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Finally art that tells the truth.

From HERE.

Floating home.

Yes, please.


Green floor, yes.

I dig the old postcard situation, too.

THIS is the kind of place to which you hope to get invited and then stuffed with puff-pastry-type appetizers and hot buttered rum. Cozy, you know?

Big gay sofas.

I get so many lame PR emails every day and I rarely pass any of that business on to you, my faithful, but I did get one from the people over at MG + BW, and I was excited because the sender actually proved to me she read this blog and didn't just send me one of those spammy "Dear Sir/Madam" emails telling me how excited I would be about these carpet tiles or other awful Dwell-ish wingdings. Plus, I am not going to lie, she straight-up admited that the office was giggling over the classy penis chandelier posted HERE.

So, for all those reasons, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams get love from me, and I shall give love to their new book, which you can buy HERE.

And since I am on a big gay rights bandwagon (in fact, at this very moment, I am wearing pleather, a cockring, and speed-reading James Baldwin and Gore Vidal books as a silent vigil until Seattle votes YES ON 71...) I figure our friends Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams deserve a little shout out for this:

Mitchell and Bob are seen as a major force for gay rights by many, including The Human Rights Campaign, where Mitchell served on the board for seven years. Out magazine named him to 2007’s “Top 50 Most Powerful Gay People in America”, and The Advocate gave him a 2006 “People of the Year Award.” In 2005, Mitchell founded Faith In America, a non-profit working to end religion-based bigotry against LGBT Americans ( Last fall, Mitchell published CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain & Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America and received the Stonewall Community Foundation’s distinguished Visionary Award for his work. Bob also makes design contributions, such as creating table settings for Elle D├ęcor’s Dining by Design, a benefit for DIFFA, and styling rooms for The Hamptons Designer Showhouse by House & Garden, benefiting Southampton Hospital.

Thank you InStyle magazine for listing Decorno a design-y magazine worth reading. I am even more delighted to be mentioned knowing that I post stuff like THIS, yet you don't hold that against me.


"I view marriage as a contract between two people. Hopefully there is love."

-Bev Tonda

Don't forget, you lazy-ass Seattleites... mail in your ballots. Don't forget to vote. Don't forget to vote YES on 71, and don't forget to vote the shit out of Bev Tonda.

In other news, Dan Savage declares Halloween the straight-pride parade of heteosexuals. Quit flaunting your straightness with naughty-nurse and slutty-maid outfits you goddamn hets! Read it all HERE.

In other other news, I was reading a back issue of my favorite gay rights publication, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, and for the first time I really "got" Peter Dunham, and I was all, "Damn you, Style Court, for being all over that shit. I am totally late to the party!!!" and angrily shook my envious fist in the air, in the general direction of the design gods. Then again, I was drinking, so my sudden love of african masks and glam-hippie fabrics could have just been the drugs kicking in. I could be over it tomorrow morning for all I know. Stay tuned.

Budget Travel

These are cheap rooms for rent. Go HERE to read more about, a website that is a cross between Craigslist and Couchsurfing.

Seattle, your ballots have arrived.

The Stranger offers up a voting cheatsheet HERE. It's kind of poetic, too. Worth a read.

This is a very important election for a few reasons, but let's just review one, with the case for ref 71 presented by our friends at The Stranger (edited by none other than Seattle's own Dan Savage):

Referendum 71

Earlier this year, the state legislature expanded the rights of a same-sex registered domestic partnership to include all the state-granted rights of marriage—except it's not called "marriage."

And if you thought Tim Eyman was fucked, the guys behind Referendum 71 are gaping assholes. They gathered signatures to put the state's domestic-partnership bill on the ballot—thereby allowing right-wing bigots to vote on the rights of committed same-sex partners. R-71 backers insist that they're protecting families and children. But that's a canard. This petition was the product of Gary Randall, a carpetbagging Oregonian who makes money running hate-mongering campaigns and, according to the Clackamas County recorder's office, owes $36,012 in unpaid federal back taxes. Also behind the measure is Larry Stickney, a thrice-married Christian extremist who allegedly beat his wife and refused to pay for his daughter's college education until a judge made him, according to records in Kitsap County Superior Court. The two lied every step of the way to get this on the ballot, claiming in television ads and on the petition that the measure was the same as gay marriage and that "public schools K–12 will be forced to teach that same-sex marriage and homosexuality are normal." None of that's true. Neither is their claim that this is about family: Stickney and Randall are deceptive bigotry-mongers.

But now it's on the ballot. A vote to approve R-71 is a vote to uphold the domestic-­partnership bill. If passed, it gives the state's 6,000 registered couples the right to take leave from work to care for a critically ill partner, the right for public-sector employees to share pension benefits with their partners, and dozens of other rights that straight couples enjoy—and all committed partners deserve.

Vote to approve Referendum 71.


Hilarious. HERE.

Big thanks to Paul for sending this to me.

Something safer to look at today:


Michelle Nussbaumer

"More is more. Less is never more - less is obviously less. Who wants less??"

Ha! I love this. I love her math, you know? Like, "Look you idiot people with your less is more bullshit... this logic doesn't even work."

You can read this gem and others in this month's Elle Decor. The cover is disappointing. Wicker? Rattan? Red stripes? A fern? Doesn't really do it for me. But there's some good stuff inside this month.

You totally have to read all of this and then report back.


The pill. Your partner. That you may not like him once you are off of it. That you are messing with evolution. Awesome themes!

Read it HERE.


Style obit alert:

Watch out for fawning tributes on style and fashion blogs. Maybe just take tomorrow off from reading.
I know that Louis CK wouldn't approve, but I now make a regular habit of calling ATT every night to ask for a "rush hour" credit to my account. ATT's weak network renders my iPhone useless from 4 - 7pm every day. I recommend you also make it hurt for ATT if you are experiencing the same problem.

Here's Louis CK scolding me about it, I am sure:

So glad the Grey Lady is calling bullshit on this.

Read THIS and THIS.

From the article:

The word “curate,” lofty and once rarely spoken outside exhibition corridors or British parishes, has become a fashionable code word among the aesthetically minded, who seem to paste it onto any activity that involves culling and selecting. In more print-centric times, the term of art was “edit” — as in a boutique edits its dress collections carefully. But now, among designers, disc jockeys, club promoters, bloggers and thrift-store owners, curate is code for “I have a discerning eye and great taste.”

Or more to the point, “I belong.”

For many who adopt the term, or bestow it on others, “it’s an innocent form of self-inflation,” said John H. McWhorter, a linguist and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. “You’re implying that there is some similarity between what you do and what someone with an advanced degree who works at a museum does.”


That Michelle is one enterprising chick. I love that. Her new online magazine is out. You can see it HERE. Do report back on it, please.

This pool. Sweet Jesus, this pool.

This looks exhausting.

This is brunch? It looks exhausting.

Let's notice the toe ring here.

Witness it HERE.
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