.5 inches high; width 20 inches; depth of chair, 20 inches. The seat is 18 inches from the floor.

If this chair appeals to you, you can have it for $30 and I think we’ll both be happy! If you really like this chair and are wondering if you could get it for $20, the answer is, yes, so long as you are a starving student, etc. Then you can have it for free. If you just need a better bargain, you might be able to find this same chair at the Bellevue Goodwill. That’s where it will be within a week if no one wants it for $30. Call 425-649-0284 ot 425-891-2611.

Sweet victory... ebay, style.

Ok, so I am still on the hunt for a more classical, urn-like pair of alabaster lamps, but if you read the previous post, you should know that I finally won one of the 6 auctions I have now bid on. It's a shame it's not part of a pair, but I think it's so unique. Plus, it's going to replace a really yucky gourd-like Crate & Barrel lamp which turned out to be a huge mistake. (Craigslist shoppers of Seattle, you've been warned... coming to the for-sale section near you...).

Love, hate? Let me know.

Why my obsession with alabaster lamps???

Maybe because Pam, owner of Seattle's gorgeous store Red Ticking insists on selling a teeny tiny matching pair of alabaster lamps for $895. Who are these women who buy them at that price rather than brave the treacherous waters of Ebay?

Not I.

I have lost - count 'em - FIVE recent auctions for the lamps. I guess because I refuse to set my high bid ahead of time. Too painful to type in $175 (I like a bargain after all) and then I am always doing something stupid like peeing or sitting in a staff meeting when I get outbid and then it's just too late.

Do you have an ebay heartache story? Or a return-to-that-stall flea market loss to report here? I once passed up some water glasses with ironic mustachioed gay-porn-looking men printed on them and went back to get them after all and they were GONE. Who else in Seattle would want them? Dirk Diggler, I guess. My fiance just looks at me when I miss out on something now and mutters "man glasses," and my heart floods with sadness all over again.

Share your pain. And now cross your fingers that I will win my alabaster lamps once and for all tonight, when it's just me, the laptop, a bottle of wine and and "ending-soon" style auction for some wimpy, chipped, alabaster treasures.

A mere 14 grand....

Sarasota salvage has popped up on my radar 3 times in the last year thanks to google searches for oddball things like riddling racks, vintage french bottle racks and even hungarian baby baths. Because, I mean, who DOESN'T need these things.

So here there are. People, meet Sarasota Salvage. Sarasota Salvage, meet People.

Great, great garden stuff, and these fine people will ship to you.
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