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I wanna talk about these chairs.

And here's what I am going to say... I like 'em. Business in the front, party in the back. It's good. What are we going to call this? A fabric mullet? A chair mullet? A chullet.

Yes. A chullet.

More chullets for you:



This sofa chullet (sullet? ...that we remember from Domino) is so heavenly, I don't even know what to do with myself.

Decorno is your personal fabric shopper:

Let's say you want to do animal print stools like these:

Get this cheetah:

The picture doesn't really do it justice. It feels nice, and not too over the top, I think.

HERE it's just $22/yard.

There you go. My work is done.

I like art, but

I am not totally sure I could have Ernesto Neto sacks hanging over my face while I sleep. This is real commitment to culture right here.


With every cell in my body, YES.


How 'bout this one?

P.S. The answer is hell yes.

Think of it like this:

Yes or no?

Maybe think of it in rooms like these:

Best thing I read today:

"He was asked to leave for never showing up."

Dear Hearst, please send a copy.

HERE. I think this is gonna be good.

I love this one and this one for the record. Especially the color book. Very handy.

And speaking of colors...

Because I loved Tiny Furniture...

I cannot wait for THIS.


Joni's posted about RH doing unfinished chairs and sofas... and I thought I would add that I suspect a lot of that influence comes from Dan Marty's dining room, and also from John Derian and the living room that caused some (boring) people to cancel their Elle Decor subscriptions.

Restoration Hardware has a lot of really horrifying product these days. That's a topic for another post. I don't like their version of undone... I mean, a whole sofa with an uncovered back? No thanks. But I love this Dan Marty living room and those not-yet-finished chairs. Plus, what's not to love about the peek of yellow inside the cabinet? So great.

Did you see this?


I love the crazy headboards. And the chandelier over the dining table is both awesome and scary.


Maybe you just don't get it.

The Sartorialist writes:
"Trust me, French young ladies are still the ones to look to for the most aspirational new trends. The newest thing I’ve seen in the streets here in Paris are straight, wide leg jeans. Not flared or oversized jeans, but jeans with a wide leg hemmed right at the ankle and reasonably fitted at the waist. It seems simple, but in order to work the look just right the eye will have to adjust to this new proportion."

Oh, come on.

What have you done to your face?

Seriously. What have you done to YOUR face?

Rachel looks pretty amazing. She's the case for nips, tucks, and needles. But what about you? What have you done? And what would you do?

I want to hear about lasers, Botox, fillers, lipo, nose jobs, boob jobs, and anything else you're secretly doing to maintain that shit.

Feel free to post anonymously.
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