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It was hard to enjoy Domino this month.

Why? Well, seeing Katie Lee Joel on the cover just reminds me that she sleeps with this old troll.


I don't mind celebrity covers, if they are interesting people. But there is no reason any of us would possibly be interested in Katie Lee Joel. Why should we be interested in her?

One magazine I have never really liked is In Style. It's so suburban. It's never felt like a city magazine. It's a mall magazine. All that blind love of celebrities. The Katie cover smells like In Style, which is disappointing. The good news is, there were a few features of homes of people I didn't know and their style charmed the pants off me. That's Domino at its best.

BTW, Katie - I scored myself an old dude and he is waaaaay hotter than your piano man. So take the money and run, girl. Go get yourself a young buck and spoil him with your divorce settlement. (I am sure that's your plan anyway.)

Get your fash on.

Oh Chloe. How I love thee.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was to discover a few weeks ago the narrated online audio slideshow's of Bill Cunningham, the NY Times photographer responsible for shooting street fashion for the Sunday Style pages in the paper. I've always love the fashion he shoots for the paper because he's great at putting together themes and trends as they blow up on the street of NY, but it's even better hearing him talk about fashion. He loves it maybe more than we do.

Click HERE to listen to the most recent of his slideshows.

THIS is a great one... it's just shots of New Yorkers at the weekend market. I love it when he says, "This is the part of fashionable life in NY you don't see... People with affluence go off to their country houses and so forth, the rest of us stay here in the city and we find beauty."

You can click HERE for past slideshows.

News of the world:

1. I learned that I have an extra bone growing in the back of my ankle. Gross. About 7% of the general population has it. Signs? You feel a distinct pinching pain when you point your toes. I rarely need to point my toes which explains why at 32, this has finally been discovered.

2. The heel and ankle bones in my right foot are fusing together. It's called fibrous coalition. I learned that on this one, it occurs in less than 1% of the population. Why can't my odds be so good when I am entering a raffle? Why this? So lame. Nevertheless, I fear that fixing my foot problem may obligate me to actually abandon my sedentary lifestyle. Fuck.

3. The Drink of the Week is a mojito. I got a little off track with this new program, but then I spied rum in our fridge, which I didn't know we even stocked at Chateau Decorno. And conveniently, I have bunch of mint in pots that are begging to be harvested for my drinking pleasure.

4. My job is kicking my ass.

5. I am worried that blogging is just scrapbooking for computer users. This concerns me. A lot.

6. My landscaper brought the planting plans over. I have a BINDER full of tear sheets of the things I love, which I showed him at my first meeting. I also already have tons of lavender, rosemary, mint, and other specific plants growing and his plan included NONE of them... except daphne, which I told him I love, but pointed out at the first meeting that it's toxic to dogs. I am not pleased to know he's trying to kill Rickey.

7. I am the one woman in America not going to see Sex & the City tonight. It's sold out at any theater I would dare drive to. (Not going to Oak Tree near Aurora, if you know what I mean, Seattlites...)

8. The other day, NPR was playing the Sex & The City theme (the new big band jazzy one) between segments and that made me smile. It's truly a classic TV theme song, huh?

9. I paid off my car today. It's now officially the most expensive thing I own. I feel like a grown up. I am so excited that I now have an extra $250 a month to spend on hookers and coke.

What's the news of your world? Who saw/is seeing SATC?

Got wanderlust?

So do I. Which is why I am enjoying the "Grand Tour" blog by Matt Gross travel writer for the NY Times. He's on a 12-week tour of Europe and reporting about it HERE..


So, I wake up this morning, check the ol', and right there on the virtual front page is a story about my hometown. "The area around Alberta Street in Portland has become popular with young white couples, forcing many longtime residents to sell their property and move away."

And about the woman in the photo up top, the NY Times writes, "Joan Laufer, 55, a nurse practitioner, said she was not aware of the area's history when she moved there in the fall of 2006. The price was right, and she loved the front porch."

What??? No. Sorry, no. That's a lie. Even if you don't know about Vanport, a neighborhood decades ago that blacks were forced to live in thanks to Portland's old racist housing and real estate restrictions, and how it flooded and caused people to move & establish new neighborhoods like Alberta.... even if you don't know that, you know what Alberta is about. So please don't parade your white guilt around the NY Times and don't act shocked when attending the neighborhood reconciliation meetings, because you KNOW what buying a home in a neighborhood like Alberta adds up to when you're not the only one moving there to take advantage of how cheap it is.

I don't even mind gentrification. Really. Neighborhoods will change. That's what free market will lead to. But I did mind waking up and reading about this obtuse woman who is somehow surprised that moving to this neighborhood might actually make her part of a displacement machine.

Full article is HERE.

When observed in their natural habitat, white people will often camouflage their capital and other resources by hiding in dumpy clothes and hideous shoes...

Bacon - Yes or No?

I'm pooped.

Does it make me a bad dog owner that I just put a Kong stuffed with cheese in front of my dog to give me five peaceful moments to blog?

So, tonight was the blogger panel event at Velocity Art & Design. Whoo boy! There were so many of you. I had visions of maybe 5 people showing up and then we would sit in a circle and talk like we're at Narc-Anon. But no! It was like Donahue!

I met Tula of Whorange. And I am SURE you can imagine we bonded over having weird/combo/dirty blog names. I love her already. Now you can, too.

I also met Mary of Shelterrific, Paola of Mirror Mirror, and Megan from Not Martha, the other guests/speakers of the event. I like these broads.

I will have a much better recap tomorrow of the event, specifically, what it takes to write a blog that gets traffic. I am not sure I am the expert on that (I would say Megan is... she gets loads of traffic...) but for what it's worth, all secrets will be revealed tomorrow.

John - you make an excellent Donahue! Now we just need to find you a big, fabulous, retro mic, and a starchy blue suit, and it will be game-on, friend.

Book Report: Domesticities

Lesson 1: When in doubt, paint it white.

Lesson 2: Not rich? Vintage is the answer.

Lesson 3: Dogs should always be allowed on the furniture.

Lesson 4: Never dismiss a cinderblock house....

...until you see the view from the inside.

More about the book HERE.

When did sheeting become a word?

Seriously. Come on.

Anyhoo... I do need new sheets. But if anyone even mentions "Frette" or "Leontine" or Porthault or brands I know we all don't really buy, I will smack you with a Nerf bat.

Now... the sheets on your bed right now - where did you get them? Do you love them? Hate them? How often do people buy new sheets? I feel like I need Bedding 101.

I am checking out my online options right now. Bed, Bath and Beyond scares me because it means I have to drive outside the city limits. I just know that one of you will have the perfect secret source.

Suggestions, please.

Photo up top... kinda makes you throw up in your mouth a little, doesn't it?

Decorno speaks.

Tomorrow I am speaking along with other bloggers at a design event here in Seattle at Velocity Art & Design.

I'll be speaking about why I blog, what it takes to drive traffic and interest to your blog, and the ways that blogs are changing how we buy, and how for many of us, blogs are the new TV networks. (I barely watch TV anymore... I am tuned to Girl Meets Glamour, Habitually Chic, Isuwanee, and so on...) It should be fun.

Stop by to meet design-y types, see John's amazing store, and test drive Dry Soda.

From Velocity's website:

Wednesday, May 28th from 6-8pm

Velocity Art And Design presents The Lab: a series of events at our South Lake Union showroom which will feature guests integral to shaping our landscape here in the Northwest and beyond, while helping to foster opportunities for creative thinking, networking, and inspiration.

Please join us Wednesday, May 28th from 6-8 to meet prominent voices in the rapidly growing, ever-evolving world of blogs... We welcome Northwest design bloggers Elaine from Decorno, Mary from Shelterrific, Megan from notmartha, and Paola from MirrorMirror to meet and greet and answer your questions about this fascinating topic. Please join us to learn how to start and promote your own blog, whether for business or fun, from our delightful and knowledgeable panel of experts.

Thank you to Dry Soda for providing the refreshments at this event!

251 Yale Ave N.
Seattle WA 98109
P: 206-749-9575
Velocity Art & Design

Saw this book at the store yesterday...

...and almost had a seizure, it was that good. It features the homes of Catharine Malandrino, Martin Grant, Louboutin, and other fashion designers. Glossy pages, amazing images, cool people with interesting and eclectic homes.

Why are the homes of fashion designers way sexier than that of interior designers? Maybe it's attention to fabric and the body and how it will work in a space. I like how everything looks tossed together. I sometimes think certain interior designers must constantly walk around their homes making sure their "tablescapes" are up to snuff, whereas, I like to imagine these fashion designers as the kind of people who keep things minimally cool so that it's easier with one swipe of the arm to clear off a coffee table and pour out that bag of coke for all to enjoy during a hedonistic post-show romp.

When reading, wear a bib to catch the drool.

You can get it HERE (naturally).

I bet you wouldn't have guessed...

That THIS is my favorite lighting fixture of all time.

My 2nd-home dirty fantasy includes buying an old shack by the water, whitewashing the whole damn place, and hanging this from the middle of the room (I may need to pop the roof & ceiling up to accomodate the awesomeness of the light, actually.

Or maybe just go all the way with a kit home from HERE.

As soon as I make my millions from blogging, I am sure this plan will come together.

I want this.

I really want THIS. But I have no use for it. My house is enough of a project. I need to remind myself that I don't, in fact, run a shelter for neglected and abused chairs and settees (as much as I would love to...).

I don't wear flats.

But now I am seriously reconsidering.

When I posted about shows (scroll down two posts) someone asked in the comments section what I would recommend for flats.

I don't wear a lot of flats because I am a shrimp (5' 2") and I know I lose about 90% of my awesome superpowers when I am not wearing heels. That said, I think there are a ton of cute flats out there. And since you asked, dear reader, here you go:

Sam Edelman
Sam Edelman makes flats that have the same kind of design interest that you'd usually see in a pump. So cute. And when fashion types say "day-to-night" or "work-to-weekends" this is what they mean (or should, anyway...).

Nine West "Lovable"
Satin. Yep. You can wear satin for day. It's cute.

Enzo "Cameron"
I love the rough edges with the glammed-up shine on this shoe. I bet they look very fetching with denim.

Vince Camuto "Capital"
I like the Jackie O/Roger Vivier/Mod vibe on these. These aren't just flats... this is Fashion. Capital F.

Nine West Kapow
I *guarantee* you that if you wear these out for a few hours shopping, you will get compliments. Do you even know how these are going to sparkle in the sun? Heart-stopping. I am buying a pair for myself. Now.

Sam Edelman Colette
It also comes in a cute pewter version. Although if you're an Anthropology kind of chick, this sunny yellow will go with that explosion of color that is your closet, you ric-rac-loving modern bohemian, you.

Big fan of this brand. And this color? Adorable. Like wearing the sky on your feet.

Pour La Victoire
This new brand turns out real stunners. I used to think of them only for pumps, until I just spotted this. I *know* you are thinking "$250 for a FLAT?" Yes. Worth. Every. Penny. I mean, look at it. Yum.

If you need a true grocery-getter shoe (something you throw on when you run to the store... something with traction and flex), I would go for Privo. But...

WARNING: Wear with your Lululemon cropped workout pants and zip-up hooded yoga jacket at risk of looking too suburban.

TIP: Wear with your hair pulled back, classic white woven cotton shirt with sleeves rolled up, an arm full of silver skinny bangles, substantial silver hoops, big-ass sunglasses, and some rocking denim, and you'll be the hottest bitch in the produce aisle (and your feet will thank you).

Dolce Vita "Bali 1" I think this is super cute. In fact, just browse all DOLCE VITA sandals. They are all yummy.

There are quite nearly a bazillion other really good options for you... just check the flats category and the sandal category. And lets you select your desired heel height, which makes it really easy to find non-ankle-breakers that your doctor will approve of.

Let us know what you get.

Oh, I am so excited...

So, I just saw THIS book at the store.

...and I fell in love. It's a surprisingly good book of inspiration for rooms, gardens, baths, etc. I just ordered it from Amazon. The cover looks stuffy, but the chapters inside are grouped by decorating sensibilities, so even if you're not a traditionalist, there are more directional ideas inside.

And then when shopping for said book on Amazon, I noticed THIS book, which is available for pre-order. And, well, yeah. I bought it, too. I am very excited about it. It smells of "before & after" porn, which I know we all love.

House Beautiful, the magazine, has been excellent lately, don't you think?

Leah's latest:

Miss Leah of Revival Home & Garden has got new tricks in store now:

"Drum roll, please... MetroSofa has arrived. What is MetroSofa, you ask? A fabulous company that finds and refurbishes vintage furniture frames and, with the help of their upholsterers, transforms them with fabulous contemporary fabrics and finishes.

Last week we received our first shipment from them, what I'm sure will be the first of many, as three of the pieces are already being held for customers. We are currently the exclusive Seattle retailer for MetroSofa, which makes us even happier to have them in the store."

You can read more HERE and get directions to the store, or contact info if you live in, say, Philly, and need her to arrange shipping for you.

Loving this blog:

Trick My Brick

Flameless candles - yes or no?

My good instrincts say no. But last weekend when hanging out in my backyard late into the evening, the candles kept going out. Hmm. A dilemma.

See candle HERE.

The mystery remains.

Where is Agathe?

Fashion bloggers are addicted. You might remember here HERE.

But she's gone.

Maybe not gone (because someone reports below that she's logged into Facebook and approved some friend requests), but she's not blogging anymore and has basically gone missing.

Style Bubble
Eye Eclectic
Fashion Haley
The Coveted
Since we are decor freaks more than we are fashion freaks, I thought you would enjoy THIS post of hers, since it combines the two loves.

I hope she just gave the finger to blogging for a while and is doing just fine.

Almost gone.

An institution is closing its doors. Great article about it HERE.

Yikes. I did not know I was supposed to take design blogs so seriously.

Photo removed at Holly's request.

Holly of Decor8 writes:

(Update: Holly has since updated the content of her post on the Real Simple website... below is what was posted originally.)

"Because anyone can start a blog also means that anyone will -- so you need to watch what your reading and make sure that the blogger isn't feeding you what they've either stolen off the web elsewhere and that they're walking the talk in their own life. Ask yourself:

Does the blogger have their full name and complete bio readily visible, or at least their email address so you can ask them?

If they are offering advice, do they have the credentials to do so?

And when I say credentials, I don't mean they need to have some fancy background, I just want to know why they have a blog in the first place, what life experiences give them the 'right' to an audience so to speak.

If they show photos on their blog, are they crediting their images giving the source full credit?

Do they write well?

Is their content consistent?

Do they answer comments left on their blog?

Are comments made by fellow readers constructive or are they snarky and bitter?

I think all of these points are very important things to consider because you want to make sure that what you're taking in is worth your precious time. When I read a design blog I have to 'click' with the author. I need to like them."

Read it all HERE.

I missed this a while back (because I never read Real Simple), but I thank Reclaiming Miss Havisham for pointing it out on her blog.

Jamie Mears is NOT happy with you, Kristin Van Ogtrop.

Jamies Mears is NOT HAPPY. Read it HERE.

Or just read it here:

read this letter written by kristin van ogtrop from the june real simple. (click on image to see full size...)

and then think about what she just wrote. and published. in a magazine.

if i really was ignorant enough to do this, i’d be embarrassed to tell it.

kristin. its 2008. we don’t fill up dumpsters with "stuff" until they are full, and then RECOMMEND it to others as THRILLING.

you're not a construction worker. you aren't demolishing something. its not ground zero. there's no rubble to remove.

there is absolutely no excuse for having enough things you cannot DONATE, RECYCLE, REUSE, or otherwise do something else with- to fill up a dumpster in your driveway.

its so irresponsible.

an editor's letter sets the tone for the issue. its a (much sought after) forum to offer advice, set an example, and encourage your readers to apply the things found in the magazine to their own lives.

kristin, if everyone of your readers filled up a dumpster, do you know how much shit would go sit in a landfill?

where do you think it goes? or does it not matter, as long as its not in YOUR basement.

the whole article is sickeningly bourgeoise.
i'm not suggesting she go hug a tree, but really?
(or maybe those were tossed out too in the scorched earth clean up)

I heart Jamie. But I would NOT cross her.

Serena... listen up:

General notes for the Gossip Girl crew:

Lydia Hearst: GET OFF MY FUCKING SHOW. Gossip Girl doesn't need you. You look like Nellie on Little House on the Prairie and there is NO WAY Chuck Bass would ever go for your skinny white ass.

Chuck: You wear more foundation than Ru Paul. Tell make-up to go easy on the Ben Nye foundation. Seriously.

Serena: You have the southern California version of Madonna's fake accent. What the fuck is up with your voice? And as much as we are all supposed to love your Kate-Moss-inspired wardrobe, guess what? I don't. Don't love it at all. What was up with that 70s yellow carnation of a dress you were wearing? Dumb. And the gloves? Come on. Also: you're super boring.

Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo): Every time I see you on screen I think, "Good fucking God. This kid MUST have learned to act in NY where every young actor overacts like they are on Broadway, or God forbid, an episode of Fame. Guess what? I was so f-ing RIGHT! Tone it down, cupcake, or Los Angeles will never come calling.

Blair. You are horrible, rotten, no good, bitchy & conniving. Keep up the good work! The way you cut down that imposter bitch was FAB.U.LOUS. You are Heathers reincarnated. Love it.

I don't love much television. But I *really* love Gossip Girl. Good work, team.
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