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This changes EVERYTHING.

Check THIS out thanks to THIS dirty whore*.

*Said with love.




Free wingdings for everyone, and where the hell are you, Decorno?

UPDATE: This homemade video mashup is a way cuter way to enjoy this song... make sure you watch Ally Sheedy break it down at 2:35...

God, this song just gives me that teenage feeling. I want to go smoke cloves and make out with boys.

In other news, some people asked where I went, and frankly, I was just on overload. I mean, work email, Facebook email, Twitter. Holy shit. How do people deal with it? Too much. Just too much of a whole lotta nothing.

I will say, I do enjoy email from Decorno readers. But you know who is ruining it for all of us? PR managers of America, that's who. The PR spam is starting to kill me. (PR PEOPLE OF AMERICA PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME UNLESS YOU PLAN TO GIVE ME FREE SHIT. I am down with being on the take, but no, I will not wake up at 7am so I can blog for free about your amazing wingding. If you want to send me a free wingdig, then that's another story...)

And then there is Twitter. (Can we talk about Twitter, please? Do you guys like Twitter? Do you use it? Do you prefer it to blogs, or is that like cats & bananas?) All this twitting and tweeting and blogging and hot air. So much hot air. (And I am the worst offender!) I like blogging but sometimes it make me want to cut my eyes out and jab pencils in my ears, you know what I mean?

So that's why I left you with Flint for a while. Just to suffer. I am not sure how regularly I plan to keep updating this blog, so please feel free to subscribe (see little widget to the right) if you care to get new posts delivered right to your in-box as they come.

Decorno loves you.



Destroy a city to save it? Kind of. Read about it HERE.

"In its 34 square miles, the city has 75 neighborhoods, once so densely packed that landlords would rent out beds for daytime and nighttime shifts. The proposal to shrink Flint would condense the population, stores and services into a few viable areas and demolish the rest."

Advice, please.

Hola, friends.

What should I do about the concrete-ish foundation-y part of my house?

This week I am having some burly men come tear up the concrete slab that currently serves as a patio. Then I am going to stack field stones to make a planting bed thing all along the back of the house, but I was thinking, even when I plant stuff, you're still going to be able to see that grey concrete. I think in the past someone recommended I paint it, but really?

Help, please.

Following that, crushed gravel will go in. That might not be the final solution, I may do some hardscaping in a few years, but for now it will beat my ghetto chipped, broken, uneven concrete patio that takes up half my yard. And please don't remind me that the gravel will get tracked into the house, etc etc. I know, I know. So many of you have been kind enough to warn me already, but I have already made up my mind, you bossy freaks! (I kid, I kid...)

UPDATE: Some suggested creeping fig. Click HERE to read more about it.

And speaking of...

So Haute, check out her post on Gary Spain HERE.


So, I get an email from Nicole at SO HAUTE and she writes:

So I've been searching for the perfect vintage brass coffee table and came across the craziest piece of furniture I've ever seen while searching craigslist... You will die when you see this coffee table...the base is a bronze naked lady with some sort of collar on her neck and her face all taped up...sort of looks like she was abducted and is fighting to get out from underneath that glass top! She's also wearing black tube socks (why?) and there's all kinds of random crap surrouding her...nail polish, tv remotes, nintendo remotes...vaseline (ew!)... I could not stop laughing when I saw it! There really are no words. Passing it along...

You can see it HERE.

This totally made my day.

Grey Gardens, HERE.

Dan Marty, I think I love you.

Let's discuss the most recent issue of Western Interiors. It's a hot magazine, let me tell you. I wanted to talk to you all about Dan Marty, and I am too lazy to scan photos to post here (bad blogger) so in googling around the interwebs, I found THIS fine blog, which has photos (some of which are posted here). Sigh. Loved the issue (mostly) and really, really loved his place.

HOWEVER, if you have a copy of the current issue, please turn to page 116 and check out that Colorado house and let me know what you think. Little shop of horrors, if you ask me. It's like when you spend your vacations in the high desert of, say, central Oregon and you go to the town of Sisters and you walk into that one place that's like a fake oldie timey general store and there are antlers everywhere and lamps made of animal skins. Just looking at it gave me a PETA impulse. I wanted to pour red paint everywhere not because I am a huge animal advocate, necessarily, but mostly just to make it all go away. Dear god. Michael Wollaeger, you wouldn't sleep there, and you know it. So don't mess with us, man. That's not western design, that's just a costume. Maybe the "most sought after designer in Greenwich" thinks this is what the West should look like, but I would guess most of us don't. Trust me. The lack of subtlety reminded me of THIS treasure.
THIS is really fun to watch.

Italy recommendations.

I am going to Italy this summer for a few weeks (as I have mentioned before), but I really need to get my shit together and make a plan. So I come to you, my friends, for specific recommendations. I plan to go to Rome, Siena, maybe Venice (maybe not.. I am told the place is just a dressed-up sewer), and definitely a lot of lazy time spend on the Amalfi coast or Capri or Ischia. I wouldn't mind trekking down to Tunisia, either, if anyone would recommend that.

I am hoping to get specific hotel recommendations, or any other specific info that might help. Since I will be there about 3 weeks, I am looking for a mix of budget or moderate hotels and one or two ridiculously blow-out fabulous places with a sea view. I have been poring over the reviews on TripAdvisor, but there are just so many hotels reviewed there. Hard to tell which Italian hotel is actually going to be a flea bag with fake antiques and lumpy beds.

You can leave suggestions here or email me. If you have flickr or blog photos to share, even better.

The Management

PS - I am also going to Carmel, CA next month with my mom. Let me know where to eat.



More photos on Paul Anater's blog HERE.

THIS kind of bullshit explains why God punishes us.


It'sthat good.

Reader mail: What to do with a small, windowless bathroom?

Dear Decorno,

How can you design a hip bathroom that is very small and has no windows?



Paint it black. Seriously.

If it's already windowless and tiny, then make it dramatic. Just use it for bathing and having wild sex in the shower. Don't plan on doing your make-up in there. Install candle sconces and lighting on a dimmer and douse the place with perfume and make it a sort of wet romper room for you and the ones you, uh, love.

Get a low dresser for your bedroom, prop a mirror on it, get a cool lacquer tray for your primping essentials and get ready in your room. My get-ready station is actually my office, not my bathroom (because my upstairs bathroom has a toilet in the tub and my downstairs bathroom has no storage for my Jil Sander no. 4, my hairdryer, or my make-up, for that matter.


Readers - got anything to add to this?

More Gil... just bathrooms.


Gil Schafer

Oh, Gil. You kill me.

Maison Luxe is back.

A favorite Seattle home and design shop is back in action after a move to new digs.

You can visit here HERE and check our her blog HERE.

She's still unpacking, but it's all coming together. Great space, huh?

Lording over me.

Before we fixed up the kitchen, we had this weird, unused little area near the back of the house. We used to keep Rickey's dog bed and his food there. Well, even with the kitchen mostly done we still have that weird unused area. Until I decide what exactly to do with this area, I've parked my Craigslist-find chair there for now so we have a place to sit. Rickey seems to think that this means his bed has just been upgraded. Here he is lording over me as I begin to cook dinner. Look at his lazy ass! He's now begging for food from a blue throne. Fucker.

Anyway, about this area. Thoughts? I am thinking built-in bench with extra storage. The man of the house wants it to be more like a booth with two little built-in benches on either side and a little table in between. He wants to read the paper and drink his coffee near the window.


The wall color is actually The Right White from Restoration Hardware. It just looks yellow-ish because I can't seem to take a decent photo these days.

Best episode and best recap ever.

Even if you don't watch those monsters on Real Housewives of New York, you must read THIS recap by the brilliantly funny SGM. Seriously.

And read news about this insane woman HERE.


I got a few questions from people asking where to find sinks/washstands like the ones pictured here.

You can find some HERE (altough pricey), or you can try HERE (also pricey).

If anyone else knows where to find something like this under $1500, please leave links below.


Delphine Krakoff, wife of Coach CEO Reed Krakoff, runs THIS design shop. Several of the homes featured were their own. I think he makes more money flipping townhomes than he does at CEO of Coach. But I'm not jealous.

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