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I kinda dig THIS place.

But good luck selling it with these shit-shacks going in next door. (God bless google street view...)

For Christmas, I would like:

THESE, please.

Browsing the auction lots at Phillips de Pury & Co makes my whole body burn with desire.

Put your pants on, Anna.

I really love her, but I think I am too old for this. (She may be, too.) But, you gotta like her ambition. I won't hurl my leg over my head for anything these days.

Can you believe she's come out with her own perfume? Oy.

More photos from her W spread (heh, heh) HERE if you dare.

Can we please talk about Barbra Streisand in Vogue?

Her house... I can't even bear to scan the photos. It's so embarassing.

If someone has the photos to send, I will gladly post.


Life changing.

If he really loves you, he will get you this for Christmas.

LIFE CHANGING. Seriously. Bergamot, angelica, iris, honey, hawthorn, jasmine, heliotrope and white musk. It smells like snow and isn't showy. Someone will have to get really close to smell this on you. Maybe that's the point.
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