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"I have a vast variety of sources..."

Oh god, this is so painful and yet so yummy and yet so cringe worthy and yet so fabulous. I can't even stand it! It's delightful.

Watch it HERE, at Gawker, my own single, non-vast, news source.

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy, sir.

I can't take it anymore. I can't hear another talking head on the news channels wax on about how Biden needs to "be careful" with his approach in his Thursday night debate with Palin. Why? Doesn't that strike you as patronizing?

People who read this blog clearly know I am an Obama supporter. And I think Palin does not deserve to be VP. But let's set that aside for now as we consider this together: Why should Biden hold back? If you think so, why?

And it's only men I have heard say this ridiculous thing. I haven't heard (or read) of any women (so far) who have indicated that somehow Biden must treat Palin differently or with kid gloves.

Ugh. It's driving me nuts.

Isuwannee had a little drinking game for the first presidential debate. I think we need to create one for Thursday's big event. What will the rules be? Anyone?

More hipster toile:

I still love the idea of toile with cars and boomboxes or people playing basketball.

This one is called "Hong Kong" and is made by Pierre Frey, HERE.

See this fabric and others on

Who's digging this month's Cottage Living?

I love these rooms. (Although I know, I know... everyone is over gourd lamps. Well, I'm not, but my vocal minority of anons definitely are.)

Good lord.

If this insanity continues, I will be buying a bank sometime this week.

- In other news, I don't think it was necessary for me to sit in the 100+ degree heat for 5 hours straight yesterday. I think I have heat stroke or something like it.

- Also, what is this internet rumor about the Obama camp throwing Biden off the horse (blaming his health) and putting Hil on the ticket? I don't take it too seriously, but it's fun to think about.

- I've been reading Joan Didion's non-fiction this past week. Everything from her disappointed dispatches on hippie youth to her disillusioned reporting on the political machinations of the Dukakis, Bush, and Clinton years. This is a woman who has no hope and no sentimentality. It's ill advised to read her when you think the world is falling down around you. Unless you like to throw logs on that bonfire, anyway.

-The room up top... who lives like that? It would be Cheeto stained in no time under my care.

-What do you want to talk about this week?

Serenity now.

I started painting the bedroom the other day and my better half HATES IT when I start a project and don't finish, so I hurried through it today so that I could at least get to a stopping point and could put the room back together so that he's not cursing me while I am off with the girls in Palm Springs for the next 4 days.

Do you ever get lazy when painting and know you should wipe down that tiny cobweb, but you end up just saying, "Oh fuck it," and you just paint over it? I did a lot of that tonight. I'm pooped. I am pooped from cutting corners. (What does this say about me? Don't answer that.)

The rooms above are by Vicente Wolf. The visual equivalent of a handful of Vicodin and a long nap... and I mean that in a really good way.


From E Online:

Good news everyone, Gwyneth Paltrow is launching a lifestyle WEBSITE—because when life is as amazing as hers obviously is, it’s selfish to keep all those fabulous secrets to yourself.

...While the site is still in it’s beginning stages, it promises to offer tips on how to Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See like Gwyneth so that we may become as awesome as Gwyneth and eventually get to hang out with Madonna.

In the place of said tips for now, Gwyneth offers up a short essay explaining how she has achieved such an enviable life:

“My life is good because I am not passive about it. I want to nourish what is real, and I want to do it without wasting time. I love to travel, to cook, to eat, to take care of my body and mind, to work hard. I love being a mother who has to overcome my bad qualities to be a good mother. I love being in spaces that are clean and feel nice.”

And a few tips before she runs off to do a 40-minute cardio-dance routine or cook a pizza in the wood-burning pizza oven she keeps in her garden:

“Make your life good. Invest in what's real. Cook a meal for someone you love. Pause before reacting. Clean out your space. Read something beautiful. Treat yourself to something. Go to a city you've never been to. Learn something new. Don't be lazy. Workout and stick with it. GOOP. Make it great."

Thanks for looking out for us, Gwyneth!

Got a few emails from readers and friends yesterday. But you probably already knew that since the collective groan was deafening.


The countdown begins.

Palm Springs. 106 degrees of blistering heat, cold drinks, and lots of relaxation. I cannot wait.



HERE'S an oldie for you to see until I get a chance to offer you a proper new post.

Makes me want to wear a big sweater and shop for bread and Hermes or whatever it is that chic people in Paris do.

And THIS is good reading for a fall day like today and times like these.

Yes or No?

I can't decide if I love it or if it's just too blue & matchy?



Cool room.

Good song.

My eyes hurt.

I saw Kelly Wearstler's new fabrics a few weeks ago at Maison Luxe and just shook my head.

Remember the early 80s? Remember when every McDonald's had turquoise hard plastic seats and the wallpaper was some kind of watercolor-y pattern in pink & baby blue shades like some kind of fake Sante Fe sunset? That's what the patterns and the colors reminded me of. And I am not saying that in a good way.

The best part about the image above is if you click to enlarge, you can see it says, "...moving on from Hollywood Regency." Well, it's about time.

What does everyone think of this room, featured in this month's Domino (or so I hear, since my issue hasn't arrived yet. Again. What kind of 19th century transportation are you people using to get your magazine to Seattle anyway?).

What are you doing with your money now?

-Are you spending as usual?

-Have you stopped spending?

-Have you bought anything non-essential that cost more than $200 in the past week?

-Where is your money? (One account, many accounts?) Were you concerned if it was insured?

-Are you spending on any big projects around the home?

-How freaked out are you, if at all?

The week of headlines was bad enough, but THIS is pretty sobering, too:

WASHINGTON — It was a room full of people who rarely hold their tongues. But as the Fed chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, laid out the potentially devastating ramifications of the financial crisis before congressional leaders on Thursday night, there was a stunned silence at first.

As Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, put it Friday morning on the ABC program “Good Morning America,” the congressional leaders were told “that we’re literally maybe days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system, with all the implications here at home and globally.”

Mr. Schumer added, “History was sort of hanging over it, like this was a moment.”

When Mr. Schumer described the meeting as “somber,” Mr. Dodd cut in. “Somber doesn’t begin to justify the words,” he said. “We have never heard language like this.”

Kitchen porn.

All from House Beautiful.

The Bush administration hates you, your uterus, and your civil rights.

From HERE:

LAST month, the Bush administration launched the latest salvo in its eight-year campaign to undermine women’s rights and women’s health by placing ideology ahead of science: a proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services that would govern family planning. It would require that any health care entity that receives federal financing — whether it’s a physician in private practice, a hospital or a state government — certify in writing that none of its employees are required to assist in any way with medical services they find objectionable.

Laws that have been on the books for some 30 years already allow doctors to refuse to perform abortions. The new rule would go further, ensuring that all employees and volunteers for health care entities can refuse to aid in providing any treatment they object to, which could include not only abortion and sterilization but also contraception.

...Women patients, who look to their health care providers as an unbiased source of medical information, might not even know they were being deprived of advice about their options or denied access to care.

The definition of abortion in the proposed rule is left open to interpretation. An earlier draft included a medically inaccurate definition that included commonly prescribed forms of contraception like birth control pills, IUD’s and emergency contraception. That language has been removed, but because the current version includes no definition at all, individual health care providers could decide on their own that birth control is the same as abortion.

The 30-day comment period on the proposed rule runs until Sept. 25. Everyone who believes that women should have full access to medical care should make their voices heard. Basic, quality care for millions of women is at stake.

You can send your comments to HHS by clicking HERE.

Actual comments my fiance made about The Rachel Zoe Project:

"Is she trying to talk like that?"

"JESUS! She sounds like just like... like those a-holes on SNL."

"This is not going to be a show we share."

Hee, hee. I die.

I think I really like her and I have been meaning to share that with all of you for a while now.

Megan Hustad wrote How to Be Useful and has an interesting blog and has nice ideas and a lovely little photo of herself sitting at a typewriter. I am going to figure out how to make her my email friend. Someday.

Here's her website, and HERE is a very good post reminding me not to be a dick at work, and also why we should fear this Palin business.

Is your relationship making you fat?


Are you in a long-term relationship? Have you gained weight? What IS this bullshit?

High on grass.

I don't usually like ornamental grass, but planted like this it looks amazing.

Note to yard: why can't you look orderly and fabulous like this?? Lazy fucker.

Read more HERE.

File under Mutual Admiration Society

Oh, how I love HIM. (And not just because he likes me back.)

I also like that he doesn't scold me for leaving REALLY JUVENILE RESPONSES to his blog posts over at Domino.

Would you tithe for a year?

For realz.

Do you tithe, first of all? Do you give 10% to your church (pre-tax).

If not, would you "tithe" charities for a year. What would it take for you to regularly give 10% of your pre-tax income to charities? What would you give it to?

Oops. Did the non-elitist use the "R" word?

If McCain loses the Nascar vote thanks to your white trash epithet, you're going to have hell to pay.

Is she forgetting that Palin is on this ticket? She can't seem to keep the language of her class warfare straight. Silly girl.

Ok - - I just did this. You should to:

Replay it and watch her mouth and eyes when she says the word "bitter." Lather, rinse, repeat.

On the 3rd replay, don't you want to punch her in the face a little?

FESS UP: Have you had any work done?

Anon commenter wants to know (read the Rachel Zoe post).

Botox? Fillers? Microdermawhatever? Fess up. Tell all. You can post anonymously.

But you're NOT an elitist?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN.

Forester was a major donor for Clinton earning her the title as a Hillraiser for helping to raise at least $100,000 for the New York Democratic senator’s failed presidential bid.

In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester did not hide her distaste for eventual Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don't like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.

She told New York Magazine in October of '07 why she's voting for Hillary: "I think if history is our guide, we've had stronger economies, more wealth creation, under Democratic presidents than we have under Republican presidents." Hmm. And Barack won't be one of those Dems? You trust McCain who's already shown what idiotic and impulsive decisions he can make? (Palin.)

She's super good friends with the Clintons (she spent her honeymoon at the White House), Tony Blair, and even Vernan Jordon. It's hard for me to believe she's doing this without Hillary's blessing.

So, a hearty morning fuck you to the super non-elitist Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and to my pal Hillary Clinton.

If the treadmill has a cupholder for my morning vodka, then it's a go.

I totally want THIS set up at work.

Mom allegedly uses daughter's ID to be cheerleader

True story. Read it HERE.

Remember 21 Jump Street? No, really - remember?

So, what would yo do if you HAD to go back to high school. I want details. Would you try to go all Tracy Flick on your classmates and "A" it up? Would you buy pot for the kids? Throw parties? Would you find yourself giving all kinds of advice? You can even say you'd get busy with the hot guys. Just post anonymously so you don't shame yourself.

In other news, the year after I graduated high school, I learned that Mr. Bosnick*, this hot dark jew (and I mean HOT) was either fired or resigned or maybe was asked to resign because he (allegedly) went to the beach* with this girl, Paula, who was one year behind me and had a honking kind of laugh and was totally fucking annoying. Let me just tell you. I was OUTRAGED. He never took me to the beach. Fucker. I was young, impressionable, and had a thing for older men. I wouldn't have told anyone, for Christ's sake!

YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE, MR. BOSNICK. I hope you're enjoying your life teaching judo or whatever.

*Names changed. Except Paula's. Fuck you, Paula.

**The beach is like a 3 hour drive from Portland, so it's not like the kids toasted off a milkshake at the Peach Pit and walked to the ocean on break. They WENT TO THE BEACH, if you know what I mean. (Ok, I don't even know what the means, but I am bitter and trying to cast aspersions.)

Yes, this is the teacher. No joke. Miss teaching econ, fired teacher? Ha. Missed your chance. Now it's all nemaste and yoga and judo and wiping snot from little kids or whatever.

The lost grape.

Oh, Carmenere. You are soooo good.

Am I the last to know about this grape? It was once grown in France. But it was destroyed by the Phylloxera plague of 1867, and eventually presumed extinct.

Meanwhile, Chilean growers have been planting it for over 150 years thinking it was Merlot. In 1994, some fancy-pants oenologist professor confirmed that the Chileans were indeed growing carmenere.

Anyhoo, all I know is that for $7.99, this shit is real good.

Botox, meet face. Face, meet Botox.

Speaking of Rachel Zoe... HERE'S a flash from the past (an old post on RZ), and also a little (alleged) before & after fun.

I know it's, like, BOTULISM and stuff, but she looks much better, no?

Although...maybe it's just the light? Who knows.



"Given that Ms. Zoe is already a pox on humanity — exploiting an aesthetic of dissipation, invading our collective consciousness and spraying it with dummy dust — it is amazing that “The Rachel Zoe Project,” which focuses on her career, manages to send its audience deeper into the territory of smug NPR obsessives who won’t stop ranting about triviality’s conquest of the American soul. First I hated the show for passing Ms. Zoe off as an innovator when all she does is recycle a look that has held appeal since Tom Ford’s days at Gucci. Then I hated it for turning me into Max von Sydow in “Hannah and Her Sisters,” a cranky old person hungering for anachronisms."

Thanks Carrie for sending the link.

Sometimes when crazy people are screaming about Armageddon, it's because they are on to something.

Remember when Jim Cramer freaked out last August screaming about how Ben Bernanke "HAS NO IDEA HOW BAD IT IS OUT THERE!!!!! NO IDEA!!!! THESE FIRMS ARE GONNA GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!! THE FED IS ASLEEP!!!"

Gawker reminds of us his August 07 forecast and his (more tempered) commentary from yesterday HERE.

Girly power.

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