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Painting update.

Update: I had my painter come over to give me a quote on a job in another room and he looked at my hallway project and said, "Did you sand the doors?" and I sheepishly said no. And he shrugged and said, "Oh goodie. More work for me eventually."

I love that guy. He just painted that hallway last year and it was like I was pissing all over his baby or something.


My chrome obsession rages on. I need a new house for these, though. A big, modern, all new house.

Ok - - speaking of new houses, the ladies across the street just moved out. They sold their house to the people behind them. That couple now has two houses. What kind of impulse purchase is that?? What are they going to do with the second house? Rumor has it, the nanny will stay there. At what point do you look around Montlake and just conclude, it's not THAT great. If you can buy a second house, just move to Denny Blaine. Upgrade, people. Oy.

But I'm not bitter. At all.

Where do you stop painting?

I am painting my little hallway a color called French Beret. It's charcoal-y and dark. Here's my dilemma: if the adjacent room is white, where do I stop painting the trim? I am painting all the trim in the hallway the same color... just an eggshell finish of the same French Beret wall color. Where on the trim do I stop painting and keep it white? (Does that make sense?)

(Why am I doing this myself? Where are my assistants???? Where is Harvey Millstein, Certified Interior Decorator when I need him??)

Just 196 days...

Sometimes in shitty Seattle, you need something to look forward to.

Flipping through Lonny.

I need a simple pendant for my office. Like this one.

And I would like this giant tub (and an all-new bathroom) for Christmas, please.

Photos from the latest Lonny.

Can't stop listening to this.

If you've been in Seattle driving around wondering, "Who's that elderly person singing along to this hot new jam?" the answer is me.

Love the little move he makes when he sings, "Make the floor shake..."

Inside out.

I need a house like this. Slide open the massive door and live a little inside out.

You can see more photos on THIS blog.

I just got this back from the framer and now I feel like I need a new house to put it in. Dare to dream.

Alex Prager

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