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Yes, please. HERE.

Hey, remember this?

HERE. Amazon has it available to watch right now. Just click on the "Video on Demand" link and you can rent it now to watch on your laptop, or download it to your Tivo.

Total fucking magic.

A funeral for top 40.

I bought a car in Oct and drove away only to realize that the CD player didn't work. I finally got it fixed in Dec, and then on one freezing morning, I pulled a CD out a little to eagerly, and broke the new stereo. So, since then I have had nothing but radio to listen to. Usually, I live in a hermetically sealed world consisting only of my own (mostly old) music. I should note that for me, my musical adventurousness stopped around 1994. I still keep Liz Phair on deck, and I could probably listen to nothing but Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers for the rest of my life. Until two weeks ago, I was convinced that Taylor Swift got famous on American Idol (I don't watch it, clearly). I abandoned staying "current" with musical a long time ago, and my ignorance shows it.

But for the last five months as I have been forced to turn to the radio for my "car"aoke sessions, I have built a deep and meaningful relationship with 93.3. I know the top 40 list by heart. I have bonded with Drake, Trey Songz, Birdman and Lil' Wayne. When "Say Something" comes on, this bitch turns that shit up. Early on during The Broken CD Player Crisis of 2009 - 2010, I heard this one song which was new to me, and thought, "Oh, this is kind of cute...." I actually went to buy it on iTunes later on, thinking it would be a nice addition to my guilty pleasures list. It was Justin Bieber. I felt like a pedophile just listening to this tweener. I felt even deeper shame when I learned that Justin Bieber has one person on his staff whose sole job is to show JB how to "act cool." (Save us, Jesus.)

But as of yesterday, my better half coordinated installation of an iPod connection in my car and I am back to my old self. If you heard someone barreling down the freeway this morning with the radio blasting "Underneath the Waves" or "Fuck and Run," then that was me.

1994 (and its cousins).... it's good to be back!

In celebration of this rebirth, I present to you choice cuts from the world's narrowest iPod playlist... mine:

(Candy Cane Crawl is especially good.... go grab a pack of cloves, start smoking 1988-style and listen for the amazing backing vocals of Ani DiFranco. I am not even an Ani fan, but holy shit. Be patient and keep going until at least 2:20 when Greg Dulli really leans into it. Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers are best played on blast, and better still at night.)

Confidential to Newell T:

Are you still digging on How to Make It In America?

I am not sure sure. I am through episode 3. Not sure if I will watch #4. What do you think?

I am against accent walls...

... but pro lazy-cats-on-tables. So this is my dilemma.


My brother-in-law is irritated that I have never blogged about him. Funny. I try not to blog about people I know because I think they might enjoy their privacy.

Let me just tell you this: He's an amazing cook and when you watch him in the kitchen, it's like seeing someone completely in his element. He really just needs to chuck it all and start working in a restaurant somewhere.

He made these treats for Oscar night. Little servings of creme brulee in spoons. Delicious. And clever. Go Tom.


omg, why didn't anyone tell me??? Amazing.

Neko does Harry.

If I could sing like this, I would sing everything. All the time. All day. Every day.

Seattle people.

This ad played before A Single Man, which we saw this weekend at the Harvard Exit theater.

Very loud hissing from the Seattle audience. The Stella Artois ads are kind of pushing our limits. I don't think the LVMH people (or their ad agency) really understand their markets, you know? You can't tell Seattle people that the $1000 Keepall 55 is really about "the journey."


(The trash bags are so hilarious... what I would give for LV toilet paper or LV trash can liners.)

Oh, youth.

I love these songs. Haven't heard them in ages.

Make lemonade.

Nia commented today on THIS old post and I thought I would throw it out there for comment.

The implied premise here is that if you aren't willing to spend $700, you won't get a quality product. I don't buy that.

Price isn't always an indication of quality; sometimes it's merely an measure of arbitrary mark-up... or economies of scale (or lack of). If you want something custom, or if you're buying bench-made shoes, one component of price in the shoe example might be the creation of the last. You need to make & sell a certain number of shoes from it before you can cover the cost of your capital expense. This is probably the same with lighting. There's this initial cost to get the item into production and then you have the benefit of economies of scale, right?

But when this topic comes up, no one can actually explain to me WHY the light at Veritables is better quality than a knock-off at Restoration. I am not interested here in discussion why one should or should not buy a knock-off. What I am interested in discussing is, on what basis could someone look at a $700 light from Circa and tell me with this much certainty that a $400 light wouldn't be just as good in terms of quality and function?
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