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Decorated by Domino.

...down to the Hicks paper in the dining room. Scioliari light, moody walls, graphic paper, parson's desk, ladylike Frenchie desk chair. Check, check, check! It's like a time machine of 2009! (And it's still a bazillion times better than my wreck, so....)

HERE for the listing and the slide show.

"Bring your own water for a fun retreat."

Ha, ha. Way to sell it. Ah, Vashon. Hippie Hamptons.

JJ - we can go halfsies on this.

A Rocio Romero prefab(ulous) right on Whidbey Island.

A 180 from the disaster I checked out today on Vashon, no?

Run, don't walk.

So amazing. Get it.

Celerie Kemble should fire her publisher.

Your book is available for pre-order, but there's no "Look Inside the Book" to help us browse the pages and see if we might want it? Who is in charge of marketing this title? They get an F.

THIS IS NOT HARD. Make it happen, someone. (This goes for you, too, Martyn, and all your new-book-releasing brethren.)

In other news, for those following along, Maison Le Tigre has an offer pending. It was a shit show. I toured it and oh my god, it was a disaster. And, as if to confirm my decision, as we exited the place my earlier "Wow, it smells here... not even like old people, but like shit," was validated when the realtor stepped in actual shit. There was A PILE OF ANIMAL SHIT on stairs. Feral cats? Maybe another realtor's stupid dog took a dump? Who knows. Just another sign from God that this house was just too much for me. Sad, but I have moved on.

That wallpaper, though, was glorious. Not even in an ironic hipster way. It was just so confident and bold and fun. And in great shape, too. I actually would have kept it.

File under "grumpy"

Is there an epidemic of people forgetting what they named their baby?? It's the only reason I can find for people STILL putting baby names up in the nursery.

And in other totally unrelated news: not everything should be turned into a light, people. Baskets, tin cans, wire frames with weird burlap covers. Just stop it everyone. Stop it.

Two words:

Tiger. Wallpaper.
Believe it.


Knock, knock.

Easy, right?

New windows, landscaping... make a landscaping situation happen in the front yard. Some paint.... BAM. Awesome rental property.

I can't get my own house together, but I could TOTALLY make this happen.

Hell yes.

This is like 90 kinds of genius. You should get it for me.
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